We’re excited to announce open enrollment for our mastermind groups. If you’re looking for newwpid-Photo-20151027185507294.jpg ideas, an outside perspective on your current ideas or would benefit from the fellowship of other business owners then  a mastermind is for you. We will be hosting a monthly group meeting. In the beginning we’ll be communicating via Skype or Telephone. 

We will also be offering a monthly meeting in person and a weekly online/telephone mastermind for those seeking more out of a group than a monthly meeting can provide. We are offering three mastermind groups at this time.

  • Leadership Ladder
    • Monthly phone meeting (free)
  • The Franklin Group
    • Monthly Online (Skype) meeting (Membership fee applies)
  • The Newton Group
    • Weekly Online (Skype) meeting (Membership fee applies)
  • The Einstein Group (NOT OPEN)
    • Weekly in person meeting (Membership fee applies)

Please note there is an application process for each group and not all applicants are accepted. 

To apply click here or go to www.thepurpletie.org/enrollment

We look forward to working together with you to achieve great things!