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Trust Based Marketing

And What Goes Into That

Today, people carry the internet (and the 1.2 million terabytes of data it stores) in the palm of their hands. Think about this:

Jane needs to find a new primary care physician. While on the train headed to work, she starts her search. Google gives her a list of doctors to do some additional research on once she gets to work. Once at the office, she brings up her list of prospects and starts her research. She first goes to each doctor's website looking at pictures of the practice, staff, and the doctor's credentials. Next, she heads over to Facebook and Google to read a few reviews because she wants to know what others say about them. Like most people, she heads right to the one-star reviews. Now, here's the fun part; most people skip the two, three, and four stars and go straight for the five-star reviews.

This is some of the information Jane will use to decide on a new provider.

How do you think your practice would have fared so far? We're not done. Let's say she has picked you and one other doctor as her final two. She heads over to the other doctor's website, and it looks and feels like a barren wasteland. Old, outdated information and photos; the site doesn't look like anyone has touched it in years.

Now she heads over to your site. Not only is it clean and up to date, but there's also tons of information that educates Jane. The expert content she reads on your blog explains everything. This really puts Jane's mind at ease and helps set some realistic expectations!

Here are some of the services that help lead into Trust Based Marketing.


We could talk statistics all day long; here is the long and short of it. Google has become a verb... "just Google It." 90% of decisions start with a search, from dinner and a movie to a diagnosis and a doctor. We'd love to tell you more about how SEO could benefit your practice.


Local search: the 411 or 911 of searches. Busted tooth? The first dentist in the Google Map Pack, Apple Maps, or Google My Business Listing (GMB) will get 97% of those calls. It is all about optimizing your business's physical location online, and a handful of good reviews won’t hurt either!


Are you looking for instant results? PPC, or "pay to play," as we call it, is a quick way to get traffic to your site. With granular demographic control, you can target a specific audience or person. Say you are a plastic surgeon; a mother looking at mommy makeovers on YouTube, Pinterest, etc., is presented with your practice's ad the next time they go to Google. Good lord, that sounds creepy, but it works!


The foundation for any marketing should start with your website. Think of it as a living, breathing, and ever-evolving tool. It’s the easiest way to tell your story and win the trust of new patients. It should be an educational resource that showcases your practice's expertise. If your website isn't building trust… it’s not worth having!

"I f$&%ing LOVE YOUR HONESTY AND INTEGRITY! More marketers should be like you."

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A Comprehensive Digital Healthcare Marketing System

Nothing to learn.

We take care of everything for you. No need to train staff to do additional jobs and take up more of their time. We focus on getting you results so you can focus on patient care!
I know you’ve heard all the promises… the money-back guarantee, the if you don’t get 1000 new patients in 90 days, we’ll cut you a check for a million dollars, and our personal favorite if you are not happy with the results we’ll work for FREE!

That’s all BS; it’s the tactics internet marketing “coaches” teach to young marketing companies to help them seduce clients when all else fails.

We don’t believe in those childish games. We value our talented team and the expertise they bring to the table. Now, we know we’re not everyone's cup of tea, but our promise is simple. You’ll never be in a contract or locked into a long-term commitment you’re unhappy with. Life is too short for bad relationships!

We are Experts in Trust-Based Marketing.

Patients have it easier than ever to find and compare their healthcare providers. However, that's true for healthcare providers, as well. By choosing how your practice is presented online, we focus on building trust before the patient ever enters the waiting room. Trust-based marketing helps set realistic expectations and provides a better patient/doctor relationship.

Better patient reviews faster.

Speaking of better relationships, we make it easy for patients who've had a fantastic experience to talk about it in a glowing review. But what about patients who don't have such nice things to say about you or your practice? We have created a solution for that, too.

If you are waiting for the catch, there isn't one. That's why we say:
"It's never been so straightforward."

"After attending Robert’s marketing lecture at the SMA's Southern Regional Assembly meeting and observing the Q&A session that followed, it became evident that our practice needed these Purple Tie Guys."

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