Why do we lose our passion?

Do you remember the excitement of your first dollar? The first time you saw your business name printed on something? What happened to it? When did I lose my passion, and the real question is where did it go? You see in the hustle and bustle of your “business” something happened to cause your passion for the business to dwindle. You spent hours working on the business getting it to the point of sustainability. Now the proverbial business compass has turned; you have clients and maybe even a few employees. Now you are working so hard in your business you’ve forgotten the love you had for it when you spent hours working on the business. But there’s hope for reigniting that passion you once had. It’s amazing what fresh business cards or adding a new marketing campaign can do for you and your business! Now I’m not talking about spending thousands of dollars. I’m talking about a few hundred dollars to start something fresh. Don’t have a few hundred dollars? Attend a meetup! Most meetups are free, and it will help you surround yourself with like minded business professional. You can also find a mentor, either virtual or face-to-face. Sometimes seeing things from an outside perspective is all you need to spark a new idea!  

–Robert Martin–