What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a progressive process of increasing the number and quality of traffic on your Seo servicessite. It occurs as a result of using various strategies and techniques.

Many companies in Huntsville, AL appreciate this method as it increases sales and eventually business growth.

In this article, we give an expanded definition of what is SEO to help you know how you also benefit from it.


What is SEO Friendly Site and Why is it Important?

An SEO friendly site is one whose features allow Google to rank a page on the first page of search results. Appearing on the first page of search engine results is important in a number of ways.

First, it will increase the legitimacy and credibility of your site among the visitors. With that such visitors are likely to become repeat customers who will also refer others to your site. This situation will increase the bounce rates with more referrals.

Eventually, there will be visitors from Huntsville, AL and if the quality of products is equally high, you will get a huge clientele base. This will translate to more sales and increased growth of your company. Your brand will become among the most preferred in your industry.

That is why we believe a highly optimized site is what you need.


seo servicesSome Do’s and Don’ts in SEO

Since we now have a grasp of what is SEO and how it can help build your business reputation, it is essential that we consider some rules of the game. Otherwise, you may fail to reap those awesome benefits if you are misaligned.

Broadly, SEO can be regarded as following white hat rules or black hat rules. Although Google states succinctly that white hat optimization is the right way, some specialists in Huntsville, AL choose to go the black hat way because the results seem to go faster. However, in the long run, black hat optimization does more damage than it does help matters.


1.        White Hat SEO is the Way to Go

White hat SEO is a scenario where the developer follows the guidelines given by Google to increase traffic in your site by ensuring that you have high ranks.

Some methods used here include writing high-quality articles that are relevant and utilize keyword phrases in a natural way.

Another way is by addressing the technical issues in your site that may be slowing down the performance and convenience of your site. For example, ensuring high loading speed and making sure the site is mobile responsive.

Clients in Huntsville, AL who take this path realize that it may take time to generate the desired results. But in the long run, it pays off well.


2.      Black Hat SEO is no go Zone

Technicians in Huntsville, AL who lack such patience choose to use black hat to increase traffic within a short time and then Google will certainly notice or the website itself will prove inefficient.

Let me explain how black hat SEO is deceptive. Google tools test websites and take note of trends and if there is a sudden change, your site will be scrutinized closely. Eventually, you may be blacklisted.



In conclusion, if asked what is SEO, you can say it a long-term legitimate effort that gets your website seen by a broad audience.