Working together to build a website

Website Design Tips Backed By Research

Your website design is subjective. What might be attractive and appealing to you might not be enticing to a different website visitor. To some extent, keeping the design of your website unique so it aligns with your user base is necessary – but there’s always a limit to what you can do.    

There is no debate that the design of your website plays a huge role in its success. In fact, almost half of all marketers online say that a website’s design helps their visitors decide if their business is credible or not. 

When a potential customer looks at your website and decides that you can be trusted, you can see the affect of this factor on other metrics. Conversion rates go up, and bounce rates go down, and if you’re a small scale entrepreneur who can only rely on their website in the first place, then website design is absolutely vital for you! 

Nowadays, building a good website is becoming increasingly challenging. Determining the dos and don’ts isn’t necessarily easy. Due to this reason, the most experienced website design specialists have their share of problems when deciding what works. 

Luckily for you, this article has four website design tips  that have proved their worth when getting increased attention online. Most of these tips are backed by research from industry professionals, so kick back and relax while we help you get the basics right.   

Working together to build a website
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1.   Website Design Needs To Prioritize Speed

There aren’t too many people debating the fact whether your website should have a fast loading speed or not. A faster loading website is a given, and if this still isn’t your priority, you should probably leave the website design game alone. Gone are the days when people wait 2 to 3 minutes for a website to load while a dial-up connection made all sorts of weird noises. 

5G is the name of the game, and gigabyte speeds are the standard. Because of such high expectations, a fast loading speed is a given. A slow website would mean that your visitors wouldn’t stick around and nowadays, determining your website loading speed has become easier for the user. 

Nowadays, a search engine can tell the user how quickly your website loads. This makes it paramount that your website loading speed is a priority. 

2.   Yes – The Fold Does Matter

Whether the fold matters or whether it doesn’t has been subject to much debate in the last few years. According to some website design specialists, it doesn’t matter since people view websites from so many different screens, and there isn’t a need to fill every page with content. 

However, when you consider the facts behind the situation, it becomes apparent that 57 percent of all website visitorsspend most of their time above the fold. When later pages of the website tend to get simpler, and there is less content to read, visitors start to move away from the website. 

74% of all website visitors spend most of their time on the first two pages that are full of content. So this phenomenon shows that overstuffing your website with quality content does matter. Here are some useful tips on how you can do that:

A Crisp Headline

The second a visitor opens your website – they should have a clear idea of what you do and how you can help them. Try to use as many power words as you can. These words make a person take action.

A Good Call-To-Action 

To make sure your chances of conversion remain high, make sure you place the CTA strategically and that it is visible. 

Include Media

Even though it is essential that you keep your loading cycles small, including some videos and images can make your website a lot more interactive, too. But with that being said, there is certainly a specific number that you can use. Going above that number will tarnish the user’s experience. So the moment you notice loading speeds are getting affected – that’s when you know you have to stop. 

3.   Hick’s Law Does Work!

According to Hick’s Law, the more choices a person has, the more time they’ll take to decide. 

But isn’t that we want?”

It’s important that we keep the main goal as our first priority when designing a website. Even though it is great that the visitor is spending more time on your website choosing between an option – but giving them too many often renders them choiceless! Hick’s Law has repreatedly demonstrated that when people are given too many options, they get frustrated and pick nothing instead of something. 

That is why, the next time you’re creating a website – focus on these tips:

  • Focus on a singular call-to-action
  • Limit the fields on your form
  • Reduce the number of options the visitor can choose from
  • There’s no harm in using social buttons – but don’t go overboard! Only use ones that are active
  • Every page should have one goal. If a page is trying to get the visitor to subscribe to your YouTube channel – that’s all you should be focusing on! Don’t try to get them to subscribe to your mailing list on the same page, too!

4.   Simplicity Always Wins

You’ve probably heard this before, and we’re going to say it again – simplicity can do wonders for your website design. A study by Google showed that visitors don’t often like complexity. Clarity is a lot more appealing and can promise higher conversion rates. 

The gist of this is: the more complex your design is – the more confusing it will look. 

That is why, try to stick to a standard layout. A layout that is recognizable would mean that the visitor won’t get weirded out by your odd choice of design. You can still be creative in other ways!

The Bottom Line                    

As much as everyone would want to nail the website design aspect of their business – many still struggle. If you’re trying to get your healthcare business noticed on the online scene – having a killer website is the first step. Purple Tie Guys is a Google Trusted Agency that has been endorsed by the Southern Medical Association. 

If you’re trying to get your website designed according to healthcare industry standards, we can help your cause. Contact us today and let us help build your business. 

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