Marketing Advice: Which Video Platform is Right for Your Business? Facebook Edition

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When we talk about Facebook, we often associate it with the concept of getting in touch with a friend or family member. Or maybe even setting up or invitations for a local event like a concert or a wedding. However, just like Google has evolved past being an advanced search engine, Facebook has also evolved past being a social media platform. They both became places of marketing opportunity. Facebook, just like any other social media platform, has opted to include video and advertising so their users and shareholders can see market growth through investment opportunities. Now, Facebook has a video advertising platform. But how does it measure up compared to Instagram or YouTube?

Facebook Video Advertising

The basic video format for Facebook is not unlike Instagram in its presentation, it has a space for video in a post. However, unlike Instagram, this social media predates the mobile device. So, the format is more tailored for the use of desktop computers, rather than mobile devices. This means is that there is often room for text above or below the video advertisement. However, that puts it at its own advantage. The added text makes it easier for viewers of the video advertisement to understand what they are watching. It can create an immediate context for Facebook Ad viewers that may not happen until the end of an Instagram video. It is also important to note that Facebook also has the largest social network, with an active monthly user base of 2.45 billion people around the world as of the third quarter of 2019.

So, what are the advantages of Facebook Video Ads?

The Advantage of Facebook Video Advertising

For starters, it promotes engagement. According to, “Video ads capture the attention of your audience better than any other ad. A HubSpot study found that 54% of people wanted to see more video content from a brand or business they support. Those people are also 85% more likely to purchase after viewing a product video.”

Because people like video, they are more likely to engage or pay attention to an advertisement period. 40% of Facebook users say that they watch most of their videos on there. It also helps advertisers that the number of views is very affordable for the advertising budget. And we can tailor them to target audiences. Their video ads also run on the same system as their text or image-based ads, meaning that there is a smaller learning curve.

It’s for these reasons and more than 89% of marketers say that they use Facebook as part of their brand’s social strategy. However, with the advantages comes disadvantages. And Facebook, like any other social media marketing platform, has them.

The Disadvantage of Facebook Video Advertising

One of the biggest disadvantages that come with Facebook ads is that the videos automatically play without a sound as a preview. This can be an obstacle for video advertisements because they need more polished visuals to gather interest. Another thing that can be a detriment for an ad campaign is that there is no required watch time. While many people appreciate that no one is forcing them to watch ads, it can decrease the chances of other people learning about your product or service.

So, with these things in mind, what would be the best strategy for using Facebook Video advertising as a platform?

Encourage Engagement and Organic Results

Out of all the social media video platforms, Facebook is the best for encouraging organic and direct interaction. If you want an already established audience to further communicate and interact with your business, then Facebook is the right place to do it. If you want to upsell or promote something to people who already are fans of what you do, that is also an acceptable use of the platform. However, if you want to introduce your business to a new audience, this platform is hardly ideal. It is also not the best platform for broad audiences, because many Facebook users are specific about their interests. This is also an ideal video platform for retargeting people who already showed an interest in your product or service.

These two are the best uses of your Facebook video advertising campaign.


As I mentioned in the last two posts, different social media video platforms have a variety of applications, all of which can create different responses. That is why business owners who need advertising advice online come to marketers. We help find the best strategy based on your business goals. So, if you want a company that can help, visit us at

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