Google Ads Niche List

Using Google Ads to Build An Amazing Opt-In Niche List

Google Ads have provided results that are better-than-expected by the advertisers and their clients, paving the way for a new system of online advertising. The online advertising experts have developed smart techniques, which can prove to be cost efficient, as also be an effective means of increasing the traffic of your website.

It needs a bit of experience to get the knack of how Google operates, as you never know what kind of move will be helpful in the long run. It has been a mystery for a large number of advertisers, as to why the keywords are blocked within a short span of time once they are launched. The reason for this can be quite a few, including, the activities of the hackers or the similarity of the keywords used by other competitors.

Do You Need to Opt for Google Ads Marketing?

Pay per click marketing can prove to be beneficial as compared to other banner advertisements. For instance, you will need to wait for a number of weeks before you can buy space in an e-magazine. An equal amount of time is required by the search engine listings to improve and make your presence felt in the web world.

The initial period will be an even more testing time for you, since your account is new. The visitors might give an outstanding response in the beginning at times, but the bids get canceled within a couple of days and your ads are eventually disapproved. But these problems can be countered in a positive manner if you have the right knowledge of how to divert the traffic. There have been instances of numerous people who have increased their traffic and achieved a turnover of more than 100%.

The success lies in the way you have inserted the keywords for your ads. The Ads world is quite flexible and you never know when things can turnaround. If the budget is a constraint, you can reduce the number of keywords. Pay per click program is not virtual but real, as has been experienced by a number of customers to-date.

You save a substantial amount on marketing costs once people start coming to your website. You can save both time and money on each click that your website receives. But one thing that you need to remember above all is that Google Ads is not about who can afford, but about who is more tech savvy and understands the world of online traffic and visitor-interests that keep on changing from time to time.

Google Ads Niche List
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Google Ads and Opt-In Niche Lists

People used to build e-mail lists in many niche markets through pay per click search engines such as Google Ads. Now, Ads has gotten a bit tougher to use, and thus, building an e-mail list in any niche market has become tougher as well…

…But it’s still one of the best ways to build an e-mail list in any niche!

I repeat, pay per click (PPC) search engines such as Google Ads is still an extremely effective way to build an e-mail list in any niche market.

Lets discuss why…

The main argument is that these PPC’s have gotten too expensive. Well, you can set a daily maximum spending amount in Google Ads! If you can only afford to spent $5 a day, then you can set it so you spend no more than $5 a day.

Sure, your niche list will grow slower than someone spending $200 a day, but who cares! With the benefits you get from such targeted and responsive subscribers, you’ll soon be spending $200 building your niche e-mail list as well.

Another argument is that it’s better to spend money on Google Ads becoming an affiliate for something and sending traffic directly to them.

Why not give them your left arm as well!

You’re spending money promoting their niche product, why should they get the main benefit of the money you spend? And take a look at their site, almost all have some mechanism for collecting e-mail addresses.

You need a landing page that relates to your niche topic, that collects e-mail addresses, and the best way to advertise this page and get subscribers is through sites like Google Ads.

Don’t listen to people saying you can’t build a niche e-mail list this way, or it’s too expensive. It’s not, and I do it all day in dozens of different markets.

Build your landing page, get subscribers, and give them great information and resources and they’ll be your customers for life.

Bonus Content!

Google Goes For Quality

Google continues its march toward being the ultimate search engine in terms of relevancy and quality, and if you aren’t paying attention and keeping up with their changes, you’re going to be left in the dust, with ineffective campaigns and hefty minimum bid prices.

This is just another move in the latest flurry of changes Google is making to weed out the “scrapers” and arbitragers. You’ll find the following in the Google Quality Score Section:

  • Link to the page on your site that provides the most useful and accurate information about the product or service in your ad.
  • Ensure that your landing page is relevant to your keywords and your ad text.
  • Distinguish sponsored links from the rest of your site content.
  • Try to provide information without requiring users to register. Or, provide a preview of what users will get by registering.
  • In general, build pages that provide substantial and useful information to the end-user. If your ad does link to a page consisting of mostly ads or general search results (such as a directory or catalog page), provide additional information beyond what the user may have seen in your ad or on the page prior to clicking on your ad.
  • You should have unique content (should not be similar or nearly identical in appearance to another site). For more information, see our affiliate guidelines.

You have to love how clear Google is with this. If your sites aren’t meeting these requirements, expect your Quality and Relevancy scores to plummet. You have to be providing good content to your users and you need to make sure their experience with your site is logical and helpful. Sure, this may mean you need to do some tweaking or make some outright improvements to your sites, but the end result is that Google remains the search engine people trust and expect to deliver them quality results. And your end result is that people will click through to where you want them and hit that “buy now” button more often.