Trust Based Marketing

As a medical professional, it is super important to develop a relationship built on trust with your patients. If you can create that trust before they even make their first appointment, even better! I heard a very powerful message once… “If I gave you one million dollars, would you be happy?” Of course, everyone in the group said yes that a million dollars would make them happy some even said they would be aesthetic! “Now, if I gave you ten million dollars, would that make you even happier?” Again everyone in the group said that ten million dollars would make them happy some even said it would change their life FOREVER! But then the bombshell question was dropped… “If I said you could have the ten million dollars today, right now but, you didn’t wake up tomorrow, would you still take it?” The group fell silent; everyone in that group just valued their life at more than ten million dollars. That’s more money than 99.5% of Americans will make in a lifetime.

Let that sink in for a moment; when a patient makes an appointment, they’re saying I “trust” you with the one thing that’s so valuable I can’t put a price on it. Before a patient ever makes an appointment with you, most have gone through an extensive research process that led them to one conclusion. You are the absolute best option, the expert they are investing 100% of their trust that you’ll be the one to solve their problem.

What went into this decision? They ask friends and family about you, and almost 90% went to the internet to see what past patients say about you. Let me ask you this. When looking for a service, you want to know what experience others had, right? Where’s the first place you go? The review section. What reviews do you read first? Probably the first three or four, and then you jump to the one-star reviews. People want to know about all the bad experiences to make an informed decision.

Remember the old saying: If you make someone happy, they’ll tell one person, and if you make someone unhappy, they’ll tell everyone! That statement is still valid. It’s just happening differently today. If you make me happy, I may leave a review somewhere like Google, Facebook, Yelp, Zoc Doc, or Healthgrades. But that unhappy person will leave a bad review on every platform they can find. I’ve seen one-star reviews that say something like this:

“My friend went to doctor smith for… and he was awful, his staff was rude, and his bedside manners was atrocious.”

How the hell would they know they never even stepped foot into your office!

Let’s talk about the research and educational process that led them to conclude that you were the number one expert, the one they could trust with their needs. It could have been content on your website. Maybe a blog article talked them through the procedure and set their expectations. They may have found an article in an online magazine that talks about how you are the top doc for the procedure they need. Don’t let the thought of producing expert content scare you; it’s easier than you may think.

What perception will patients have when they look at your overall online profile? Have you ever looked at your overall profile? Will it tell a story of trust and showcase you and your staff as the expert caregivers you are? When they search for their procedure by name, does Google and other search engines recommend you or another provider? What goes into building trust with Google and other search engines? How can you make search engines your number one source for referrals?

It’s time for you to check you core web vital and take control of your practice health!