The Applications of SEO Services in Popular Locations

Gulf Shores, AL – Whenever people hear about SEO services, companies usually state it as a cheap option for marketers. A way to keep costs down, or a way to compensate for a remote location. While that is a way to give businesses with a lower advertising budget a fighting chance, that does not mean that it is exclusive to smaller businesses. There are large companies who use SEO services. Also, there are businesses are in prime locations who also engage in the same SEO services. These prime locations include vacation spots, like Gulf Shores, AL.

Gulf Shores, a prime vacation spot

But what do these services entail? Do the strategies change when you are in a popular location? Is there more competition or less, and what does this look like when medical tourism is in the mix?

Inbound Marketing for Medical Practitioners

The most common marketing strategy that is utilized on the web is inbound marketing. That term is the process of attracting the attention of potential prospects through offering information, content, before they are ready to buy. It is less about pushing a product onto prospective clients through various channels, and more about drawing them in. And the good news is that you need not spend too much time trying to convince people to go online to gather medical information. 40% of consumers say that information found through social media affects the way they deal with their health. Also, 31% of healthcare professionals use social media for professional networking. The built-in audience is already there and will gather information about medical tourism through their online search efforts. So, it is a prime platform doctors who are in a medical tourist spot like Cancun, MX or Gulf Shores, AL.

Location as an SEO Challenge

Location based SEO, is the practice of optimising content to appear in relation to a target location. For example, when someone is searching for “doctor’s office” on Google, it displays search results based on the location where the user is searching. This is thanks to the GPS’s and IP addresses on mobile phones and computers alike. However, this can get complicated if you live or work in a highly populated area.

If you were to search ‘vacation’ in Decatur, Alabama you would get 2 pages of results in Google Maps. If you were to search the same term in Gulf Shores, AL you will wind up with over 13 pages worth of results, more accurate than others. There is the possibility that mobile or computer users would reshuffle for listings that have a higher rating or relevance. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the first results will pop up at what is closest for that keyword. So, what can you do when you want to reach the right people looking for you? Especially in a sea of results thanks to the high number of businesses in the area.

Get Specific and Lengthy

If you want your website or business to stand out for the people who are looking for you, you want to get more specific about what services you offer. For instance, if you are a surgeon that deals in medical tourism, then you want to put that detail in one of your web pages. Maybe you specialise in a specific branch of medicine, such as dental implants or pediatrics. Either way, if you put in more details about your practice, the more relevant your content will be for your target audience.

Also, you want to use long tail keywords. When the average person look things up on the internet, they often type out phrases or direct questions. For example, when I searched the two keywords “Medical Tourism”, I applied a plug-in that showed the related keywords that people use most often. The results that came up were not one or two keywords. There are at least 4 or 5 keywords in most of the relevant searches.

Keyword search results related to “medical tourism”

Steps towards SEO Services for Medical Tourism

There are a few things that a marketer needs to create a solid marketing plan for medical tourism, whether it is a heavily populated area or an up-and-coming location. According to the steps for proper plans include:

  • Gathering Research
    • Know what you are looking for
    • The tools
    • Use the tools for research
  • Applying Research Outcome
    • Read the data
    • Transform the data into action
    • Track the results
  • Reapply the Results for the Next Research

There is plenty more information out there about SEO services with medical tourism and marketing. But instead of spending multiple hours to learn a fraction of the information that you need to do it yourself, why not hire a marketing company that can do that stuff for you? If you are considering these services contact us at the pop up on our front page!