Successfully Grow Your Periodontal Practice

Get Results and Top Referrals for your Periodontal Business!

The toughest thing about periodontal care is that it is almost 100 percent driven by referrals. This means that you can’t take your referral sources, or network for granted. In fact, it is almost a blind spot for most Specialists. Suddenly, they are hit by a lack of referrals after assuming everything is fine for a while.

This is because many general dentists today are keeping gum care in-house. Or, they are contracting part-time periodontists to treat their patients on-site.

But that’s not the only issue. There is the all too human habit of complacency. Without putting work into business relationships, or going out of their way to keep in touch with the dentists who refer them, dentists are less motivated to stay in touch or will find other options for referrals for price reasons or because they struck a new business relationship with someone who put in the effort.

When it comes to periodontal marketing, we know what works.

The main advantage that professional marketers have is that we dedicate our careers and research into the exploration of professional relationships. We thoroughly explore relationships between clients, products, goods, business owners, and audiences to figure out the right kind of digital marketing for each client.

We can even help you position yourself as the ideal periodontist that is the ultimate authority on gum care who can solve the tougher cases. But it requires a thorough and honest examination between what your business represents and what you have to offer to other dentists and patients.

We know how to grow your bottom line and to strategize multiple avenues between your current business state and your end goals.

We want to help you:

• Apply strategic marketing initiatives that win referrals from general dentists.

• Increase your brand recognition and reputation in the digital space, as well as the real world.

• Successfully compete with general dentists who want to keep the easier cases in-house

• Boost referrals with current and new sources

• Develop strong advertising techniques that get you the results you want.

• Build brand awareness to help you stand out among others within your marketing niche