Marketing with Snapchat

IMG_5790Marketing with Snapchat: Part 2

Snapchat has over 100 million daily users, most between 18 and 34 who will be a huge buying force in the next few years (outpacing the Baby Boomers!). To tap into that force, your company needs to use Snapchat effectively to market to this growing group of consumers.

What’s in a Snap?
Snaps are photos or videos that can be sent – or messaged – to friends or contacts and viewed for up to 10 seconds then will disappear. The immediate but short-lived nature of these messages is what makes them fun but most importantly, Snapchat allows the users to live “in the moment” without special filters or perfectly edited video. The brief lives of the snaps carry instant information about the snap chatter and the sharing of stories from their lives with people who are interested. It is the instantaneous nature of the platform that makes it so popular both for the demographic your company is trying to reach and the products you want to share with this group.

How can Snapchat benefit my company?
Christina_Novelli_SelfieSnapchat adds value and lets you provide a real-time, authentic view of your company to your customers. This platform gives you a chance to demonstrate  to the market that your company and products are both  genuine and entertaining!

To get started showing how unique your company is set up an account then post your snapcode to your current social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

By sharing your snapcode on social media, many of your current customers will automatically follow you. Next, import any other business contacts from your customer relationship management system into the Snapchat app.

army_snapchatNow you are ready to share what you do with your customers and new followers by:

  • Sharing Behind-the-Scenes Content – Take snaps of your status meeting agenda to show what you do and who to contact in your organization for specific needs or have your tech team take snaps while working on site
  • Promoting an Event – Are you going to be at a tradeshow or have a new release of a product? You can use a snap to show product launches or one-of-a kind promotions
  • Offering Discounts or Coupons – Share exclusive promotions only to those who follow you on Snapchat, have a flash sale, do giveaways or showcase a new service
  • Create Buzz – Tease a snap a day of a tradeshow, product or event you will be rolling out prior to the release or date
  • Targeting Influencers – Engage your top brand advocates by sharing exclusive content with them and have them spread the ads to their followers
  • Using Timestamp and Other Graphics – Take a snap and add timestamp then use artwork and graphics to convey that it “x minutes” something exciting will be happening and you will have a front row seat!

Snapchat is a deceptively simple app with lots of marketing potential where campaigns can be created and relayed instantly then quickly disappear only to produce more anticipation for the next big ad promotion. Look for Part 3 of this post where we will take the snaps you collected and develop them into My Stories and Memories!