Side Tangent: Drive-thru Etiquitte

Side Tangent: Drive-thru Etiquette

Drive ThruIt should go without saying that there are rules to follow when you’re in a drive-thru. Even if you’re just picking up a small fry at McDonald’s, there are still some simple guidelines to keep in mind. Here we go.

  1. You have to pay attention. When the vehicle in front moves, you move.
  2. There’s no need to touch bumpers. That’s right. We’re not racing. You’re not trying to pass. Give the other drivers some room.
  3. Do not honk your horn if you are more than one vehicle behind the front of the line. There’s no need for that. None.

See? How easy was that? Be patient, be courteous, be aware. That’s it. And that’s what really Grinds My Gears.