Advice for SEO Content

What Makes Quality Content?

When you read or regurgitate any information about SEO practices and technique for a while, you tend to read and hear the same thing over and over again.  Publish quality content. We need quality content. Only quality content will give your website an advantage. This rule of thumb turns into a never-ending nagging loop that is the blogger’s equivalent of the “wash your hands” sign in a fast food restaurant bathroom.  I hear so many people harping on writing quality content, but they forget to actually address what quality content is.

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So, what do you do, when you have to write an article or two every week to bring up your SEO ranking?  How do you write something interesting about a topic that is maybe, boring, filled with technical jargon,  or something taboo that no one really wants to explore? After having done this a couple of years, I can confidently throw my hat in the ring of online articles that lecture about how a person can make good online written content.


Answer your Own Questions

If you ever been around a small child, you will hear a litany of questions that involve a diverse range of topics. Questions such as ” why is the sky blue?”, and  “where do babies come from?” It can be annoying, but it is how small children learn about their world. Human beings are naturally curious. So, out of our need for an explanation for our surroundings, we either fabricate or investigate an answer before sharing it with others.

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SEO blogging may be one of the best ways to satisfy your own curiosity, as well as provide quality content for your audience. No, I am not kidding. D0 you think that all SEO keyword bloggers are experts in everything they write about? Do you think that I magically knew everything there is to know about air conditioning, gastric bypass surgery, marketing, and nutrition? Of course not. I graduated college as an art major. I did not go to technical school for AC repair, I am not that good at nutrition, and I am certainly no surgeon. But I write for them anyway, because it’s still my job.  So, how do I write for them?

I revert back to my childhood curiosity and start asking questions about the subject. Why do people respond to ads this way? Who invented the air conditioning unit? When was the first gastric bypass surgery? How do people in China define nutrition?

My best content came from asking my own questions and finding the answers to them while writing them down. Sure, I do what I can to add relevant keywords to the situation. But, for the most part, as long as the content is relevant, I write about what I learned.


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