SEO Strategies

SEO Strategies: 4 Essential Things You Must Know That Will Make Your Practice Better

Most website owners think that SEO (search engine optimization) is complicated and isn’t worth their time.

When actually, mastering this vital skill isn’t hard (the basics are easy!).

But can the basics alone work to your advantage and help you rank on a search engine?

Well – no. But to move towards more advanced SEO strategies, you need to get the basics straightened out first. A lot has changed in the digital marketing world because of the advent of new technology around us. For example, targeting a keyword just so you could improve your search rankings is no longer a strategy that can work.

However, this tactic is still a vital part of the puzzle. The keywords marketers use and the people they attract reveal a lot more than we think they do. And because of an abundance of knowledge on online platforms on this ever-so-useful marketing tool, getting confused is easy.

“Does link building still work?”

“How much time should I spend on-page SEO?”

To help you out of your misery, we’ve assembled ____ of the most important SEO tips you must know. By the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll have a good understanding of SEO and why so many brands rely on this strategy to gather eyeballs.    

But before we understand the best practices – let’s take a glance at what SEO is.

SEO Strategies
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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

To put it simply, SEO is an umbrella term for all the things you can do to your website to ensure a search engine notices it. Quite literally, a million websites go live each day. Some of them directly compete with the product or service you offer; hence standing out is essential. But even though every marketer would want their business to gather attention rapidly – it’s not that simple.

To help a search engine find your website swiftly, you need to optimize it according to the requirements necessary. The reason why so many companies work on improving their SEO strategies is that if your website is easily ranking on the first few pages of Google – you’re getting an impressive deal.

Unlike the paid adverts you see on Google (the first few links on the search result), SEO won’t cost you a dime. It makes you an organic and relevant search result for a keyword, because of which this strategy is sustainable and extremely rewarding.

However, mastering this skill is a different ball game altogether.

Mastering SEO: Where Do I Begin?

SEO Strategies 1.    Website Loading Speed

With the passage of time, our expectations from our internet connections have grown to become ridiculous. People from Generation Y or Millennials remember waiting five minutes for a website to load since we had all hopes riding on a dial-up connection that made weird noises while connecting.

Cut to 2020 – we now live in a world with gigabyte speeds, and a movie can be seen on Netflix just a few seconds you had the thought of watching it. Because of such high standards of connectedness, a website that doesn’t load quickly can be the kiss of death to all of your marketing attempts.

Slow loading times give your target market time to think of alternatives, and it shouldn’t be that way! A customer who decides to visit your website to buy something should have their cart ready in a few seconds.

SEO Strategies 2.    Linking: It’s Still Relevant

Some marketers don’t believe that link building can be beneficial for your website because they think an external link will take readers off their website. When actually linking from a credible source helps the reader believe that they can trust what you’re putting on your website.

Moreover, external linking isn’t the only way you can create links on your website. Several website owners also include internal links (do you see what we did there?) on their content to ensure the reader spends more time on their website. A well-placed internal link can help the visitor surf through your website a lot more conveniently.

SEO Strategies 3.    Meta Descriptions

Including a Meta description in your blog won’t necessarily help your SEO score, but it can definitely increase the chances of a reader clicking on your website link. Consider a Meta description as a two-sentence sales pitch for your website page. It’s supposed to be simple and intriguing. A well-written description can make the reader visit your website instantly.

It’s also essential that it’s succinct because if it exceeds 155 characters, Google won’t show the reader the complete statement you wrote. If you want to further improve the chances of a reader clicking on your website, you can optimize your titles as well.

Try to include the keywords you’re using in your content in the titles as well. This makes it easier for the reader to decide that your website is relevant.

SEO Strategies 4.    The Human Touch

When you constantly think about search engines while crafting content, you get lost in the paradigm’s complexities. Of course, adhering to every principle isn’t bad – but forgetting the fact that you’re writing for humans is not going to help your cause. Writing for an online reader is a lot different than writing for a book reader.

While a book reader has decided to dedicate their time to the one book they have in their hands, a reader online has billions of options. That is why the content you write for your website has to sound casual, and most importantly – human. 

The Bottom Line

Your website’s speed is a crucial factor in deciding how much time the reader will spend on your website, and the links you use can help you build relevance and make the reader trust the information you post. But even though we market our products and services through search engines – ensure your content reads well and is welcoming.

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