Reopening and Restructuring Business with SEO Services

Gulf Shores, AL – The face of business and the economy is changing again. And not many business owners are very happy with it happening the way it has. This is understandable because when that happens people get confronted with the ugly realization that their entire livelihoods are at the whims of an environment. The economy, the marketplace, are all things that impact us on a massive scale. However, the only thing we can control at all is our response to it. This goes doubly if the reason for that shift is a natural disaster. But a massive change does not spell the end of your business. It just means that business owners need to strategize and restructure their business to meet the changing circumstances. But what can you do to get started on re-opening? Should your business re-open at all? And how can SEO services get the word out?

Should I Re-Open After a Disaster?

Some businesses just need a little restructuring to function normally and have the resources to do so. Others, however, might need more than that to get back on their feet, especially if they were already coming from or were severely thrust into financial difficulties. There are other factors that drive the decision to re-open or restructure. This includes the status of employees, key suppliers, and customers.

Thankfully, the US Small Business Administration in cooperation with the Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center, compiled a series of checklists for reopening a business after a disaster. The lists run over a series of preliminary actions, basic assessment, and recovery planning.

Even if you don’t use this specific checklist, a basic assessment of where you are at, and what you can stand to gain or lose in your current position will put you leagues ahead of other companies that don’t take any type of investigative approach.

Analyze, then Act

After you go through your assessment of where your business stands, you need to translate that assessment into action. If you think you need to restructure the way you deliver your product, do it. If your business needs a different vendor because your vendor has still yet to revive their own business, find a new supplier. Maybe your business needs to adopt a drop off/ pick up model, or you need a functioning website that is easy to navigate, get to working on it. Heck, if financing is an issue for you right now, there are local funds and programs that are willing to ease a small portion of the financial burden that COVID-19 has left in its wake.

However, it should be noted that restructuring and the execution of starting your business up again will take time.  As much as you are desperately wishing for things to be back to normal again, the reality is that when you are first opening up, there is a real chance that you won’t have everything at full capacity. And that is okay, forgive yourself and know what you can do with what resources you have.

Spread the Word

Once you have your feet under you, you are going to want to spread the word. This is tricky because this situation requires a different level of advertising in general. After all, our target audience has shifted from people who are constantly busy, out and about, to people staying at home and getting all their information through the internet. 

There is no denying the increase of digital communication during quarantine. Word of mouth, social gatherings, basic day to day activities are being held online. If your advertising and current business status doesn’t reach that audience, then they are not going to be able to find you while looking for the services you provide.

But how can you drive traffic to your website at a low cost? That is where SEO services come in. Hiring someone that knows how to navigate search engines is a super targeted approach that businesses need right now. It is cheaper than most forms of traditional advertising. Also, it has a higher audience reach, and its targeted approach creates a higher ROI.

The numbers were in favor of online marketing long before COVID-19 was a thing. SEO services, social media, and other forms of digital marketing is a stronger strategy to adopt right now. Especially when your target audience is staying at home.


 If you want to get back into the swing of things, you need to know where you are at, where you want to go, and how to get there. It may be different than what you are used to. But all we can control in this changing economic climate is ourselves. And we have a choice. Adapt, or die.

If you want to know about SEO services, get business advice, or want to start spreading the word about your business, contact us.