Our Official One Year Anniversary

keep_calm_anniversaryThis Thursday, March 17, marks the one year anniversary of The Purple Tie Radio Show! Can you believe it’s already been a full year?! A year of us bumbling through topics and joking about each other. A year of expert business advice, and a year of expert conjecture. A year of being completely wrong about things, I’m sure. But mostly, it’s been a wonderful year with you, our readers and listeners. We appreciate all of your interest in us, and that’s why we keep going. We’re striving to make the radio show/podcast better and more entertaining.

We’d love to hear from you, so drop us a line. You can email me or Robert. You can also follow us on Twitter, @thepurpletieco, or on Facebook, http://facebook.com/thepurpletie. Send us a note about how great we are or how terrible our country accents are. We’ll do our best to add in some “yous guys” and “piece of pie and a pop” every now and again.

Thanks again for sticking with us! And Happy One Year Anniversary!