Myths and Misconceptions Surrounding Digital Marketing in Huntsville, AL

Digital marketing has slowly but surely become a staple for business owners in Huntsville, AL.  People often get easily carried away in the “glamour” of something new without realizing what effort is involved.

If you aren’t careful, you can be investing in the wrong areas of digital marketing, leading yourself down a rabbit hole of disenchantment and wasted money.

Since we at Purple Tie Guys would like you to get the best from your digital marketing mix, we would like to list off a few common misconceptions about digital marketing practices.


digital marketing, Huntsville AlRegular Content is Optional

Oftentimes, people in the advertising game will tell you that regular content on a website is a waste of time. This is completely and utterly false. If you want your website to remain relevant for both customers and others in your field, you need relevant high-quality content. Preferably on a regular basis.


People need relevant content so they can properly gauge how much you know what you are talking about.

Without regular content, you won’t be able to differentiate between you and your business rivals.

Additionally, failing to upload content regularly may deny customers an opportunity to learn something new and important.

In other words, regular content is attractive to everyone. Don’t short yourself by ignoring it.


Digital Marketing is all About the Tech


Some businesses in Huntsville, AL  that get involved with digital marketing focus way too much on ‘digital’ aspect of things. That is only half of what the job requires. The marketing part is just as important.

The truth is a top-notch web designer with no people skills will wind up getting fewer clients at the end of the day than a terrible web designer with strong social skills. Any service based business needs people to interact with to make a profit. It is just common sense.

That being said, when hiring a digital marketing company, you want to strike a perfect balance between both the “digital” and “marketing” skillsets.

Business owners in Huntsville, AL who find that balance will reap significant benefits.


Multiple Social Media Platforms are Not Worth It

Utilizing social media can be an overwhelming prospect, especially with so many platforms. However, avoiding all of them entirely will hurt yousocial media, purple tie guys, digital marketing, Huntsville, Al more than help you.

While there are many social media platforms out there, if you utilize the right tools, you will reap a huge reward from the constant activity.

Google keeps track of where you are. People who are consistently active in multiple sites, get spotted by search engines faster. That is just how it works.  From there, you can consistently increase

customer awareness. Especially if you find out where your customer base spends most of their time online.


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