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Make Successful Content for Healthcare Marketing

When you specialize in a career field, there are issues that you tend to notice related to that field. And it makes sense, if you spend 80 or more hours a week constantly working on something, you are going to notice and dissect how it works. You might even come across limitations or frustrations from the workplace. Even a consistent irritation or an easily solvable problem. So, what can you do to share it? Can you use your message to bring awareness to the problem and your practice? You can with healthcare marketing practices.

But people, especially large groups of them, are finicky about how they hear news. Especially when it comes to what they should or should not do for healthcare. So, how are you going to talk on your social media platform? Can you make healthcare marketing content based on your expertise? How can you make it more likely for other people to hear your message and take it to heart?

Here are a few content creation tips and tricks that will increase the chances of your healthcare marketing and PSA to be spread among the masses.

Keep Your Content Simple and Concise

People do not like complicated things. Much to my shock and awe, not everyone wants to think too hard on a subject or ponder philosophical quandaries. Sometimes, even looking up terms and definitions may be too much work. And it makes sense to some degree.

For starters, not everyone has the same level of education as doctors do. For the most part, Americans have graduated high school as their highest level of education. The second highest education level that the population has is “some college”. So, the average content consumer either can’t be bothered or are just bored senseless by looking things up.

Another thing to consider is that even the more educated among us don’t always want to deal with too much information at once. We are used to a constant stream of messages on the internet coming and going at a rapid pace. It is to the point where we are more primed to skim information. That’s why most online companies rely on people skipping the terms of service agreements.

Add hard words with at least 3 syllables and you have a guaranteed snoozefest. Stick to 500-750 words on a blog post and 15 to 20 minutes on a video/podcast.

Pictures are Worth One Thousand Words and 3 Keywords

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None of us ever grew out of our Kindergarten phase of liking pictures in books. In fact, why there are fewer pictures in book as we grow older, I will never know. But when it comes to digesting information, we would like a visual to understand it better. Our world has become more visual, so the content should be presented in a format that works with visual media.

Use an infographic. Or place a related chart or picture. Do what you can to literally illustrate your point. Not only will they be more likely to understand your content, but they will also be more likely to stay longer before leaving for another webpage.

Also, if you are publishing your healthcare marketing PSA on the web, you can tag your content with relevant keywords. This way, other people can organically find you as a source of information. All it takes is the right keywords, and Google will push your data in front of their faces.

In other words, don’t just tell, show.

Work Together with Other Groups to Achieve Your Goal in Spreading your Healthcare Marketing Message

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Are you making content to spread the importance of flu vaccines? There are probably a dozen other doctors’ offices who are trying to do the same thing. Instead of writing them off as competition, see if they can help you spread your message in their location. Or alternatively, maybe you have something to offer them? There might even be other departments in the same hospital you are working at who are noticing the exact same problems at their work.

While it is easy to become jaded in a world with everyone scrambling for their piece of the metaphorical pie, there is only so much a person can handle. There are only so many patients a practice can handle before they have to refer cases to other people. If you want your community to change for the better, or to be more aware of something, then don’t be afraid to employ help.

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