What are the Major Types of SEO used in Huntsville, AL?

Digital marketing has become a central aspect of businesses in this current world. Firms aim at utilizing various techniques to gain authenticity and presence in the online platforms.

One such method is by the use of search engine optimization (SEO) methods. These are methods that aim at driving traffic to your site by increasing the Google Rankings.

The intended outcome is that, with higher traffic, the visitors can be converted to potential customers and eventually loyal customers.

To realize this goal, one can use Black Hat or White Hat or even Grey Hat SEO techniques.

The type of SEO you will choose will depend on whether you want a quick fix or a long-term online presence.

1.       White Hat Search Engine Optimization

White connotes integrity, adherence to set standards, etc. In the context of the types of SEO, it means using the most legit methods to drive traffic in your site. This means that the SEO technician adheres to the Google guidelines for maintaining high rankings.

In Huntsville, AL SEO experts that use white hat SEO methods take a wholesome approach, maintain the standards provided by Google without exploiting even the available loopholes in Google algorithms.

Major White hat SEO approaches include the optimization and restructuring of the website, backlinks, publishing high quality and relevant content, well-researched articles and also link acquisition.

Although White Hat methods are the most legitimate and comprehensive, they do not bring results quickly. That is why, they are only used by companies in Huntsville, AL that are long-term and strategic in approach. However, companies looking for quick fix seek the Black Hat.

2.     Black Hat SEO

Among the different types of SEO, Black Hat is the most illegitimate method. As the name denotes, the approach aims at capitalizing on the loopholes and weaknesses of Google algorithms to increase traffic of a site.

Although the method is illegal, it will bring the results of high Google rankings, albeit for a short while.

Examples of Black Hat methods include keyword stuffing, hidden links, spam links, hidden texts, and cloaking. These methods and others aim at manipulating and misleading the users to other links or redirecting them.

3.     Gray Hat SEO

Gray Hat is the type of SEO that utilizes both white and black hat methods to drive traffic. Sometimes, SEO technicians are forced to combine the two approaches particularly when customers mount pressure demanding high rankings within a short time.

Best Types of SEO Techniques in Huntsville, AL?

Based on my experience, you would rather use the legit SEO methods for sustainable Google Ranking of your site. Google will reward that.