What are the Key Determinants of Google Page Ranking

Google page ranking is an in thing among website owners who want to distinguish their businesses from others in the industry. While there is a lot of information available online regarding the primary determinants to rank high, some carry more weight than others.

We aim at bringing to your attention those factors that Google reward and esteem highly. We will also provide you with a brief description of how you can utilize the determinants to enhance your online visibility.

1.      Content Quality Remains a Primary Determinant

None of the SEO techniques can replace the importance of helpful and quality information. Google page rankings that maintain good performance place a high emphasis on value over quantity.

As a website owner in Huntsville, AL, you should endeavor to provide high-quality content and pay less attention to the number of words. Choose to deliver value. That kind of content that users will find helpful and able to solve their problems.

This content should be organized in a well-flowing manner with titles and subtitles for easy readability. Use of bullets where necessary is also important to note key points.

Additionally, use Google keywords to write your content. This will ensure that the keyword density is within the recommended range.

2.      Mobile Responsiveness

If you want a high Google page ranking for your company website in Huntsville, AL, ensure that your web pages are mobile responsive. This concept alludes to the compatibility of the site to suit either pc or mobile view with distortion in quality.

Sites that fail to attain mobile responsiveness may fail to attain online visibility goals though other factors may be taken care of.

3.      Backlinks

High Google page ranking is a factor of the backlinks. This idea means the ability of a site to be linked with high authority and credible sites in Huntsville, AL. Backlinks remain a central aspect of attaining high rankings.

In layman’s language, backlinks are a means of authenticating your content by referencing other credible sources. With such importance, you want to have numerous backlinks for your content. A disclaimer though – ensure that the profiles of the sites are updated and reputable. Otherwise, the non-reputable sites may work against your desired outcome.

4.     Website Loading Speed

It is only companies in Huntsville, AL that have high loading speed that will attain high ranking. A site that takes forever to load may discourage visitors, be termed user unfriendly and thus have a negative outcome on the rankings.

Your technical staff should utilize the best codes to maintain fast loading speed.