Overview of SEO Services Techniques

The possibility of a page being ranked top on the various search engines is dependent on various SEO Services techniques that are applied. When a service provider adheres to this techniques, the page visibility is going to increase significantly. The technical factors of the webpage that affect the page’s visibility include mobile responsiveness, code efficiency, SSL/HTTPS and website speed.

  1. Website Speed

There are many web pages on the internet that have similar content comparable to yours. As such, you want to utilize SEO services that make your page stand out. Given that Google ranking is consistently being updated to enhance the users’ experience, one of the key factors that is considered is the speed of a website. A higher load speed will increase the visibility as opposed to a slower loading speed. As such, you should strive to ensure that your website load speed is not more than 2.5 seconds. A higher speed means an improved customer experience which works towards a higher ranking.

  1. Code efficiency

For enhanced website optimization, the website should be developed from an efficient code. If the code is inefficient, it will dilute the on-page content (code-to-text) and also reduce the load time of the website. As such for top rankings on Google, your SEO services provider should avoid bloated codes. Besides, Google understands the semantic meaning of a website when the code is minimal. The outcome of less code is enhanced rankings.


In today’s era when cybersecurity is common and its consequences dire, Google also wants a website that enhances security for its users. It is for this reason that Google has been diligent to increase the usage of HTTPS as opposed to HTTP. An HTTPS website is more secure since it is protected by an SSL certificate. This SSL, as a communication protocol, ensures a secure network connection between the website and its visitors. Thus, an HTTPS website will be ranked higher than an HTTP website by Google.

  1. Mobile responsiveness

In this digital era, people have PCs and complimentary mobile devices that they can use wherever they are. As such, you want your website to be customer friendly, such that, it is responsive. What this means is that it can easily adapt to the kind of device being used by the user without compromising the ability to have a good view of the site. Therefore, if you want a higher ranking, when all other factors remain constant, ensure that your website is mobile responsive. SEO services that enhance mobile responsiveness stand out in Google rankings.


As a website owner, you should utilize SEO services that enhance your ranking on Google such as high website loading speed, minimized code, HTTPS secured and a mobile responsive website.


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