You want the services of an SEO company with personnel that understand fully the technical aspects of a web page. With such an understanding, the SEO experts will utilize various techniques that will enhance the search engine rankings. Such technical methods include website security, website speed, and mobile responsiveness

  1. Website Speed

Have you tried loading a website and it is taking forever to show the content? That is not good for your website. A good SEO company will strive to increase your website speed by determining the type of code to use.

When an efficient code is used to develop a website, it will enhance the code-to-text (on-page content) and reduce the time taken to load your web page.

High website speed will not only increase the number of people visiting your site but it will also increase your rankings on Google.

With improved customer experience because of short loading time will referrals and that your content is also shared on social media platforms which is incredible for your site.

  1. Mobile responsiveness

In this mobile era, no one wants the luggage of their PCs everywhere unless it is really important. As such, most people have mobile electronics like mobile phones, tablets, IPads among others.

For you to get high rankings on your site, it should be viewable on both mobile devices and PCs. That is why you want the services of an SEO firm that ensure a mobile responsive website without compromise on the quality of the view.

  1. SSL or HTTPS

An incredible SEO company should prioritize the user-security and be able to utilize the best methods and approaches that enhance the site’s security.

Apparently, Google esteems and rewards high-security measures taken on a site. What that means is that Google will rank a webpage better if it upholds the highest security measures over another that does not implement security measures with all other factors held constant.

Thus, an SEO company should be able to use https as opposed to http since the former utilizes SSL to protect the site from cyber-insecurity. The communication protocol that enhances security between the site guests and the site is SSL. Without it, your site is ranked low.

Final Thoughts

The primary technical functions of an SEO Company relate with website speed, the mobile responsiveness of your site and proper use of HTTPS as opposed to HTTP.