Definition of SEO Services

It is impossible to talk about SEO services without having a proper understanding of the meaning of SEO. SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization which is a means by which one makes their website readily available online. When a person searches for content online using the different search engines, it is the SEO services that enhance its visibility and ranking. When SEO services are offered professionally, then the website will get higher rankings on the common search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google.

Notably, there is a correlation between rankings on the search engines and the possibility that the webpage will be visited. This means that when a page appears among the first results on the search engine, an individual is likely to click on the page. Once the person visits the page and finds the content helpful, there is a possibility they will even share the content. Consistent high ranking of a page increases its traffic which is instrumental for any webpage.

SEO services would, therefore, be seen as a number of techniques and processes that increase the rankings of a website on the different search engines. It is important to note that the SEO has to remain consistent to maintain visibility and high rankings.

The History of SEO Services

The use of SEO services dates from the mid-1990s. However, search engine optimization was quite barbaric until 1998 when two Stanford University students developed the mathematic algorithm approach the Search Engine Optimization by founding Google.

Since then, Google has been instrumental in the SEO as well as Bing and YAHOO. However, these search engines would not disclose the particular algorithms they used to rank web pages. However, webmasters had various opinions on the criteria used to rank web pages like the relevance of content, keyword density among others.

Since 2013, Google adopted the Google Hummingbird algorithm feature whose purpose is to enhance Google’s semantic and natural language understanding of web pages. This design is also known as the conversational search since the search pays attention to each word in the query to ensure as many words as a possible match with a given web page as opposed to a few words. The primary goal of Google Hummingbird in SEO services is to reduce spam and irrelevant content online. For writers and content publishers, the responsibility that remains is to offer only helpful and high-quality content.  In the long term, only those ‘trusted’ writers will be ranked high.