Leaving Dex Media or Hibu Is Possible!

I may have ranted a little about the pet peeves that I have with large media dex media and Hibucompanies such as Dex Media, Hibu, or YP.  It has been a hot button issue with local web development and marketing agencies when they advertise their own services to other local businesses only to be told very quickly, “We’re not interested. I am already paying for a website that does nothing for me, I don’t need a website.”

As I have been researching the entire debacle, a question popped into my head; Have customers been able to leave big media companies with their websites intact?

Another small business web designer, marketer, and blogger, Teri Brooks from TBrooks Web Design, answered the question for me in her insightful article about the insane but still possible process of canceling an account with Dex Media, Hibu and other Big Media entities.  Click on the link below for the amazing advice.


Thank you, Teri Brooks. You are doing good work out there!