Internet Marketing: Content Trends of 2019 – Video Content

Film, or video, is a very demanding artistic expression. Even in its earliest stages 100 years ago, things like setting, concept, and visual execution. However, the increase of special effects and the introduction of sound, further polishing visual media like movies, animation, and television. Naturally, that is why out of all the artistic medium for internet marketing, video is the hardest to produce. This is because the medium requires a good amount of knowledge of video, audio, editing, acting, and scriptwriting.

But that does not mean that it can’t pay off. According to marketing experts, “Nearly 82% of Twitter users watch video content on the platform.” and “People around the globe spend over 500 million hours watching videos on YouTube.” That is a lot of reward for hard work. However, the sheer volume of content out there on the internet means a struggle for original and popular content. So, we are going to go over some advice to give your videos a fighting chance in internet marketing.

Be Real With Your Subject Matter

Later generations, like Millenials, and Aughts are very aware when they are being sold to or when content is pandering. And it makes sense.  These generations, including their Gen X predecessors, grew up in a world of advertising. For the most part, they are fully aware when companies give brands an unrelatable and cheery facade. So, when they see videos in which the dialogue is unrelatable and the visuals have too much polish, they are going to disconnect.

That is why one of the more recent controversy, the Burger King “Real Meals” are falling flat with their intended audience. The audience knows full well that Burger King does not actually care about their mental health, and only show a vapid understanding of both meme culture and mental health.

So, instead of trying to fit yourself and your brand into a trend for the sake of sales, get enthused about what you are doing. Why do you actually like to make videos about your business? What are some of the reasons why you like your job and what you are selling? Is there anything that is annoying in your line of work? Or, do you want to share something you learned recently?

It doesn’t matter if it is positive, negative, or meh, but people will listen if your heart and production team are really in it.

Balance Your Efforts In Production

There are many reasons why video marketing doesn’t take off. It could be a case of bad content, terrible optimization, or a lack of creativity. This is because video production, advertising, and vlogging take a lot of effort. An effort that, usually, relies on a level of expertise.  That sort of expertise often comes in the form of trial and failure. This is why most videos on a professional capacity often have production teams. Or at the very least a consultant.

Because if one thing goes wrong, the entire video will fall flat.  You could have a good sound mix but a grainy image, and that will be enough to make your audience disinterested. Or you have a message but it gets muddled by odd creative choices, like the infamous Quizno’s Spongemonkey commercials.

Another example would be that you have a good video, but none of the right keywords in your tags for the right people to find it.  Without a transcript or even a caption system, there is little chance that any algorithm for a search engine can pick it up. There is also the possibility of your video just being on the wrong platform. Or they don’t fall under a company’s increasingly difficult to follow guideline system.

You want to pay equal amounts of attention to each element so that you are less likely to be ignored. Especially if you are producing them for the purposes of internet marketing.  Because the only thing that could save a bad video and accidentally get your message across is if it is so ridiculous that meme culture will get their hands on it.

Engage your Audience, Think About Participation

Another important aspect that you need to think about in your videos is how invested you want your audience to be. Fans in this day and age love to interact with the people who create the content.  So, use that to your advantage. Keep communication open with social media. Ask them to subscribe and even donate money to take part in surveys about the next content they want to see.  Participate in a Livestream for a charitable cause. Any level of interaction will definitely boost your reputation and make your internet marketing tactics more effective. Because without people, there is no marketing, plain and simple.

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