Internet Marketing: Content Trends of 2019 – Written Content

Internet Marketing: Content Trends of 2019 – Written Content

The sheer enormity of the internet, as well as the increased global communication between businesses,  is something that most small businesses can find intimidating. Everyone keeps saying, “Make Good Content” but don’t exactly tell you how to go about it.  This makes the idea of internet marketing even more daunting.

There is no need to worry! Understanding internet marketing techniques along with equipment and the nature of each popular medium is easier than most people think. All you need to do is break down and categorize each one.

Here are some internet marketing trends this year that I have compiled for you to understand how good content is created in writing, audio, and video.

Written Content

This is the sort of content production I am most familiar with. Mainly because I have been writing and consuming said content for a variety of fields for the last two years. I have tried and failed in a variety of articles. It is thanks to the help of research and objective data, that I was able to improve my content over time.

According to analytics, 55% of anyone who clicks on an article will read it 15 seconds or less.  This is a huge flag for me because it illustrates a key concept that has been an issue.

No one is getting engaged with content that is specifically tailored for engagement.

There may be a variety of reasons why the content falls short. So,  I am going to offer some advice for aspiring bloggers.

Find a Voice

When you are an aspiring writer, it is hard to assume an identity first before you come up with your first article. Especially when there seems to be a variety of bloggers with their own distinct writing style.

Thankfully, you can find that voice through a little bit of self-reflection and comparison.

Write something you are passionate about, without thinking. Rant, rave and don’t worry about form.  Once you have something compare and contrast with your favorite bloggers.  Take a few notes about similarities and differences. This will help you determine your strengths and weaknesses.

For example, at the time I started blog work I was reading a lot of  articles. I liked their sarcastic style, and wit. However, I had a bad habit of laying it on a little thick, so I had to learn to tone it down for the sake of professionalism.

 Keep your Writing Interesting

A good writer for internet marketing can write about a subject that interests them the most.  A great internet marketing writer can take the most boring subject interesting.

Unless your advertising company is rolling in a lot of money, content creators will have little choice in the clients we are assigned to. Because we are far too broke to be turning down assignments.  This means that you are given the task of writing for a blog that may have an uninteresting topic or a topic that is foreign to you.

It’s up to you to not only inform the public but get them engaged in the content. If you fail to do that, then you aren’t doing your job.

So, how do you spice it up without clickbait? You ask questions and find the cool stuff.

Are you writing about cutting grass? Find out why we have lawns in the first place. I found out that dandelions and crabgrass were actually a crop at one point. That’s interesting!

Are you assigned to write about plastic surgery? Learn about its origins of it or the latest techniques in the field. The answers will surprise you and your readers. Life is wild, unpredictable, and outright fascinating because that is just how people are.

As long as you are tasteful, understand your target audience, and are authentic, you can talk about anything, even something you find boring at first.

Redheaded Baby Playing With Blocks

Make Content Easy To Understand

When writing for the Internet marketing field, you want to be as clear and concise as possible. Because in today’s digital world no one has a lick of patience.

If something is hard to read because the English is terrible, or you have a single block of text with no formatting, people are going to skip over it.

This is the Internet, a blunt and brutal place with a level of anonymity that most people take full advantage of. They are not going to give you a pity click or share your work if it is terrible. You want many people to share that content as much as possible. That is literally the point of internet marketing.


Whether you are from Huntsville, Alabama, or anywhere else in the world, you can make good content. It is just a matter of putting in an effort. Even if it all seems too hard at first. Trust me, you will be rewarded for it in time.