Instagram for Business with Social Media Stories

pexels-photo-24087Instagram for Business with Social Media Stories

Thinking of increasing your business traffic by using Instagram? The platform is ready to help you with that and in this month’s blog series, we will show you the steps you can take – and brands you can follow for inspiration – to make your business dynamic, photo-ready and successful.

Instagram has been likened to Polaroids for the next generation because of its instantaneous nature and the distinctive square shape of the images. Created as a project with a focus on mobile photography, the developers decided to combine the name “instant camera” with “telegram” and the term “Instagram” was born. 20644662435_74ced73b45_zThe service that launched in 2010 and lets users take photos, filter and share them with companion hashtags has grown to over 400 million active users and 90% of those are under 35. Acquired by Facebook in 2012, the service boasts a 23% growth while its parent company has only 3%.

Flash ahead to 2016, Instagram’s biggest news in the last few weeks has been to add Stories to its features and encourage businesses to include this in their marketing strategy. The service also recently launched Instagram Business Tools so companies can gain insights into what posts perform best, update their business profiles, view analytics related to ads and target customers by location. Slideshow was another addition to Instagram’s business offerings. This feature lets users create video content from a series of still photos that the business may already own. The best part: with a recent upgrade, videos can be setup to run at lower connection speeds allowing them to be viewed anywhere!

instagram-1355473_640Instagram now gives you new options to create a successful social media marketing campaign. In the next post, we will have a list of the most successful brands on Instagram, show how you can use these new features and then make the most of your marketing strategy. Pop in next week to learn more about Instagram Stories and find out the best ways to reach your customers!