Use Instagram for Business – In the Business of Slides, Movies and Metrics

Instagram for Business_1Instagram for Business

Remember those pics from the company’s 4th of July party? Make that into a Slideshow. Need to show how to use a product? Make a 30-second video! How’s your business doing? Instagram Insights can give you details about your audience!

Instagram continues to expand its offerings and over the last year, this platform has added a way to use previously taken pics, make short videos, and check to see how your social media approach is working for your business.

SlideshowInstagram for Business_2 is another way to advertise (you may have seen these in your newsfeed on Facebook!). It allows you to use previously taken pictures and flip through them in succession. This is the best format if you think your audience might have a slow connection.

As far as  videos go, you have between 3 and 60 seconds to record and share your company’s best content with your audience. You can still use the photo features you love, like filters, on the videos as well.

So who’s using video? Oreo. Reebok. Ikea.

InstagramforBusiness_3You’ve shared your Stories, created a Slideshow ad and have now included videos in your marketing strategy, what’s next? Enter Instagram Insights. These metrics show you impressions (number of times your post has been viewed), reach (followers who saw your post), website clicks (accounts that have followed your website link), and follower activity (how often your followers see your content on your profile). You will have access to your follower’s demographic information as well.

As Instagram users are evolving, the platform is, too. This makes for a beneficial experience for both your brand and the customers you serve. So use these tools in your marketing strategy and you will have one more social media platform in your toolbox.