Why Healthcare Marketing Demands Your Attention

Healthcare Marketing & The Ultimate No. 1 Reason Why It Demands Your Attentions

Healthcare Marketing Experts
Healthcare Marketing Experts

As the world competes in the race to become “smart,” and as we see inanimate objects around us get equipped with helpful digital assistants – the internet of things (IoT) has redefined what we used to call “normal.”

5G internet speeds have made the myth of “gigabyte per second” come to life and this technological development has changed the healthcare marketing industry, too. Even though healthcare marketing is a crucial factor for any business’s growth in the healthcare industry, several organizations ignore it.

In the past, the healthcare industry had to rely on expert physicians. Every one wanted to visit these professionals since they were brilliant at their job. But with the passage of time, the patient has become the center of attention. Now, there are several services around patients that can provide them with satisfactory service, hence standing out has become a challenge.

Besides, businesses don’t only use marketing tools to sell their products and services to their customers. Employer branding is a crucial strategy that businesses use to communicate their goals and values to their potential target market and future employees.

While it may be important for your target that your and their values align – it is essential the same connection happens with your future employees. Healthcare marketing allows you to communicate your values through employer branding and if you do it right – it might help you stand for a lot more than merely the products and services you sell.

But before you start twisting and turning vital facets of your marketing strategy – let’s start with ground zero.

What is Healthcare Marketing?

Nowadays, healthcare services are a lot more than what they used to be. The 20th-century patient has access to credible websites like WebMD and NCBI. This means that every patient is a lot more knowledgeable about every progress being made in the healthcare world.

In an industry like such, healthcare marketing is essentially about building trust. Marketing in the healthcare sector can go way too wrong, way too quickly. That is why healthcare marketing focuses on building an open and honest line of communication with your potential patients.

With this goal in mind, every hospital or clinic with a healthcare marketing strategy focuses on building a long-term relationship with their patients from which both can benefit. Marketing campaigns aren’t as flashy, and patient engagement is the goal.

Why is Healthcare Marketing Important?

With every passing day, insurance premiums are increasing, Medicare is becoming stagnant, and daily expenses are on the rise. Problems like these have caused the customers to look for alternatives that are a lot more affordable – but is that always the case?

Studies suggest that several customers give up before they start searching. They assume a cheaper alternative isn’t available and don’t even try to seek a healthcare solution. This creates a definitive market gap for affordable healthcare services that can be marketed to these individuals.

This makes healthcare marketing important if you want to grow your business.

But even though healthcare marketing isn’t too close to conventional marketing, it isn’t necessarily simple. Nowadays, customers have access to information like:

  • The number of experts you have
  • The capacity of your hospital
  • Different ranks within your hospital
  • The rate of a specific disease
  • Other items and objects that can important for a certain treatment

How Do You Get Started with Healthcare Marketing?

To get started, you need to spend some time understanding the community you cater to. When you have a clear picture of the market you’re offering your services to, you are in a much better position to chalk-out a marketing strategy for your business.

Gone are the days when a patient would only prefer going to the nearest doctor. If a specific physician has proven results and isn’t in the patient’s accessible vicinities – they’ll go the extra mile just for exceptional healthcare services.

But the burning question is:

How do you attract relevant patients?

In this case, Local Search Optimization can help you. When you’re using this feature to market your business, your services can be visible to relevant people near you. Features like these are exactly what the customers need because before patients associate themselves with a business, they collect as much information as they can.

Useful Tools for Marketing

Website Development

Everyone’s go-to solution for any problem is Google. Some people even Google their symptoms in hopes of finding a solution, and this is where search engine optimization (SEO) plays a huge role. With the help of some best practices from the online world – you can easily make your business visible to your target market.

But to do this, you’re going to need a website. Not only can your website help you get noticed, but you can also communicate the values that you stand for and give your potential customer important information they’re searching for.


However, even though SEO can offer your business long-term relevance – it is a slow process. SEO can help you build a brand image, but it won’t bring customers immediately. Search engines often take time to decide if you’re relevant, and if you are – you’re in luck!

But are you willing to wait that long?

For businesses that want immediate results and instant visibility: pay-per-click is the name of the game. Pay-per-click show you as the first search result on the first page of Google but this is a paid service. However, relevance is still important. Your website ranking depends on two factors:

  1. Relevance
  2. Validity

The Bottom Line

Unlike other sectors that focus on their marketing efforts to increase revenues – healthcare marketing isn’t solely about money. It focuses on building your reputation as a reliable brand.

Purple Tie guys helps businesses in the healthcare sector develop a long-term marketing strategies. We are a Google Trusted Agency and we are endorsed by the Southern Medical Association.

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