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Healthcare Marketing Ideas

Whether you’re trying to acquire a new patient or grow your organization altogether, your marketing strategy will play a huge role in your success. Because of healthcare marketing strategies that focus more on cut-throat red ocean competition rather than innovative blue ocean techniques, competing in the 2020 healthcare sector has got wild.

COVID-19 has introduced a new normal, and how hospitals respond to this emergency can make or break their business. Amidst the pandemonium that has ensued, the healthcare marketing ideas that your organization deploys can help your business truly stand out.

But with the several restrictions on drug advertisement online, there’s only so much you can do to promote your business. Check out these healthcare marketing ideas that help cure your organization’s promotional issues.

Healthcare Marketing - Fitness Challenges
Healthcare Marketing – Fitness Challenges

1.     Fitness Challenge

There’s nothing better than a good ol’ healthy competition. If executed correctly, it can help improve the physical health of your patients and do wonders for your organization in the marketing forefront. The execution part is simple – start a wellness or fitness challenge amongst your current patients and ask them to share their photos on social media with your hashtag branded for your organization.

The patient that gets the most interaction on their post is the winner. An idea like this will also help communicate to your potential customers that you take the wellness of your patients seriously.

Healthcare Marketing – Providing value even when they aren’t your patient. Yet.

For some additional 2020 relevancy, check out these different quarantine workout challenges.

2.     Waiting Rooms

Apart from the customers who haven’t visited your hospital yet, the patients in the waiting room are the audience who are waiting for the show to start. Even though a patient who has decided to trust you your services is a definite customer – patients are also often accompanied by their designated drivers.

While they wait for the doctor to see them – try to communicate any message that you want to during this little window. Utilize the signboards and the television to advertise any of your services.

This can prove to be effective since a person sitting idle soaks up information a lot more efficiently than a person whose attention you have to win.

3.     Mobilize Medical Personnel

The people working in your organization can be outstanding brand ambassadors. They can communicate your services to your potential target market. You can do this by including an “Ask Me About” button on your website that lets your customer inquire about your services. Upon pressing this button, the customers should have the ability to interact with the doctors you have in your team.

But before you do this, make sure your doctors and nurses have all the information they need to talk to your customers confidently.

In addition to all of that, offering telemedicine is almost necessary now that the pandemic has quarantined most of the nation. Telepresence is easy and straightforward now that the technology has advanced to a point that almost anyone with a phone, tablet or computer has access to a camera.

4. Partnerships

Two heads are always better than one. If you get the opportunity to partner with an organization that is like-minded and focused on the same goals, form a strategic alliance. For example, if you’re trying to increase awareness of your services in a low-income area, reach out to non-governmental organizations in this place and request a partnership.

While they’ll help you understand the community better, they’ll also benefit from the platform you give to them! Ideas like these are essential in today’s world so you can stay relevant in front of your potential customers.

And thanks to the internet, healthcare providers can communicate much easier and more frequently than ever before.

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