Have you Seen Facebook Marketing Lately?

facebook-box-1334045_960_720How Effective is Facebook Marketing?

Sure, you go onto Facebook to check in, check statuses and share, but Facebook Ads use the power of over 1 billion users to target that audience and market your business more effectively.

Facebook is currently the largest platform for social media marketing engaging 71% of internet users and reaches both men and women ages 24-50. Creating ad campaigns will allow you to take advantage of this audience. And all you need to know to start is what your goals are for building a campaign, what types of ads you want to create and who you want to target. These questions can all be addressed in the Facebook advertising guide. Then once the initial setup is complete, give your customers more than sales pitches; provide them with usable content, something that solves their problems.

Over the next month, we’ll be sharing the latest Facebook for business updates plus a plan to create your marketing strategy from scratch. The best part, it will be affordable.

Check us out in the coming weeks when our topics will include setting a goal, what type of ads you need to create and define your target market. You can use Facebook Live, new ad metrics, and localization to grab an audience and promote your brand.