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Geo filters: Snapchat into the Future of Marketing Part 4

Geo filters:

Snapchat Into the Future of Marketing Part 4

Need to tell the world where you are? Snapchat has geo filters! Today’s post, Part 4 in our series, will show you how to use this fun feature to increase business and drive traffic to your door. In Part 1 of this series, we introduced Snapchat as a tool not just for your kids, but as a way to promote your brand. Part 2 detailed specific benefits available through this app while Part 3 showed how you could create a brand story, save it to memories and promote it on your social networks.
Setting Up the Geo filter
snapchat_geofilterIn February 2016, Snapchat introduced geo filters, which allow users to create their own overlay to show where they are and what they are doing. Create a .png file in your favorite graphics editor. The image should be 1080 by 1920 pixels and have a transparent background. Design your filter, but be sure to leave enough space for a person’s face in the center of the image then upload the image to Snapchat. Select start and end dates and times then you can draw the “geofence” around your business area. The cost of this service starts at $5.00, but the price may vary depending on how long the filter remains active.
As a business, you can use any form of branding except photos of people, URLs, phone numbers or any content you don’t own when creating an On-Demand Geofilter.
Advertising, Engaging and Promoting
Man_handing_out_Advertising_TissuesSpecific ways you can advertise to your audience and get them engaged with your content so they can promote your business for you is for your company to:
Share New Products – Use snaps of your new items or sales promotions and use geo filters to announce the dates, times and any specific details about the launch.
Company Outreach – Do you want to bring awareness to a favorite charity? If you or your employees are volunteering or attending a charity event, create a filter to share this event with your customers and encourage them to participate with you and donate.
Personal Brand Filter – If your company has a booth at a trade show or your employees are attending a conference, snap some pictures and add your geo filter so other attendees can find you. And your customers may see your filter and decide to promote your business for you!
Traveling Geo-Stickers
traveling-by-carFlying to San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Washington, D.C., Honolulu, London, Sydney, Paris, São Paulo and Riyadh for business? In early August, Snapchat improved the app once more by introducing location specific filters. You will need to be in one of these cities to access the filters, but if you are, add a geo-sticker to your snaps and promote your business on-the-go!
Snapchat is not only a great way to share your stories, memories and funny filters for your friends, it also allows you interact with your customers and gives them insight into the daily happenings in your company. This interaction gets them engaged, inspires them to promote your business and drives new traffic to your front door.


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