Deciding a Marketing Strategy for Facebook

facebook_adsIn creating ads, keep the customer in mind. Yes, you are trying to build an audience, drive traffic and generate as well as develop those leads into sales, but give the customer more than just a sales pitch. 

This first step to getting more traffic on Facebook is to create a campaign and Facebook Business can give you details. The basic structure is this:

Campaign – A campaign is the building block, an outline of your goals. For example, you want to increase subscribers so you offer a free eBook, or you want to have more engagement for a specific event, maybe a trade show. These are your objectives.

Ad Sets – This category is where you define your audience (demographics, location, etc.), budget and determine a schedule for the release of the ads.

Ad – This area subdivides your ad targets. For example, your company sells vitamins so your target is women age 25-45 for specific supplements. A company that promotes local hikes would aim their ads toward people who are interested in a distinct location.

Maximizing Strategy

marketingThe basic strategy always begins with your audience then follows through with valuable content and finally inspires your followers to share your products organically. Here are a few steps to get you going on this process:

Consider your audience – What do they want to see? What will help them do their jobs better, make their lives easier or make them to feel better?

Attract your audience – Ask your followers questions about how they use your products, have a contest and use trending topics to increase interest or share content they already like.

Call your audience to action – Use frequent links in your posts to encourage followers to click through to your site and add call to action (CTA) buttons on your page asking them to “Shop Now” or “Sign up.”

Expanding Reach

marketing_time_squareFacebook is an advertising friendly platform and it makes the process easy with a click-through tutorial on Facebook Ads. So determine your goals and what you want to promote as well as how best you can promote it. Facebook can show you how to promote your bead business to those who make jewelry in Hawaii, encourage the new moms in their twenties to try your organic lotion or attract your connections to an information security training event in Florida. Looking into Facebook Ads can extend your reach as far as you are willing to go!

Now that you have a campaign, have setup ads and know how to reach your followers with great content that encourages them to become your advocates, you can sell more through Facebook. Check out next week’s post when we will highlight the newest features Facebook has to promote your business and increase your reach.