healthcare marketing

Episode 32: When You CAN Do Something But You Shouldn’t Do Something

So, this episode is definitely PG-13 because of mild language. While trying to explain how you get from “teeth whitening” to “anal bleaching” you really have to put a PG-13 label on there. And it’s a wild ride, let me tell you! But in all seriousness, we touch on a few topics regarding letting people within an organization that aren’t trained to do advertising run your Facebook and Google advertising campaigns. We also talk about how high schools should teach kids the basics of balancing a check book and how credit scores are calculated. Really, when I think about it, we’re kind of all over the place. But in a good way? Also, we thought his episode was going to be kind of short, but in the end, we realized that it needed to be 2 parts.

So, expect part 2 next week! Enjoy!