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Episode 12: That’s A Crappy Power Play

On this episode we talk about the importance of reviews, how you can steer your audience to give you the best reviews possible, and what to never do when you’re trying to get honest reviews.

Source: Episode 12: That’s A Crappy Power Play

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00:00:01.430 Welcome to this episode of Purple Tie Guys. Today we’re going to talk about reviews and how to get them, why they’re important and all that fun jazz.

00:00:13.830 All that fun jazz as well.

00:00:18.660 So you know a little bit about because we’ve done it with other companies that we own and run and love.

00:00:30.040 Asking for reviews. How do you ask for reviews?

00:00:33.040 Well the question we always get asked is How do you get reviews. Yeah well how are … Right. How do I get them. How do I get the reviews. Well so. The way now you can testify to the website version. And I can kind of testify to the email version. So when the when the client, the customer finishes, the patient finishes with the doctor. You know if you have their email address is it something that you know I had my spleen altered or whatever. You got the patient privacy and stuff. Some people don’t like to know that their spleen has been altered but …

00:01:23.360 Well we get those plastic surgeons altering people’s spleens on the side.

00:01:29.830 They do the dirty they do it in the bathroom in the mini storage unit or yeah there is a place in Alabama. A few years back. Oh yeah. Out ahead a it was a surgical bay that they had made out of a mini storage a mini storage unit one of those climate controlled mini storage units. So come to Alabama I don’t know that that’s a true story but it’s a great story you hear about stuff like that all the time and you got to think.

00:02:02.080 How do you prove you’re gonna be dead. Well don’t tell mama location but tell them how great we are. So what what is the secret to getting reviews. How do you get reviews. So for my side of this the email side is once they you know have their appointment you can either I’m not talking about specifics right at this very second. How do you get reviews Yash for.

00:02:30.980 You. You give them. Like there’s so many different places to leave them to Facebook. Do you recommend us. Right. Because they have the. Do you recommend it. I do not recommend this. Google has the one to five stars which funny. There’s nothing funny about this. Google interesting story. Interesting fact. Google is.

00:02:59.570 Talking about doing the same thing that Facebook did either you recommend or you do not recommend and then it’s either A B which is really interesting because it’s going to take away the you know you’ll look up let’s say you know somebody’s that’s going to do a nose job right or whatever and they look up and they see the plastic surgeon has like three and a half stars and they’re thinking themselves.

00:03:25.530 Am I okay with a three and a half star? Like would I be happy with a four star nose job. Or three star nose job. See I’m thinking about this stuff sure and let’s talk about dentist, teeth whitening, would I be happy with a three out of five or do I want like five out of five beautiful teeth.

00:03:45.390 Hey I want to go back to the plastic surgeon because we’ve had…

00:03:50.510 We’ve had a couple of friends we’ve had a couple of female friends that have both had breast enlargement and breast reduction that I think… Right …augmentation augmentation well. Whatever but whatever they had they’ve always been I was trying to be real scientific about it but I don’t know the words I guess listen. What was the thought process when picking the the surgeon that’s going to do the job. The job it’s like you know do you go you go and we’ll let it review users and it’s proven that like 72 percent of people. Go online to look at the reviews. Of. A doctor. Right yeah. And they trust that they trust it like a close personal friend. And here’s the thing 40 percent. Will go look at them before they ever think about.

00:04:48.190 Going to. I’m one of those people I’m one of those people I’m going to look at the news first but you’re thinking about. I have like a spleen explosion for me in the emergency room. But same thing there though. Lot right. So we’re. God I don’t want to throw this under the bus. Oh Hartzell Right. Well they’re out of business right. They’re out of business. A hospital that is out of business let that sink in. So there’s a reason.

00:05:17.710 So Hartzell which is around 15 20 minutes from here. I used to live in Hartzell Right. And if anything major happened. Oh yeah. No no no don’t take it to heart. Don’t take my heart take me home. Hey. Hey me too. Okay. Well let’s go back to our friends right. They’re going through the reviews for this. This plastic surgeon to see what they want where they want to go. You’re talking about somebody who is going to this is not a life threatening thing right.

00:05:48.490 You’re talking about a doctor that is going to be inserting a knife into a body part to do work. Right. How do you. And on the wedding a balloon and or taking some out. Yes. How do you. How do you justify a review score because you were you were making fun. Do I want a teeth whitening that’s three and a half stars I don’t want to do I want a four star.

00:06:14.320 Do I want to do I want a surgeon who’s going to be wielding a knife at me at three and a half stars or do I want it to be a five star. Well now here’s the other thing. Because Google and all these other places they don’t care how many reviews you’ve got. Right. So if you have two reviews and one of them is an outstanding five star review man they love you it’s amazing. And the other one is a one star review your and you are immediately a three and a half star doctor.

00:06:45.520 Three three three story Star Trek star doctor. Yeah. Excellent. Hey. But half my patients love me and half my patients hate me. When you only have two reviews that’s really like that that gets into some weird as my theory my theory about why why most of the major review platforms are moving away from stars to just you know. Yes I recommend. No I don’t. Is it because you don’t have a lot of people leaving two three and four star reviews.

00:07:15.010 It’s either a five star review where they absolutely loved it. Yeah or a one star review regardless of how bad it was. So here’s the thing that gets. Ok so here’s the other thing that. Stars are confusing we have I have seen a customer leave a one star review right like a one star and then when you start reading the reviews they’re like Oh my God this place is amazing and blah blah blah.

00:07:43.210 We think it was the accidentally take the wrong star. Yeah fave geek. The computer store that Robert runs still. You run it. I don’t really in the ground I own it now. I don’t I don’t run it had a one star review but it was a customer that had been in just years and years and years and it was a glowing review. Yeah I read the review it was amazing. Oh yeah.

00:08:11.620 These guys are great they’re amazing fair pricing you know. But they had startling take that I think they. Going from I recommend. I don’t recommend is a really good thing because it’s either an ABC which I think yes I love this doctor No I don’t like this doctor I think it’s also going to cut down on the reviews that are one star that are like the the Postal Service delivered this a day late. Well that’s more of the box arrive.

00:08:41.080 Yeah. Damaged. Well OK. So what about these people and I I understand that hate is a strong word so I won’t use it in this list. I strongly dislike the people that leave a four star review and they leave this glowing glowing review about how good they gush about how good this was and then follow it up with. A four star review.

00:09:11.820 I. If you’re going to gush about how good everything was. Why didn’t our own five stars. Well there’s always room for improvement. See I feel like. Like that’s a cop out that’s it that’s a crappy powerplay type thing. It is something that I’ve dealt with most of my professional life. Whenever I was in college I went to college for classical art painting drawing sculpting that kind of thing right.

00:09:40.400 And you’re on a you’re on a podcast with me. Well he does neither here nor there. My point we Walker is. My point was. In all of my art classes the teacher slash instructor air quotes and sarcasm if you can’t tell guide your angsty arched never awarded an A or a one hundred because there was always room for improvement.

00:10:11.270 Art is never perfect. La Land was our excuse. Art is never perfect and since it’s such a subjective thing you can’t argue that point plus I was 17 at the time. I mean I had no mental capacity to talk to her about this stuff. But. While it’s true the 30 year old’s like yeah let me tell you straight I’ve given her the finger and walked out that changed classes. None of this crap.

00:10:40.150 But man you know while yes there is always room for improvement you base your buying decisions on the reviews of others. If everyone thought the way that this one particular person did and into and it’s a proven fact like they’ve done studies and there’s actual data and numbers to back it up. Right. You would never get above a four star review on a five star scale and that’s not helpful.

00:11:11.270 Just like the one star reviews for late deliveries isn’t helped. Oh man that makes me so angry. The one that’s like they’ll buy the product on Amazon or whatever and then be like I’ll give this a three star review because the Postal Service doesn’t run on Sunday and I didn’t get the baggage until Monday and I’m like What is your problem. Right. Anyway. Take that into account when you’re ordering the product. If you need it the day before the extra shipping pay the extra shipping.

00:11:40.040 But so for medical professionals and I’m trying to think how that relates to reviews for medical well Army Profession you know it’s one of the. OK. So you have well it would be like it would be like Lee leaving a one star review at a doctor’s office because you didn’t like the furniture in the waiting room. I saw out one better night.

00:12:05.870 Let’s say you have a you know because society as a whole I’m about the. We’re going to lump sum this stuff. Yes. Baby this can be bad for society as a whole is in this. This like me me me society. Right. Me me me. It’s all about me me me me you know. It would be like the surgeon having booked out a operating room for a elective procedure.

00:12:39.890 And you show up to the hospital for your elected. You’re a live person going to get two years straight and you won’t get your your string you want to get your eyelids lifted or whatever however that works. Right. And there is a catastrophe in the town. Yeah. And they need every operating room they can get. And since your surgery is elective they were like you were going to have to reschedule.

00:13:08.390 Yeah but our schedule it all this time off work and I did this and you leave the Doctor a one star review because the hospital had to reschedule you because they were a disaster. So. That there are going to be reviews like that. Is just. Going to happen. Well so. How do you how do you combat them. How do you combat them. So you ask for review and you ask for better while you ask for better resource projects or more to try to bury it.

00:13:41.610 Right. Right. That’s the best way. Never bomb. Yeah I hear you saying bury it but really it’s true because you’ll have those reviews that just are not helpful man. What’s worse is when you get a bad review and then you’re you know diligently asking people hey would you go along with this review would you go on. Are you happy. Would you latest review latest read. And that one bad review just stays when the new ones are like and all around it.

00:14:11.780 Yelp gone into a bunch of trouble for that. Well that was a little different though. Well so the one thing that Yelp. The one reason Yelp pisses me off so bad and I hate them with as much passion as I do. Man if it was the other way round shoe I’d be married to you because I really hate them because you have 15 good reviews and they’ll show three.

00:14:42.510 One of them being really bad whatever your worst review is and then be like Oh and there’s twenty three that are yeah. And we’re not recommending those yet. Why are you not recommending them. They’re just as good as the three you decided recommend. Yeah. Only you decided to choose which ones you recommend. Yeah but they don’t they don’t let you choose those even whenever you pay for their services you can’t get those back. What they got in trouble for was we talked about this in a previous podcast.

00:15:13.350 There’s ads. In the Yelp page in on your Yelp page. There are ads for similar businesses. So if you’re a plastic surgeon there’ll be an ad for another plastic surgeon within your ad within your page on Yelp. Yeah. And previously you within your pay hey you could pay Yelp to remove those ads. You mean like a hostage fee an extortion fee. Yes. That’s the word I was looking for. Right.

00:15:43.410 Exactly. But I don’t think you could ever pay to get those battering like when I don’t know if you could pay day four to get those bad reviews moved down or up and now they they claim it’s you know organic or natural or whatever. They never explained why they took all of those reviews off. And shoved him under not recommended because I’ve seen just tons of not recommended reviews on some pages and then other pages they’ve got you know 300 reviews and they’re all up there.

00:16:18.080 But it was like why why did you pick this one company and these reviews from that. It’s almost like well whenever Yelp doesn’t make a lot of sense anyway. So I really like the recommended not recommended a B type assuage. You know either yes this is a great doctor No this isn’t a great doctor and let that be it that way you don’t get into this whole you know three star whatever.

00:16:52.260 So now that we’ve talked about. How bad reviews can be how about we hear a word from our sponsor when we come back we can talk about how to get good reviews.

00:00:00.930 So good reviews. How do we get them. So I really don’t and talk about the Web site idea that we come out that we came up with. You know a month or so back.

00:00:14.700 But I guess the really the more we should address first is you know what I was attempting to allude to in the beginning of the podcast which was just ask for you know ask the patient you on the front death front desk he’ll be sure to leave a story you or have a little card that says you know review us on Google or or review us if you’re a physician who you can’t have reviews this is controversial.

00:00:53.430 And we’re we’re in Alabama and I don’t really want to volunteer to go along with it but let’s just say abortion clinics. Oh yeah. Really be like hey we did a good job. Yeah. That is not something I was gonna be real bad. I’m glad you added that sentence but yeah no you can’t really have. A review of your life something like that.

00:01:16.020 You know if you had a GP that’s like you know Hey I fixed your S T D Go leave me a review and it’s like the doc care of my herpes really quick like that’s not something we buy it’s going to want a review for to be fair. Well we you’ve not been there yet but it’s just not real helpful for the doctor. So but here’s the thing though. They’ve got other platforms.

00:01:42.840 Vitals dot com will let you leave reviews and there’s some anonymous help Great Health Grades. I was trying to remember what the other one was. We’ll let you leave reviews in their semi anonymous. So but if you can like. Pediatricians. Man I love my kids doctor and a doctor. I can’t remember the doctor’s name that I talked to just the other day.

00:02:13.900 But anyway my doctors Neil my kid’s doctor is super cool and he’s super fun and our dentist known before he decided to retire. Dr. Barnes unknowingly it left him review of 15 days. But he was not like 15 days long. But he wasn’t really into going on and even though I’m an online guy and that’s what I think about. I didn’t think it’s going to leave him review before he retired.

00:02:44.590 Because it’s not something I think about. However if he had said as I was checking out from getting my teeth find I did. If you enjoyed the service. It’s funny you should mention that. The doctor that took over his practice almost immediately. Went and got those prompt cards. That they put in all of the hygiene rooms. Do you remember seeing them. They were.

00:03:13.340 They were things you could hold up and they would take a picture of you Oh yeah and you put and you posted on Instagram and stuff had the tag the the practice and all that stuff. But she was what 40 years younger than him right. And so and it was something that was important to her. Yeah if it’s not important to the doctor. I mean. Dr. Anthony Yeah. Which is close by. I mean he is lying. He blows up Facebook. He blows up social media.

00:03:41.830 He gives away you know gift baskets and you know Happy Meal patient things and like he’s all over Facebook. Let me ask you a question. In the beginning of this podcast you said not to buy reviews. Would you consider gift cards buying reviews. Or are those incentives to leave. OK. So it’s a gray area because that’s what I always suggest like if you’re having a hard time getting your patients to leave reviews say you have all four whole Senate five reviews right.

00:04:18.890 Whitehead review ahead reviews which is you ask your patient. And now you can preface this. Right. And we do this a lot right. So the email that we send out says if and because we want to pre frame them and I shouldn’t be using all this. Stuff because people are gonna be like Oh my God you pre frame me. Course I pray frame you because the marketing is psychology MA you don’t realize that.

00:04:49.330 You just need to you should crawl back under the rocky wall and now so. But you have white hat right which is which you can pre frame whenever we sent an email to a customer that used the head that use fake geek. We say hey if you receive you if you received anything less than five star service reply to this email and tell us about your experience.

00:05:19.290 Right. So if they’re like one man I’m pissed off. Yeah I’m going to reply to that. They don’t even read they stop right there. I guess I’m replying to this right now. And then you pulling a review US button. At the bottom of the email right. Well and you say if you received anything less than five star service. Reply to this email. If you did receive five star service.

00:05:49.150 Please you know be a. Good person and leave us. I don’t remember exactly how it’s wide a bit it’s like you know your review would really help us out or something like that but you’ve pretty framed them that if they go leave you review it has to be five stars because they said it was five stars. Yeah. Now taking that to the next level. You were the one that found it.

00:06:15.880 I think it’s a genius idea. We haven’t implemented it yet on any of our Web site but we will. We’re going to we’re actually in the process of redoing our Web site. I want that implemented on our Web site. So you have five star she have a review page and you’re like Hey leave us a review and this was like a credit union or something. And if you selected anything below four stars write four or five stars it would pop up a another window that said Awesome what platform would you like to leave your review on Facebook Google you and gave you a couple of different other.

00:06:53.270 So if you selected four or five stars or five stars it would pop up a new window and say where where do you want to leave your review and then. Exactly the label phase Google phase whatever Yelp. If you selected. Three or below. It redirected you to a form that said Oh. Yep we didn’t do a good job. Tell us what happened and then.

00:07:22.290 So when you try to go back to the other to the review page so you go to let you know about Google Review or whatever. It literally won’t let you get yeah it won’t let you go back. You it. It opens a new tab and closes the old one and clears your history so you can’t. Go back to it. And. It. Does some other code stuff in the background that stops you from going back to it was not a shady. But it works.

00:07:49.560 I mean I don’t know if it’s shady A.J. it’s clever it is clever it is definitely a way to control what kind of reviews come from your Web site wherever it wherever I go. I’m a big advocate. I’ve always said that your Web site should absolutely showcase the very best of your reviews. Right. Oh yeah. If you’ve got to review this just like like we have one that’s like they’re so good at what they do. You may think they’re wizards.

00:08:18.840 I don’t when you put that man above that on everything. Andy if you’re listening to this we really appreciate that. Yeah we did. We love you a lot too. So I hope you’re doing well buddy. But I’d put down everything I put that review on everything because it’s so freakin amazing. It is it is a great review. And so your Web site should display the very best reviews. And then if you have a review section right.

00:08:48.750 So you like hey go to more use one of our our dogs you know. Dr. Ben-Veniste a Forward slash reviews. And then you go to the reviews section and here’s this young 5 stars. You select three or below. Boom form pop seven guys. Oh we do a good job let us know what what what we did wrong and how we can make it right.

00:09:17.930 And then that controls that review. Four to five takes them to Google or wherever you want them to go. I’m a big advocate of controlling let’s say you got a really just crappy review on Facebook. Man it’s just the worst review you’ve ever seen. What I would do. Is. And people that work with us young can reach out to us and be like hey I’ve got to fix this.

00:09:47.660 And what we would do is those that five star review page. The minute they click. Five stars. We’d shoot that straight Facebook. Or wherever the bad review was right. Or wherever. And then if they chose for. We would just let them pick where it went because that really didn’t help us. Like Barry that bad review as good as a five star review would. All right.

00:10:16.440 So we’ve talked about how to get reviews we’ve talked about how to sort of funnel the types of reviews where we want them to go. We’ve got a. We’ve got to review as new just came in. Yeah. What do you do. Good or bad. What do you do respond to it. Every time every single time if somebody takes enough time out of their day. To go leave you a five star you know.

00:10:47.890 Would just use Dr. Barnes again. Dr. Barnes was the most amazing Dennis Tito. He’s you know got great chair side manner his assistants are always nice. He’s really gentle. You know I love the. You know I love to have my teeth cleaned. His practice yeah whatever. Right. Right. They took Tom out of their day to leave that review. The least you can do is have somebody someone on your staff.

00:11:17.140 Someone on your someone that works for you to go right and say hey we really appreciate that. Thank you so much. We’ve had customers with the computer store that’s like I love these guys and I’ve been known to. Can. I respond. I’ve been known to say we love you back. Yeah. Yeah. And that’s that. Even that like you know I love Dr.

00:11:45.400 Marge because blah blah blah blah J. If you were to just write We love you back. Mm hmm. Thanks for being awesome. Or done ever. It doesn’t have to be a huge drawn out saying it could just be a simple thank you. Yeah. One of the things that I always thought we would come my great hat white hat that when we got off well we sort of on end OK our Sarnoff sized grey hat white hat white hat is just somebody who goes and leaves you. Yeah.

00:12:15.280 You asked for it and they go to grey hat is what we were just talking about where your. Yeah. Where you incentivize you all here’s all our Starbucks gift card gift cards Candy movie night stuff like that. Oh my God. Leave us alone do we want to hear about that on this. Why not talk about it. Well we were asking how about the car factor. Whenever you go to his Web site it’s like free movie night. Oh yes. We’ll talk about him in just a second. Because the black had.

00:12:45.400 Reviews are those reviews that you pay for straight up pay for with money. Do you go to the dark dark side of the web. It’s not even the dark dark side. It’s just we need to make it sound like you go to the dark dark side of the web. I’m going to say this and you pay money to have somebody leave fake reviews saying how good you write. I’m gonna say this. There are places online that are easily found where you can do this and it’s not good.

00:13:16.360 It’s not smart and you can google you can find for the bar reviews. Yeah. And it’s not good it’s not smart. And you’ll get found out. And the minute that anyone Google included finds out that you’ve been paying for fake reviews you lose all credibility. I have known what would be great is if you just lost all the reviews and had to start over. That would be better than losing the credibility that you’re going to lose.

00:13:43.750 I was going to say there have been instances where Google flags. There. Google my business pages. If they see anomalous activity if you suddenly if you’ve been rocking along for six months 30 years and you’ve gone never gotten a review and then suddenly you’ve got 3000 in the course of a couple of weeks. Well now we won’t name the name because they’re national company but they have a store locally here indicator. Right.

00:14:13.390 And they fix cellular telephones. Yes they went from no reviews to 300 because before you had your found before you had your found face they were like you five bucks after champagne if your ability is five star review. Well who’s going to be lying. No I don’t think I’m all five dollars off my repair. I think I’m just going to let you do the thing. Yeah well I mean. How many people were like yeah sure I’ll I’ll leave you five sorry.

00:14:44.760 You just never did. But now I know they had it. They had a tablet set up at 0 when they would make you delete the review before they did the work. And take five dollars off the repair that. That is that that is dark gray. Dark gray. No that’s that’s shady. That failing basically cause you still. Well he is.

00:15:13.030 Well you kind of caution your bond and I guess man it’s just such a just a it’s a pretty terrible thing that search for a little hard to describe it but it’s just a crappy crappy thing to do there there is it sort of feels like they’re holding your phone hostage at that point. Yeah. Because it’s like yeah I mean I’ll fix it if you leave me this review because I’ll tell you what would happen if I took my vehicle to forward and the dude behind the counter for it was like Yeah we’ll change your life me a little review right here telling how I did a great phenomenal job.

00:15:49.240 I’m being like No there’s another Ford dealership like right over here that I take it to that won’t force me to do this. Yeah. Now they always give me great service. They always call the next day and they’re like hey did you get phenomenal service. Don’t forget when you get that survey to give us 10 stars or five stars or 18 stars or heaven on earth seventy five stars limit you figured out why that what you just said makes me uneasy about the whole.

00:16:15.760 I’ll give you five dollars off if you only review back in the early 2000s late 90s you could not go into an electronic store more a hobby store without being just pestered non-stop at checkout. To get. Magazine subscriptions. My God I hated. This has nothing to do with reviews. So if you want to skip the next 30 seconds you can.

00:16:47.530 I went to Cabela’s Yeah Huntsville. Yeah. I was looking for a very specific thing and as soon as I walked in this dude like literally tackles me and his like have you heard about our rewards program. My name’s then and the rewards program is amazing and I’m just like Whoa calm down Devin. We are we are good. And I walked away from Devin thinking oh my guy.

00:17:17.200 And the next employee that I. Accidentally ran into because I tried to avoid him after that was like Hi my name’s Joshua. Have you been told about they will reward you. And I’m like yes Devon’s already got me. I was in I was in Cabela’s a while back now. And you had told me that story and I was like Oh God I am going to be that bad. It can’t be that bad. And I swear I walked inside and it was like they’ve got sensors mounted to their heads.

00:17:46.000 It was like three of them turned at the same time and made eye contact. Oh yeah. Little bales go off and whistle. They knew me and it’s like I was that I walked straight towards one of them and they started walking straight towards me and I made a right hand turn down an aisle and I sprinted to the end of it to get away from to get away from it so I could turn and they would lose me I. So I finally got to where I was.

00:18:12.160 You know what I was looking for the eyes in the right station couldn’t find what I was looking for but I was bound determined that I was not gonna ask an employee and there was some other day there were some other dude over there looking at the other saying that he’s like Hey I asked you a question and you see such and such. I was like Yeah I think I passed it like two hours. Hey let me ask you a question. Have you seen such and such. Oh yeah. It’s like two hours over.

00:18:39.780 It’s bad when the customers have to do like navigate for each other so you don’t have to communicate with an employee. Right. But going back to where we started on that conversation that’s what annoys me about the asking for reviews before you ever get the service done one you’re going to be leaving an uninformed review. Yeah because there’s no way to know if they’re going to repair that phone or not.

00:19:07.070 And once your review is up there you don’t get the option to take it down. I don’t think you can modify. No you can’t. You can take it down if you want it because we’ve had so it is hard enough. It’s really hard and it’s not easy. Whenever we first opened. Purple tie guys way long time ago back before it was even called purple tie guys we were in business for like three weeks and got a got a one star review and had to have them. We were responding to the reviews like hey I think you left this for the wrong person.

00:19:38.930 They’re like oh my band yeah well they tell you if they didn’t we’d had one more to Barry. Yeah you know where we’re at now we don’t have need a better cause we’ve not gotten any bad reviews. Knock on wood but you know it would be you know I’m going to go in for an an eye exam. Oh well before you get glasses sleeveless this five ladies this five star review or you know before you get your teeth cleaned. Go tell everybody what a good job would you do it for half price.

00:20:10.440 The thing that you have to remember as a business owner as a practice manager is whatever you end up being whatever you are trying to respond to these reviews or even ask for them is that you’ve got to be respectful of the people leaving the reviews. They have all the power in the world. Yet once they walk out the door they can do whatever they’re out there your mercy you’re at the mercy of the patron. Yeah. In any business that your home whether it’s medical practices coffee shop whatever.

00:20:42.110 I mean you’re literally at the mercy of the person that’s leaving the review so. To wrap it up. Ask for reviews. Right. If you can pre frame them for a five star review. Yeah pre frame them can steer them in the direction you want them to go do do it. Without being obnoxious. Yeah I mean if you’re if you’re like Hey I like me a five star what you like don’t do that.

00:21:13.590 That’s just that’s just bad. Always always always always always put your absolutely best reviews on your website. Because you have a captive audience there they’re on your website they’re not looking around at other there’s not another doctor’s reviews on your website. And if there is shame on you. Yeah your websites your website you should put your very best reviews up there and then just respond to them when you get them respond to them take them.

00:21:42.990 If they if a patient takes the time to say how much they love you return the favor. Right. And speaking of returning the favor we would love it if you guys would check us out online. Purple tie guys dot com literally anywhere on the web. Purple tie guys dip Facebook Instagram really do. We got a YouTube channel too but we don’t have enough subscribers to be purple us because they hate us.

00:22:15.660 Yeah you got to have a whole bunch of subscribers. Y’all should really go check out our new ad that’s up on YouTube. It is funny. What is the matter. Matter of fact you heard the audio of that ad in. Oh yeah. In the in the movie about the halfway point in the sponsored ad right there in the middle and in the middle. So there’s a video that goes along with that. Yes go on. The video’s pretty good so thank you for joining us for this episode of purple tie guys. We really appreciate it.