The Importance of Email Marketing for Healthcare Professionals – 3 Informative Reasons

Healthcare providers work hard to earn the trust of their patients. Even though the purpose is to keep individuals healthy, you still want to keep in touch with them in case they need you. 

When something goes wrong, email marketing for healthcare professionals can ensure that you are the first person they call. You can stay in touch with your patients, develop long-lasting relationships, and remind patients of yourself by starting a conversation with them via email. 

In today’s digitally connected world, there are plenty of opportunities for healthcare email marketers. Additionally, email marketing is the top-of-the-list solution for healthcare practitioners because many Americans are digitally linked and personally addressable through emails. 

According to a Statista estimate, the number of emails exchanged every day is expected to reach 347 billion by 2022. This figure sends a clear message: email is here to stay and presents a wonderful opportunity for healthcare marketers.

Email marketing has been shown to be quite valuable for medical practitioners. According to the MailerLite research, healthcare emails had an average open rate of 21.59 percent and a click-through rate of 3.31 percent. It has one of the best campaign results across all segments. The following are 3 critical reasons email marketing for healthcare professionals is vital today.

1.    Cut through the Noise

email marketing for healthcare professionals
Image by talha khalil from Pixabay

There is advertising all over the internet. The saturation of internet marketing is at an all-time high. From sponsored web pages from different search engines to adverts on the sidebar of Facebook and other social media platforms, there is no running away from these ads. 

So, how can you cut through the clutter on the internet today? You send a personalized email with a compelling subject line that clearly states your call to action and bottom line.

2.    Communicate Quickly and Conveniently

One of the most significant advantages of email marketing is that it is a rapid and simple messaging method that allows health care providers and their patients to communicate quickly. With new innovations, healthcare laws, medical information, and scientific discoveries, the healthcare sector is always changing.

Using email marketing to quickly and effectively send out information in response to these events will encourage patients to see your health care practice as the go-to source for the latest industry developments, allowing you to build a great rapport with them. 

3.    Automate Communication

In a physician’s office, the most significant constraint is time. They regularly find themselves unable to keep up with the workload since something always falls off the list due to a more pressing matter arising. Fortunately, physicians and other healthcare professionals can use email marketing to save time, increase productivity, and improve the client experience.

Email marketing for healthcare professionals is simple but effective, and it will save the practitioner and their team time during the week by allowing them to send out communications automatically.

There are services available online that can send out wave after wave of emails on your behalf. Send out reminders about appointments. Send out advertisements. Send out invitations to your annual Save The Sea Turtles BBQ! There’s no end to what you can do with the automations.

Final Word

From increasing patient appointments to creating relationships with new ones, healthcare email marketing assists professionals in the most amazing way imaginable.

At Purple Tie Guys, we have digital marketing experts who can help your healthcare practice get the most out of email marketing. We can assist you in reaching and delivering value to your target audience without spending a lot of money or time on it. Book a time to call and let’s find out how we can help you!