Disorganization & Lack of Focus

One of the biggest things holding back most businesses is disorganization and lack of focus. In my business counseling career I’ve seen businesses on the brink of failure due to disorganization and lack of focus; so, let’s tackle these issues one at a time.

Disorganization as definded by Websters dictionary: to destroy or interrupt the orderly structure or function of. This doesn’t just apply to a messy work environment, disorganization applies to the work environment, staff, managers and owners.

When you are disorganized an inherent lack of focus automatically exists. When is the last time you spent more than five minutes looking for something, just to ask yourself “what in the heck is it doing there?!” When’s the last time you had a deadline fast approaching, and panic set in because you felt “rushed” even though you had two weeks prior to finish it only to put it off because you had more pressing things to do! This type of disorganization causes the business owner to feel as though they are always “putting out fires”.

We’ve all seen the business owner who’s so busy, exclaiming “time is money” or “nickel holding up a dollar,” running around barking orders at anyone who’ll listen, then spend twenty minutes trying to find something in their cluttered office or digging through their work truck looking for a tool. This type of disorganization will cost you far more money than the hard working employee you’re so sure is “wasting your time”.

Here are some great tips for getting organized! http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/82924 let’s take a couple of pointers off this list, and get organized today!