Dental Practice Marketing that Gets Results!

Dental office marketing and advertising that can bridge the gap

There are a plethora of obstacles that general practitioners face, especially when it comes to the dental industry. Patient anxiety, economic factors, and a lack of general awareness  of your business can make it difficult for general dental practitioners to make in the market. However, we can help!

Get audience attention by addressing their pain and what you can do to meet their needs.

What marketing for your clientele boils down to is winning the trust of prospective patients. And the only way to build trust is to address the issues of the client. Maybe the mistrust comes from miseducation about dentistry and oral health? Maybe they haven’t been aware of the improvements in oral treatment over the years? Or, they are afraid they cannot afford it.

Whatever a reason, the only way you can gain the trust of a potential client is to address their concerns with authenticity and respect. This approach is a tried and true method of marketing that has existed back in the days before print, and it is a guarantee of not just new business but repeat business as well.

We have the tools to help send the right message to prospective and repeat clients

At Purple Tie Guys Dental Marketing Division, we understand the importance of sending the right message to the right people at the right time and place. Not everyone responds to advertising and marketing the same way, so we look at the needs and habits of your target audience, so we can increase your chances at a positive client response to your business offer.

We understand the importance of both digital marketing formats and take all of that into consideration before coming up with a personalized and comprehensive marketing plan with the right emphasis on the right people.

Our experience combined with technological resources at our fingertips can take your marketing to the next level, leaving you the time and energy to focus more on your dental practice.

Our advertising and marketing services can meet all your needs.

The strategies that we employ are a far cry than most of our competition. Instead of merely focusing on the advertising aspect of marketing, and temporary campaigns, our approach offers long lasting results over time, as well as an immediate boost in revenue.  This is a product of our training and techniques that rely on understanding the very fabric of digital advertising as well as marketing techniques.

What we focus on includes but is not limited to:


  • Local SEO – We put you on the literal map by indexing your business on search engines that are specifically track business locations.
  • Search Engine Optimization – We help you rank on organic search engine results that are relevant to your practice.
  • Pay Per Click – We can also set up ads that can grab attention and offer a call to action.
  • Website Development – We can optimize your webiste with content and a layout that will look impressive on phones, tablets, and desktops all over


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