Why is it So Hard to Rank on Google?! – Part 2: Inbound Links

Part 2 – Getting Google to Like You

I mentioned last week that Google, much like a sophisticated lady,  is a classy entity that does not favor just everyone. It is a respectable index that has, since the beginning, relied on its own set of rules in order to keep its reputation as the most popular search engine. If you play by the rules and stay patient, Google will notice.

We touched on the “Know” part of the “Know, Like, Trust” business model last week. We talked about SEO Keywords, Outbound Linking, and Readability. All three of these things play a part in letting Google know that your website is being taken seriously. Believe it or not, while it takes a lot of effort,  that was the easy part.

Writing and editing your website does take effort, but there are tools, widgets and instructions that help. If you misspelled something, don’t have the right amount of words, or need to change your keywords, you can go in and edit it yourself.  The “Know” part is the outcome of your actions. You aren’t paying for the consequences of anyone else’s actions or inaction.

However, the “Like” part of the Google equation is contingent on the actions of other people, and that is what makes it so hard. You have to convince other people, on the internet, to vouch for you.


like, facebook



There is a universal truth when it comes to social interactions that most people learn about when they go through kindergarten or first grade. The harsh reality when it comes to social situations is that no one has to like you. There are going to be things that people are willing to do for you because they like you and there are going to be things that people won’t bother with because they don’t care about your needs. Add the anonymity of Internet users and you can see why getting people to vouch for your website can seem daunting. But, you still need those users to vouch for you. How do you do it? What can you ask of them, and how can it be accomplished?  Well, according to Google you need Inbound Links from other reputable websites to vouch for yours.


What are Inbound Links?

Inbound links are when other websites link to your content on their website. When other websites link to yours, it increases credibility to your site and boosts your reputation when the search engines start to rank you inbound linkagainst your competition.  While the concept and the actions behind inbound linking seem easy enough, you still need to get people to care about your content enough to go through the effort. There are multiple ways to try and convince other users to show off your website for you, but Google still has a list of rules that you must abide by to get each one of them to count.

Don’t Cheat

If you wanted to date a girl or boy that you think you might like, but you do questionable things beforehand (stalking comes to mind), there is still a possibility of you reaching your end goal. However, that comes with a huge risk of this person finding out what you did. If they did, they’d call you a creep, dump you on the spot, and tell all of their friends.

Google operates the exact same way.

According to Google, there is a right way and a wrong way to get backlinks. If you try to break the rules of conduct, you will get penalized for it. Some of these are considered “common sense rules of the internet” but others are a little more surprising. A few examples of ‘cheating’ with backlinks include:


  • Paying for Backlinks 
  • Auto Generated Links
  • Hiding Links in CSS or JavaScript
  • Low-Quality Guest Posts
  • Comment Spam


If you want to read more about link penalties and what to avoid, check out here and here. They go into deeper detail about the subject matter.


Ways to get Inbound Links


inbound linking content


The right way to gain inbound links takes much more time and effort but significantly decreases the chances of being penalized by Google. This can help you build further trust between Google and your site. These include but are not limited to:


  • Create Consistent Content
  • Encourage others to Share your content on Social Media
  • Speak at Events IRL
  • Offer Sneak Peaks or Free Samples of your Content
  • Review Something Everyone is Talking About


Check out these sources here, and there.  They go into further detail and offer a variety of ways to get other people to share your content!


Need marketing advice? Contact us! Want to read an interesting guest blog? Check this out!

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Why is it So Hard to Rank on Google?! – Part 1: Intro to SEO

Part 1: Getting to Know your Site


I’ve watched multiple clients wallow in the frustration of trying to figure out how to show up on the first two pages of Google. “My website isn’t getting any views!” “Why isn’t anyone visiting my page?” “Why am I not viral yet after a few days?” You may think that I was mocking you just now, but the truth of it all is that I have done the same song and dance as anyone who doesn’t grasp the concept of how Google works.


google, ranking on google, seo

Google seems to consistently change its rules every couple of months, and your efforts don’t seem to get any tangible or measurable results. I want viewership now, dammit?! Why is this not working?! The answer is a little bit more complex than you think.
Getting ranked on Google is much like trying to start a long-term relationship. You need to put in the effort, perform the right steps, and work with who you are compatible with. You can’t expect instant results with little to no effort, and you can’t take any shortcuts.

Businesses often refer to relationship building within companies as the “Know, Like, Trust” model. Over the next few articles I will explain this while making dating allegories to put it in a perspective that everyone can understand.



Think about the art of dating in the pursuit of a romantic partner. Do you expect someone to commit to another person in a relationship after the first date?

relationship building google

A surprisingly old-fashioned search engine.

Of course, you don’t. Because real relationships aren’t based purely on physical intimacy. It is based on mutual trust over time built between prospective partners. And the only way to do that is to get to know someone.

Google desires long-lasting relationships with other websites. How does Google get to know your website? Through finding out what your site is all about with Readability,  SEO and Outbound linking.







A sophisticated woman on the dating scene has a certain standard of etiquette that she expects from the gentlemen who come to call. She expects the person that she is dating to be polite in their speech, mannerisms, and grooming habits.

The same can be said for Google when it comes to readability. Google has a certain standard when it comes to spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and word count.  Usually, there are tools that will spell it out for you before you publish a post. This is mainly to the benefit of your audience but benefits Google by giving it more clarity in how it should index each relevant page.

Google looks at copy with these standards :

  • How easy it is to read for the general population.

  • The length of the paragraph.

  • The limited percentage of how many sentences have more than 20 words.
  • How many sentences contain a transition word.

  • How many sentences are written in a passive or active voice.


There are diverse types of websites all over the world. They could be about niche subjects like a buddy cop show from the 70’s or it could be broad, like religion.  But, until you declare what type of subject your page is about, you are nothing more than a stranger to Google.

SEO, ranking on google

This is where SEO comes in. When you declare a keyword that is relevant to your website and provide a proper description, you are signaling to Google, “Hey, this is what I am all about!”

From there, Google is able to sort you into the right category, because it knows who you are.

However, you want to be careful about repeating the same keywords over and over.

Just like any intelligent woman, if Google hears the same keyword over and over again it will either assume you aren’t taking the conversation seriously enough or that you are just a boring, one-note, individual. Take the time to expand on your subject matter by offering a variety of SEO keywords for each post.

Outbound Linking

linking, seo, indexing google

The ultimate way for Google to get to know you more.

How does any girl learn about someone who she might be interested in pursuing a relationship with? She learns about who the people who are in their life and watches how they treat them. From there she can gauge their values and personal interests further.


Outbound linking, aka “citing your sources,” is the webpage equivalent of this.  The larger the frame of reference that you give on where you

get your ideas and compile your information, the more likely you are to rank higher up the list of search results for the related keyword.

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Guest Blog – Millennials: The Way to the Future

Guest Blog – Millennial Marketing: The Way to the Future

By: Jacqui Stewart

Millennials are the wave of our future. They are joining the workforce, moving out on their own and shopping for their own products. They are the driving force of most technological advances that are coming out today. Whatever they are doing at any given moment in time, they want what they need at their fingertips. Companies recognize this and are stepping up to the plate to the newest generation controlling the marketing vector of our society.

There are 75+ million Millennials between the ages of 15 and 35. This population is the largest of any generation before them. They are moving in to replace the Baby Boomers in work and as a consumer. There are several things you need to know about the Millennials that will help you stand out in the blurred sea of shops that they can pick from.

millennial marketing

You’ve never seen what you’re seeing now.

The Millennials? They are not even on the same radar as Baby Boomers or Generation X. If you are looking to get them to shop with you? You need to dig WAY down into your bag of tricks to get their attention.

The diversity amongst the millennials is huge. You’ve got coffee shop start-up entrepreneurs, stay at home moms to career minded professionals and everything in between. If you can think of a personality? The millennials have got that person too.  So, companies and shops must gear marketing to any personality that can be thought of.

Tablets and Phones are an extension of their arm.

They are the first generation born and raised with technology in front of them every day. iPhones or Tablets, they learned by the age of two. They can order dinner for the family with an app by the age of five.

Growing up with technology at their fingertips, this generation is used to instant reaction. They don’t typically keep to the old days of asking for answers during “regular” business hours. So, companies now need to be available at all times of the day. The old days of leaving the office at five are gone. If they want an answer at two in the morning and your business isn’t there to answer it, they will go to the next business. And they don’t need to stay within state lines anymore. Previous generations primarily had access to local companies only. Pull out that phone book and you’re good. For the Millennials? The world is now local.

Your product is the best out there? Prove it.

Millennials don’t need salespeople calling and telling them they just HAVE to try their product. These calls are a joke with this generation. They don’t want to hear someone working for the company telling them how great the product is. They look up reviews. Whether it’s product reviews on the company’s website or reading online influencers opinions of a product.

Think Blogs, YouTube and Reddit to name a few.

With caller id now calling out telemarketers, surveys, or my personal favorite, “scam likely,” popping up on their phones? You can bet they are going to hit that red button and send the call to voicemail.

They want to keep things real. So, companies must find new modern ways to reach this generation if they want their business. Authenticity is a key word in their vocabulary.

Loyalty?  Yes, they have it. But you must earn it.

With the world literally at their fingertips, the Millennials can pick and choose and leave who they want. Just because you are in their hometown doesn’t mean they’re going to shop with you. If they don’t feel like they’ve “connected” with a company they will move on.

Yes, even now, where technology is there separating people at the dinner table, Millennials demand that they feel the company they are shopping with values THEM. That the company hears them. Companies show their value in the Millennials by being authentic. Don’t give them a canned response because they can spot the “I’m just doing my job here” feeling a mile away. Be real with them.

Social Media

This is where companies shine to Millennials. This group spends a minimum of 25 hours a week online. Either reading or shopping. If they find something they like? It’s guaranteed to be posted online to their followers about how great the product is.

What’s better? The company, in some way, shape or form acknowledging the customers’ praise. They are looking for a connection with the company who made the product they fell in love with. They want to know the company listens.


Millennials love to learn. They want informative posts or videos. How-to guides, eBooks, and Whitepages are part of their daily screen time. They value this content more than anything else. MAC Cosmetics is a prime example of what Millennials look for when they look up how to do something.

So, if you’ve got content that you want Millennials to know about. Get it out there in ways they will look at. Blogs, YouTube, Reddit, Tumblr and Flipboard are perfect sites to get your information in front of them.

This list is just six ways of marketing to Millennials. They are technology experts and aren’t afraid to use it. If you’ve got something to sell, get rid of the old methods and stay with the trends. Make sure your company is online and ready to mingle because Millennials want to see what you’re offering. They want you to respond and be interactive. Talk and connect with them. Show them you are in the here and now with them. That you are listening to what they want and you can and will deliver. Otherwise? The world is a very big sea and there are a lot of fish in it.

About the Guest Blogger:

Jacqui StewartJacqui Stewart is a Freelance Writer and Virtual Assistant. She talks travel and lifestyle on her blog, Flights of Fancy Mom. She is the published author of Cavern Cove and hopes to travel the country in an RV once her son graduates high school and is settled in at college. Jacqui went back to college later in life and obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management from Wilmington University. It was during that time she discovered a later in life love of writing and hasn’t stopped since. As a Virtual Assistant, Jacqui enjoys working with others in making their visions a reality. She is continually educating herself to help others.

To read more of her work or consider her for hire, click here.

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