Why Do Some Local Businesses Hate Digital Marketing in Huntsville, Al?

Why Do Some Local Businesses Hate Digital Marketing in Huntsville, Al?

Have you ever tried to convince someone to see your point of view about a subject? Maybe you found yourself in a position of convincing someone to buy a product or a service. It certainly isn’t an easy prospect. It is doubly hard when a person or a group of people have a preconceived notion based on a reputation behind your product or service. Sometimes that reputation is a deserved one from previously poor business practice. Other times, potential clients might have been burned by other people in your profession some time ago. Nevertheless, you find yourself in an uphill battle trying to change their negative perception of you. Digital marketing in Huntsville, Al, while new and exciting to larger businesses, is skeptically perceived by the local business sphere. Especially if they have been established for a long time.

Why? What is it about digital marketing, or any form of new marketing, that sounds threatening or disadvantageous? In order to crack the mystery, we need to look into the mindset of these people who perceive digital marketing as a threat.


The Perceived Threats Behind Change

According to The State Of Local Marketing Report 2019, a study by BrandMuscle, “A disappointing 11% of local retail partners “aren’t interested in marketing and don’t make it a priority,” What’s more, few partners rank very high on the marketing maturity scale. Of those polled, 47% are disengaged, 42% are developing, 8% are equipped, 2% are executing and 1% are optimizing.”That is a little less than half of the local business sphere. What gives? Why do a lot of businesses not feel the need to engage in a form of advertising that is cheap, fair, and gets results?

Some of it has to do with a very fundamental human fear. The fear of sudden change.

technophobia, digital marketing in huntsville, alabama

Loss of Familiarity

Whether people realize it or not, we are creatures of habit. We like the familiar because we find it comforting, safe, and keeps us in control. While we do crave a variety of things once in a while, the basic standard for human behavior is to crave the familiar. According to Psychology Today, “Generally speaking, things that are familiar are likely to be safer than things that are not. If something is familiar, we have clearly survived exposure to it, and our brain, recognizing this, steers us towards it.”

Loss of Personal Pride

Another reason that might make local companies hesitant about addressing digital marketing in Huntsville, AL is personal pride. This is the sort of thing that we are all guilty of from time to time. If we already feel like we are handling our own business, we are less likely to want others to interfere. Because someone from the outside is urging a change in business habits, they are, in the minds of the business owner, discrediting their past accomplishments. “When change involves a big shift of strategic direction, the people responsible for the previous direction dread the perception that they must have been wrong.” Explains Harvard Business Review “Change is resisted when it makes people feel stupid … [People] might express skepticism about whether the new software version will work or whether digital journalism is really an improvement, but down deep they are worried that their skills will be obsolete. ”

Increase of Perceived Challenges and Threats

Change is not easy. It is an uncomfortable process that requires a lot of excess work and mitigated risk-taking. “Change is resisted because it hurts. When new technologies displace old ones, jobs can be lost; prices could be cut; investments could be wiped out. ” This puts people into a very uncomfortable situation. Especially when digital marketers introduce new technology to a client. This is where the utmost patience is required from people pitching digital marketing in Huntsville, Al.  That combined with complete transparency is crucial if you want people to get on board.


The Negative Reputation of Marketers

Another reason that local businesses are more hesitant to embrace the concept of digital marketing in Huntsville, AL, is the stereotype surrounding marketers and advertisers. It is not easy to get people to buy your line of work as a necessity when the people you are trying to convince thinks you are the devil incarnate.  This obstacle is a byproduct of several things all of which winds up hurting business owners, target audiences, and marketers alike.

 Abuse of Outbound Marketingpyramid scheme, digital marketing in Huntsville, AL

As someone who receives at least 7 or so bot calls a day, I absolutely understand why people hate it so much. It offers little to nothing for the client, it is an invasion of privacy, and it distracts you from the rest of your day. Outbound marketing is a marketing technique in which a company advertises to everyone under the sun. This includes cold calling, trade shows, email blasts, and purchase lists. Companies, advertisers, con artists, political campaigns, robots, and all sorts of other groups invasively interrupt thousands of people just to get maybe one or two solid leads, and even then, it isn’t a guarantee that it will work.  Thanks, but no thanks.

Abuse of the Term Marketing

If you were to ask any layman about the definition of marketing, you will get varied responses. There are a few older generations that think of door to door salesmen. Others think of telemarketers right off the bat. Then there is the Mary Kay and Lu-La Roe companies that do famous Multi-level-Marketing or (MLM) schemes. For stores, it is setting up a table or window display.  Usually, though, people think of salesmen who are slick, dishonest and are certainly willing to con a dollar or two off of friends, family, and complete strangers.

This is because both laymen and salesmen, marketing has become a catch-all term to mean sales. This is thanks to the need for shady businesses on both a corporate and local level to clean up language for their personal benefit. A “pyramid scheme” for example becomes “multi-level marketing” because it disassociates itself from a terrible business practice through rebranding.


Conclusion – Con Artists and Personal Insecurities are Getting in Our Way

This is what makes the job harder than usual. Convincing someone to embrace something new is difficult, sure. However, combining that hesitancy with our reputation smeared by con artists, and you get a cocktail of difficulty.  There is something we can do, however, to change the mindsets of local businesses in regards to the presence of digital marketing in Huntsville, AL. We will cover it soon. If you like this and you want to know more about our company you can check out our site: https://www.purpletieguys.com

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Local Citations are Important for your Business

Local Citations are Important for Your Business

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Local businesses are not exactly at the top of the food chain when it comes to profit. With the rise of remote shopping through the internet and the one-stop-shop corporate giants like Walmart and Costco, there is little space for local business models to survive. It also doesn’t help that these sites and large corporations have a financial advantage. In fact, they have the resources to advertise to as many people, through any media format, as much as they want. It almost seems unfair.   Is there even a fighting chance for a local business?

The good news is that with a little creativity, know-how, and patience, there are a few ways that you can spread awareness of your business. And with little cost to you. Businesses can gain notoriety through a combination of local and digital word of mouth. And the best way to do that is to utilize local citations.

What are Local Citations?

According to Moz, “A local citation is any online mention of the name, address, and phone number for a local business. Citations can occur on local business directories, on websites and apps, and on social platforms. Citations help Internet users to discover local businesses and can also impact local search engine rankings. Local businesses can actively manage many citations to ensure data accuracy.”

So any time a phone number, business name, address, etc are on a website listing, then search engines counts that listing in Google’s favor.

For instance, if you are running an auto repair shop and someone mentions your business on a Facebook post , you are more likely going to show up on a local search for “auto repair shop”.

Are There Different Kinds of Local Citations?

There are multiple types of citations, some of which involve participation from different types of people in different formats. With a few positive interactions and time set aside for listing your business, you can get the ball rolling on getting your business prioritized in relevant Google search results.


  • Major Local Business Data Platform- This is the first kind of local citation that I am going to address. This is the kind of local citation that is done by the business themselves. These platforms are websites with the sole purpose of listing businesses for people who are looking for them. Examples of these include: Google My Business, Angie’s List, Yelp, Insider Pages, etc.


  • Geo/Industry-Specific Platforms– This is the kind of local citation that delves further into specifics. If the major local business platform like a yellow page phone book of businesses, then this platform would be the white page equivalent.  Listings for a specific business type, like medical treatment centers, or churches fall under this category. It is the same for listings under a specific location like a town site or a chamber of commerce page.  You might need third party approval if you want to make a listing on a site like this.


  • Social Media and the Wider Web – This local citation is the sort that cannot be a result of any business owner or financial influence. It is the result of the attention of other independent users. This sort of citation can only be a product of a customer with interest in your business. This can come in the form of blog posts, social media responses, personal reviews, and press releases. If they like or hate your business enough, word will spread on the internet.  If you want to help the process along, you can always communicate with your customers in person.


Ways to Make Local Citations Work for You

There are a right way and a wrong way to list your business online. After all, information, whether on the internet or in real life, needs a clear understanding between both parties sharing it. If you want a better chance at local search results for your business, follow this advice.

  • Make sure that your listings and citations are accurate.
    • If you don’t want your customers in confusion about your location or your contact information, keep your information consistent.  If you think there is any chance that there is something wrong with a listing, get it fixed.  Or, if there has been a major shift in location or contact information, get it fixed. Get everything corrected on all of your citation listings as soon as possible.


  • Treat your citations as case or symbol sensitive.
    • Machines that have a programming language that is rigid in structure. While a human can see a symbol as a substitute for a word, a computer will only see the symbol and read it as is.  That is why it is important to keep the local citation listings as exact as possible, so the algorithms won’t discount them on accident.
    • Example: “And”, “-“, and “&” are read and translated as different symbols by the machine, even though our brains might all reinterpret it to mean the word “and”.


local citations

More Local Citation Tips


  • Cite as much as possible in as many different places as possible.
    • There is a fine line between repetition and spamming in the Google Algorithm. All of it has to do with placement. If a listed phone number or business name has been repeated over and over in one location, chances are this will be interpreted as an unwanted repeated message or spam. Diversify where you list your information and you are much less likely to be a subject of Google penalization.


  • Contextualize your citations.
    • If you simply offer information without any relevance or context to the subject matter at hand, this will also be a red flag of suspicion by Google algorithms.  You don’t want someone to offer their lawn care service to interrupt a conversation between you and a friend when you tell them you are looking for a baby sitter. It comes out of nowhere and has no context or bearing on what you are looking for. The same applies to citations on Google. Don’t cite your information unless it is relevant to your service, business, or customer base.


If you want to read more of this sort of thing, check out our website www.purpletieguys.com.


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Four Mistakes to Avoid When Using Online Marketing in Huntsville, AL

Four Mistakes to Avoid When Using Online Marketing in Huntsville, AL

Online marketing is the utilization of recent technology to market your commodities through the internet. The aim is to reach as many people as it is possible by using low-cost advertising methods.

Many businesses in Huntsville, AL make use of the internet marketing to gain precedence over the contemporaries. That said, there are few tips that you can utilize to help you gain an online presence.

Some make mistakes when made can have a long-lasting impact on your business.

That is why we would love to share some tips with you that will help avoid those common mistakes that can wreak havoc on your business.

online marketing1.       Being a Copycat

Some companies in Huntsville, AL are very good at mimicking what other businesses are doing. However, that mistake can have serious repercussions given that there is always a good reason as to why firms carry out some actions and not others.

That is why it is crucial to remain creative and original in your online marketing pursuits. Additionally, being original earns you credibility from your customers and increases the possibility of increasing your clientele base over time.

Being a copycat can even have dire consequences. For example, copying content from another website in your industry to attract customers can result in being blacklisted by Google and taking considerably a long while to bounce back.

For an excellent business image, avoid copying the strategies and methods used in online marketing by other companies.

2.     Failing to Outsource to Experts in Huntsville, AL

You might have heard that outsourcing is an expense in your business that you need to cut by doing some of these activities yourself.

And while that is true, it is not always the best approach to cutting costs. Internet marketing techniques and application require expertise and specific skills, which comes as a result of consistent engagement.

Since that is not your primary area of expertise, trying to utilize online marketing may take you too much of you and you might not be able to deliver as excellently as outsourcing. In the long run, it becomes more expensive doing it yourself than outsourcing.

Since you cannot excel in everything, outsourcing helps you to concentrate on the core of your business.

3.     Failure to Budget for Online Marketingonline marketing

Business experts in Huntsville, AL affirm that failing to plan and budget for an expenditure results in reduced cash directed to that particular. The reason is, the business owners will try as much as possible to reduce that particular cost and allocate the resources to other tasks that were planned for.

You should not be like such companies. You should seek the wisdom of an exceptional technician to know the possible costs of internet marketing services and budget accordingly. With that cost budgeted, you will hire the right specialist who will increase your sales and eventually your clientele base.


If you want to enjoy the long-term benefits of online marketing, ensure proper budgeting, outsource creative and original specialists.


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Three Important Facts Surrounding SEO Google Analytics in Huntsville, AL that you should Know

Three Important Facts Surrounding SEO Google Analytics in Huntsville, AL that you should Know

The term SEO Google analytics may sound like a jargon and you may be tempted to leave it to the SEO specialists. However, since knowledge is power, getting to grasp what it is and its importance in promoting the well-being of your business is crucial.

Even though you may lack all the skills related to search engine analytics, getting the knowledge will help in vetting and hiring the right expert.

Below, we provide some basics regarding Google analytics for business owners in Huntsville, AL

SEO Google AnalyticsDefining SEO Google Analytics

Search engine optimization is the utilization of various strategies and methods to enhance the online presence of a company. When these methods are used, the website will trigger some metrics and the company will be ranked among the top and appear on the first page of Google results.

This appearance on the first page enhances the credibility of a site, increases the number of visitors and eventually growth a site.

It is the Google analytics that determines the components of the page are in sync with Google algorithms to rank high.

When combined, SEO Google Analytics means having a website optimized such that it has positive triggers and is ranked top.

SEO Google Analytics Requires Diligence

These Google tools are among the things that can transform the performance of your business when done strategically and carefully. However, it these tools are bot quick fixes that you will use to increase the traffic on your site effortlessly. Contrary to that, you will need to apply diligence, commitment, and hard work.

Experts in Huntsville, AL will even tell you that Google analytics is a tool to an end but not an end by itself.

For example, an expert will help you generate appropriate keywords but you will need to write high-quality search engine optimized articles that are relevant and useful.

You will need the Patience to see the Desired ResultsSEO Google Analytics

Let no SEO expert deceive you that he/she will grow your traffic in a day’s time. If you hear that, please be wary. And the reason is simple. SEO utilizes organic growth and depends on things like bounce rate, social media shares, and repeat visitors.

Triggering Google algorithms such that you are ranked first take time and effort. Besides no one knows all the metrics Google use to rank websites.

The Google analysis tools thus can be a good starting point for your business in Huntsville, AL. But it is not an end.

It requires patience in using different methods consistently. For example, you should continue uploading high quality and search engine optimized content as you keep checking the technical aspects of your websites to ensure they are optimal.

Learning is Key

Those experts in Huntsville, AL that believe that they know it all and don’t see the urgent need to improve their skills run the risk of offering low-quality services soon.

That said, it is vital that one keeps on learning, utilizing paid and free content to continue enjoying the benefits of Google analytics tools.



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Factors to Consider Before Starting an SEO Agency in Huntsville, AL

Factors to Consider Before Starting an SEO Agency in Huntsville, AL

The online platforms provide business opportunities that residents in Huntsville, AL can utilize. One of the profitable niches is starting an SEO company that will serve individuals within the neighborhood.

The good thing about starting an SEO company is that you can pitch clients online or offline and as long as you can deliver high-quality services, your clientele base will grow.

Since many companies want to gain traffic and enhance their online presence, you can be assured that you will not have enough opportunities. All you need is to be strategic and start well. Over time, you will enjoy growth.

Below, we list a few factors you will need to consider before starting an SEO agency in Huntsville, AL.

1.       Get the Basics Regarding your SEO Agencyseo agency

It is always god to start things right since we do not have two opportunities to make the first impression. That said, you need to start at the fundamentals of a business idea. Develop your idea so well such that you get the right framework in place.

Also, if you are to have a physical office, which I would encourage you to have, address the legal issues with the authorities and ensure compliance with the legal demands. Ensure that your shop is strategically positioned close to your target population.

As a startup, you may grow the business progressively. For example, you may start it locally, then grow it gradually by pitching the clients in your surrounding areas. The place should be accessible by most people even in different weather conditions.

Talk to another SEO agency owner in Huntsville, AL within your network. That would be helpful in granting you a few tips on how you can run your SEO agency.

seo agency , target market2.     Get to know your Target Audience

This is something that some business owners ignore and they realize that the repercussions are dire. Unfortunately, some notice of these challenges when it is too late to start.

Getting to understand who your target population is, is crucial for a number of reasons. First, it will help you determine the right SEO techniques and methods to use when to pitch. Additionally, you will know which language and tools to use. Otherwise, taking a one-fit-for-all may not achieve much. For example, you should find out whether it is the corporates or sole proprietors.

Finally, in understanding your audience characteristics, you will know the appropriate rates to use. For example, if you are targeting startups, charging a considerably low price may help you grow the clientele base of your SEO agency faster than charging high.

The good thing is, you can utilize online tools to know the demographics of your population.

3.     Know your Business Environment

Finally, another aspect that you should not overlook in establishing your SEO agency, is associated with your business environment. Get to know the business opportunities and threats in your environment in Huntsville, AL.

Further, find out about who your competitors will be and the strategies they use so that you can devise an appropriate competitive edge.


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Understanding SEO Marketing Basics in Huntsville, AL

Understanding SEO Marketing Basics in Huntsville, AL

The online business world in Huntsville, AL is a dynamic one and there are several things that you need to put into consideration constantly for your website to stand above that of your peers.

One of the rewarding ways is the use of SEO, which is the abbreviation of search engine optimization.

What is SEO Marketing?

seo marketing, google updatesSEO marketing alludes to the high rank of a website through organic search results. In simple words, it entails positioning your website well online such that search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing recommends you.

The marketing aspect connotes, using SEO to enhance the efficiency and ensure that your products and services reach the customers. When used properly, you will reap significant benefits and eventually increase your sales.

As we continue to explain more, you will gain a better understanding of this term and know how you can best utilize it to better your website.

How Does Google Ranking Occur?

It the desire of each person that their website rank among the first and be the preferred option by the online users. However, high site ranking is not as simple as sometimes the SEO marketing teams claim. It requires diligence, commitment, and possession of a set of skills.

The high ranking companies in Huntsville, AL can affirm this.

That said, it is crucial to note that Google uses a complex mathematical formula to rank websites. It is difficult to know every component of that formula but you can know and utilize a few triggers that will boost your website.

Three Main SEO Marketing Non-negotiables in Huntsville, AL

Now that we know what Google algorithms are, let’s go further.

Take the algorithms like many empty containers and the goal is to fill as many containers as possible to gain a higher standing. All containers do not have the same value but those with trust, authority, and quality content have the highest.

1.  Quality

seo marketing, algorithm

Google wants to be sure that the content you are offering is helpful, unique and incredibly presented to those searching for information online.

Creativity and originality remain central in the quality. Since SEO marketing is significant, Google wants to sure that companies in Huntsville, AL are utilizing relevant keywords and are avoiding keyword stuffing.

Also, your content should be presented in an appealing manner with a good flow.

2.  Trust

Google will only recommend websites that are trustworthy to the Google searchers. Two ways to gain trust include consistent high reviews and backlinks.

You should offer exceptional services such that your customers leave good reviews and even share your content with other people.

Also, your content should be so credible that it is shared by other websites, newspapers and even companies.

3.   Authority

You should strive to ensure that your website is among the authority sites in Huntsville, AL. What does this imply and how can it be achieved?

Simply put, get a fan base on popular social media networks. Let the fans leave positive comments and share testimonials of their experience working with you. This SEO marketing approach will help you grow your business.


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Incredible Ways of Finding the Best SEO Company in Huntsville, AL

Incredible Ways of Finding the Best SEO Company in Huntsville, AL

Finding the best SEO Company in Huntsville, AL is not difficult but sometimes it can be demanding work. It requires some level of understanding and exposure such you are able to separate the best from one that would not work for you. Something that you should note is that what worked for your friend or a business owner may not work for you and that is why utilizing a number of strategies is crucial for an excellent service. Below, we provide a few methods that have tried and proved to bring the desired outcomes.

seo companyUtilize Referrals

Finding the best SEO company in Huntsville, AL will require you to utilize referrals from your friends and relatives. The truth of the matter is, there are enough people in your circle that can offer a few insights on the ideal company.

A notable point here – you should define what best means for you. For example, the ideal company for you could offer low rates. Or it could offer a short turnaround time. Or specialized individuals or online assistance or even excellent customers services.

Having a basis for determining what you want will assist you in knowing which firm to work with. Given that all your referrals are not in one place, you should take ample time to gather information. Then you can make the appropriate decision.

Otherwise, when you hastily contract a service provider just because someone referred them, you may be frustrated by not getting what you want specifically.

Check Online Reviews

Checking online reviews means getting to know what other customers have to say about a SEO Companycompany.

Since getting the best SEO Company is not a one-time occurrence, you will need to combine the referrals method above with the checking reviews method. This combination is important given that there are numerous SEO companies and you cannot check all of them as it is a waste of time.

Additionally, check what some of the reviews companies have said regarding the company. There are some sites in Huntsville, AL devoted to online reviews of companies and they can give you an insight into the performance of your target company.

The best SEO company will exhibit consistent and positive reviews over a considerable period of time. Such a company is worth your time and attention.

Consider the Website of the SEO Company

Given that the particular SEO company in Huntsville, AL will address some of the technical issues of your website, you need to be sure that the business knows what is talking about. The proof is on the company website, so take your time to investigate it.

For example, is the website mobile responsive? Does it load fast or do you have to waste for a long period?

Also, consider whether the content on the website is helpful and relevant. Or at least be search engine optimized and that it is easy to navigate throughout the site.

If any of these key features is lacking, then ignore the company. However, if these parameters are in place, then that is a company you may work with.



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What you Need to Know Before Starting an SEO Company in Huntsville, AL

What you Need to Know Before Starting an SEO Company in Huntsville, AL

The increase in the number of online companies means an increase in the number of business opportunities. One such industry that has grown progressively is associated with search engine optimization.

This means the use of a few methods and tactics to improve the online presence of a company. For sustainability purposes, you will need to have legit methods and techniques. Otherwise, if you use the black hat methods, you will not last in the market long enough.

That said, we would like to provide you with a few tips to help you start your SEO Company, reap financial rewards from it and progressively grow and expand.

Marketing decatur alabama web design

Determine your Objectives

This aspect of your goals and objectives forms the basis on which you anchor all other aspects. With the objective, you will know the strategies to use and what not to use in pursuit of your SEO company goals.

In this section, ask yourself, what do I want to achieve from this SEO Company. And as you will understand, SEO is quite wide and when you start as an individual, you may not be able to provide all the SEO services. Thus, it is important to narrow yourself to a specific aspect of SEO.

Broadly, the categories can be two. Either technical aspects of SEO or the non-technical. The technical areas involve web design and related aspects while non-technical involves content, keywords, social media shares etc.

Once that is settled, know what you specific category requires. Then you can go to step 2.

Who is Your Audience?seo services

This is the second most important consideration that should not be ignored when considering operating an SEO company. If you are unaware of your target market, you may not be able to meet your Huntsville, AL clientele requirements.

For example, are you writing for companies or individuals, high-end clients or startups, millennials or the older generation? All these questions need to be answered with some specificity.

Additionally, take your time to consider the possible changes in the needs and preferences of your target audience. That calls for market research and utilizing online content that gives a glimpse of the demographics of various groups in Huntsville, AL.

With that, you can proceed to customize your products and even cold pitch as you utilize up to date information.

Know the Search Engine Requirements and Guidelines

While the internet seems like no man’s land, it has rules that govern how content is generated and what is availed online. For example, Google alone is constantly expanding and updating rules to the point where no one can keep up with all of them. However, most SEO experts can know and adhere to a good chunk of them.

That means that if you fail to follow these instructions and provide SEO services, you will jeopardize the well-being of your client. For example, if you write ‘SEO articles’ that reveal keyword stuffing for a client in Huntsville, AL, chances are, Google will blacklist that company depending on the extent of the compromise.

In that case, that client will be mad with you and warn people against working with.

That way, your SEO Company may not grow and you will have ruined your opportunity to make the right first impression.

That explanation underscores the importance of an SEO company of adhering to Google guidelines.



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SEO Services that You Can do for Yourself

SEO Services that You Can do for Yourself

The financial demands of companies in Huntsville, AL are not few and as a new business owner, you may not have all the money required to boost the wellbeing of your company.

Getting some skills to carry out some SEO services that you would otherwise hire a person to do would be an incredible thing to do.

However, you need to be careful to ensure that you do not take too much of your time working on the SEO aspects of your website to neglect the core of your business. Striking that balance is of significance.

Below, we explain those things you can do for yourself and still work on the core of your business.


What is SEO

Before even explaining those DIYs, I thought it is wise we understand what SEO means in its simplicity so that we can easily apply the tips.SEO, ranking on google, best seo services Alabama

SEO is an abbreviation means search engine optimization. It is a term used in the online marketplaces to mean a website that has a higher online presence and increased traffic from regular users and also visitors. There are a number of technical and non-technical methods that are used to increase the ranking of a website in Huntsville, AL.

DIYs in SEO services would include the non-technical aspects of your site that will drive traffic higher.


DIY SEO Services


Keyword Research and Generation

A primary aspect of SEO services that you can handle on your own is related to high-quality and relevant content that you upload on your site on a regular basis.

Many companies in Huntsville, AL that understand the importance of high-quality content pay reputable experts to find high quality and keywords that are most researched.

What you can do, to start with, is to do keyword and phrase research based on your business. In this case, read about keyword and keyword phrases. Understand what they are and how to get the relevant ones that are even location specific.

You may utilize YouTube videos that show you step by step on how you can competitively find useful keywords in your industry.

Finally research and do trials on various online tools that can help you get keywords faster. Alternatively, you can opt for the manual way but it takes so much time although it is quite accurate. However, the choice remains in your power depending on your objectives.


 seo services Florence, AlGenerating High-Quality Content

Companies offering SEO services in Huntsville, AL are careful to ensure the content uploaded on their sites meet Google requirements and adheres to the guidelines. That is why such companies prefer hiring experts.

However, you can still generate high-quality content that is useful and original. All you need to do is to evenly distribute the keyword phrases you researched on.

Make sure that you avoid keyword stuffing. Otherwise, your website may be blacklisted by Google and the traffic will reduce progressively.

An important thing – please carry out your research. Take time to read at least three different sources before coming up with some content. That will enhance originality and enrich the content.

In that regard, your SEO services will be preferred above other SEO firms in Huntsville, AL.


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What is SEO – Dos and Don’ts that you Should Know for Residents in Huntsville, AL

What is SEO – Dos and Don’ts that you Should Know for Residents in Huntsville, AL

The growth in technology and the increased use of the internet has changed how businesses are carried out in Huntsville, AL.

With businesses striving to maintain their online presence and enhance Google ranking, more new concepts have come up that may not be easy to understand. With the concepts seeming like jargon, it becomes impossible to apply them in the businesses and benefit from them.

It is notable that some business owners in Huntsville, AL argue that concepts like SEO are too complex and there is no need of trying to know them.

However, that is not true. Knowing what is SEO is crucial as it will enhance and increase the chances of hiring the writing expert to optimize your site. Ignorance, on the other hand, will be costly.

That simple point underscores why you need even basic knowledge of SEO and a few dos and don’ts.

what is seoWhat is SEO?

SEO is abbreviated and stands for search engine optimization.

Search engines are tools you use to search and get online content. Major search engines include Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Most businesses in Huntsville, AL use Google as the primary search engine.

Search engine optimization thus means being ranked top by the search engines when users search content online. It alludes to the use of various techniques to ensure that you offer what customers look for. Also, applying those methods and having content that search engines would recommend to visitors.

What are the SEO Dos and Don’ts

Understanding what is SEO is essential. The next step is getting to know how to achieve your SEO goals and what to avoid in that pursuit. what is seoOtherwise, if you overlook these points, you may jeopardize your site.

Since the goal of SEO is high website ranking and increased traffic which you may not be able to achieve, you will need to hire a person to assist you in achieving that. However, some experts are not professional and use some illegal methods to drive your traffic high. Unfortunately, these methods, commonly known as black hat methods, are not sustainable. After a while, you may need to start afresh.

One way to notice an illegal service provider is in the timings they give. For example, if you are told that your traffic will increase in two weeks, be wary!

The truth of the matter is, having your site ranked high takes a long while, sometimes even six months because no one knows all the Google algorithms that are used in ranking.

Seek a transparent and professional SEO expert among the many in Huntsville, AL. Ask those pertinent questions boldly and ensure that the expert can deliver what you want.


Since you now know what SEO is, and have an idea of things to adhere to and to avoid, use that information in vetting the right candidate to optimize your site.


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