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 What Are Fake Followers and Why are They a Threat to Internet Marketing?

 What Are Fake Followers and Why are They a Threat to Internet Marketing?

There is no secret that the internet marketing atmosphere is a cut-throat one. There is a lot of competition out there, some of which can use money and influence to get what they need for their clients. Others try to understand the rules and regs and utilize them to the best of their ability.

Then, you have those. The type of ‘marketers’ who either boost your site to take your money and run. That or they are the ones that just cheat for the sake of their own ego and internet clout. Whatever the case may be, these people throw a spanner into the works of the internet marketplace and are never going to give up finding an easy way to get what they want.

It is maddening, it is frustrating, and it does damage to the reputation of marketers. Just as much as those pushy want ads who are really asking for door to door salesmen. So, what is the latest in a long line of internet marketing scams that we are going to talk about today?

Fake followers.

What are Fake Followers?

The term almost sounds exclusionary if not almost alien when you first hear of it, but in this case, it is a literal interpretation of a specific phenomenon.  Fake followers are people who make multiple empty accounts to boost a follower count on social media.

There are two ways that this can go about.

One is through the manual creation of spam accounts through a click farm. These places tend to make a quick profile with a false identity and a couple of pictures before leaving likes on the content they were paid to like.

The other is the utilization of bots. Bots are not a new concept on the internet. They are small automatic programs that can interact with systems or users to follow simple and specific actions. This sort of thing is common in the MMO gaming or websites that require automatic posts for points. They often perform faster than possible human speed. While their presence does not always mean that there is cheating involved, it is certainly a possibility depending on the motive of the programmer.

Both click farms and bots automatically ‘like’ and ‘share’ posts at a rapid rate on the behalf of clients, and increase their follower count without any concentrated effort or activity by the influencer in question.

huntsville marketing

How Does this Hurt Advertisers, Influencers, and Internet Marketing?


Influencers buying fake followers to get real ones later do not succeed in their end goal. This is because anyone who has been on the internet for more than a few months can spot a fake handle and photo a mile away.  Typical users of social media are not going to rely on a randomly generated group of letters and numbers for their handle. Also, there are only so many bikini models out in the public sphere. They hardly represent the target audience of most bloggers, let alone niche ones.

Also, these bots or clone accounts will not meaningfully engage with the blogger in question. And that is what typical influencers want. Engagement from an actual audience.  When real people see a follower list of nothing but fake accounts, they are going to assume your blog is fake too.

Then, there is definitely a penalty on your social media search engine. Google, Twitter, Instagram, they have already perfected the technology to sniff out any imposters.  You would barely get away with it for long.

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No one wants to be made a fool of. Especially when money is involved. A cybersecurity company that specializes in this thing has made the public aware of how much money companies are losing to internet marketing fraud, “$1.3 billion this year.”

Now, the figure only represents 15% of the projected income of for advertisers using influencers for their internet marketing. It is also important to note that businesses expect a certain amount of loss. Its is just a part of business, no matter how much you intend to minimize it.

However, this sort of activity is deterring influencer based internet marketing. Advertisers are generally not a fan of risky platforms, especially if tried and true options are available. The presence of this type of fraud will not only decrease the chances of them investing in fake influencers. This will also decrease the chances of real influencers making an income in doing what they love.

Fake influencers and followers not only steal from companies, but they also steal from other users and real influencers too.

Do you want to know more about Internet marketing in Huntsville, Al? Feel free to contact us at www.purpletieguys.com

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Internet Marketing and Time Management

Internet Marketing and Time Management

We live in a fast-paced world. Time is much more valuable than it has ever been with the presence of fast communication and increased competition. So, it would make sense that the management of time as a personal resource would be that much more valuable. After all, like any other resource, it is limited in our lives. This is especially true in the world of internet marketing. Time and the growth of technology is far faster than what any human can keep up with. Much like the stock market, all it takes is one simple miscalculation or some mismanagement before all of it will crumble on you. So, we are going to look at ways how we can best manage our time in the world of SEO and internet marketing alike.

Keep Yourself Motivated

What does self-motivation mean exactly? What does it look like in the world of SEO and any other technological landscape? There are a lot of job listings that require a ‘self-starter’ but don’t exactly explain what they mean.  A self-starter is the ability to do what needs to be done, without the need for the influence of others. Basically, once you know what you need to do, you can do it without someone or something nagging you to get it done.

While the efficiency of that self-motivation can waver at times, a self-motivated person gets what needs to be done within an assigned timeframe. People who work in any sort of tech career, including internet marketing, need to have a basic level of self-motivation. Because there is rarely anyone that will tell a blogger that they need to stop goofing off.

That sort of discipline is not always easy to come by. Especially, if you are doing something that you really don’t want to do.

That is why most internet marketers, bloggers, and social media managers need to have a level of passion for what they do. If you can find something you like about it, even just a little, you are much more likely to be motivated to take care of your workload and projects. People in marketing without any sort of passion for it will not only make their message fall flat to audiences. It will also increase the likelihood of bloggers and marketers putting off much-needed content creation.  You might not even be cut out for internet marketing if you can’t find the motivation to actually do it.

Remove all Distraction

It is one thing when you are working in an office with a phone or an open door for other people to reach you. Also, it one thing to have some sort of background music going on while you are making your content or setting up your blog schedule. It is an entirely different thing to look at your Facebook feed while you are trying to type content.

The internet, while a valuable tool can be ridiculously distracting. After all, we can interact with just about anyone or anything. There is a strong chance of distraction if you aren’t willing or able to manage your time for work or play. Outside distractions are oftentimes just as annoying too. Pets, kids, and other forms of social interaction while in public or at home, or just a need to go outside during a sunny day can be a foil to your deadlines if you are not paying attention.

So, it is best, when you are coming up with content, or are communicating with someone about an internet marketing plan, that you remove as many instances of distraction as possible.

  • Keep your office tidy before you get to work.
  • Take care of your personal needs.
  • Set up boundaries if your office is at home.
  • Don’t open Netflix on your computer until after you finish posting content for your social media client.

Whatever it is that you do to contribute to internet marketing, make sure that you have time allotted for work and play. Then stick to that schedule.

Keep Track of Your Deadlines

Much like a child with homework, if you do not know what is due when you are going to get bad reviews. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using a calendar to keep track of your schedule. Especially when something like internet marketing relies entirely on that schedule. Keep track of when Google or your viewers are expecting to hear updates from you. Post your content on a regular basis. Check your analytics and use that to make a schedule. There is so much technology at our fingertips that can help us keep track. There is no reason not to use it to our advantage.

If you pay more attention to how and when your content, your site, and your overall business is ‘graded’, you will be much more equipped for success. And isn’t that what all businesses want?




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Internet Marketing: Content Trends of 2019 – Video Content

Internet Marketing: Content Trends of 2019 – Video Content

Film, or video, is a very demanding artistic expression. Even in its earliest stages 100 years ago, things like setting, concept, and visual execution. However, the increase of special effects and the introduction of sound, further polishing visual media like movies, animation, and television. Naturally, that is why out of all the artistic medium for internet marketing, video is the hardest to produce. This is because the medium requires a good amount of knowledge of video, audio, editing, acting, and scriptwriting.

But that does not mean that it can’t pay off. According to marketing experts, “Nearly 82% of Twitter users watch video content on the platform.” and “People around the globe spend over 500 million hours watching videos on YouTube.” That is a lot of reward for hard work. However, the sheer volume of content out there on the internet means a struggle for original and popular content. So, we are going to go over some advice to give your videos a fighting chance in internet marketing.

Be Real With Your Subject Matter

Later generations, like Millenials, and Aughts are very aware when they are being sold to or when content is pandering. And it makes sense.  These generations, including their Gen X predecessors, grew up in a world of advertising. For the most part, they are fully aware when companies give brands an unrelatable and cheery facade. So, when they see videos in which the dialogue is unrelatable and the visuals have too much polish, they are going to disconnect.

That is why one of the more recent controversy, the Burger King “Real Meals” are falling flat with their intended audience. The audience knows full well that Burger King does not actually care about their mental health, and only show a vapid understanding of both meme culture and mental health.

So, instead of trying to fit yourself and your brand into a trend for the sake of sales, get enthused about what you are doing. Why do you actually like to make videos about your business? What are some of the reasons why you like your job and what you are selling? Is there anything that is annoying in your line of work? Or, do you want to share something you learned recently?

It doesn’t matter if it is positive, negative, or meh, but people will listen if your heart and production team are really in it.

Balance Your Efforts In Production

There are many reasons why video marketing doesn’t take off. It could be a case of bad content, terrible optimization, or a lack of creativity. This is because video production, advertising, and vlogging take a lot of effort. An effort that, usually, relies on a level of expertise.  That sort of expertise often comes in the form of trial and failure. This is why most videos on a professional capacity often have production teams. Or at the very least a consultant.

Because if one thing goes wrong, the entire video will fall flat.  You could have a good sound mix but a grainy image, and that will be enough to make your audience disinterested. Or you have a message but it gets muddled by odd creative choices, like the infamous Quizno’s Spongemonkey commercials.

Another example would be that you have a good video, but none of the right keywords in your tags for the right people to find it.  Without a transcript or even a caption system, there is little chance that any algorithm for a search engine can pick it up. There is also the possibility of your video just being on the wrong platform. Or they don’t fall under a company’s increasingly difficult to follow guideline system.

You want to pay equal amounts of attention to each element so that you are less likely to be ignored. Especially if you are producing them for the purposes of internet marketing.  Because the only thing that could save a bad video and accidentally get your message across is if it is so ridiculous that meme culture will get their hands on it.

Engage your Audience, Think About Participation

Another important aspect that you need to think about in your videos is how invested you want your audience to be. Fans in this day and age love to interact with the people who create the content.  So, use that to your advantage. Keep communication open with social media. Ask them to subscribe and even donate money to take part in surveys about the next content they want to see.  Participate in a Livestream for a charitable cause. Any level of interaction will definitely boost your reputation and make your internet marketing tactics more effective. Because without people, there is no marketing, plain and simple.

Do you want more internet marketing advice? Or, maybe you want to see a boost in your small business? Visit, www.purpletieguys.com

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Internet Marketing: Content Trends of 2019 – Audio Content and Podcasts

Internet Marketing: Content Trends of 2019 – Audio Content and Podcasts

During the rise of television, the main concern at the entertainment industry at the time was that visual media will one day erase the concept of audio entertainment. There is even a song about it, which ironically, debuted first on the famous ’80s and 90’s music channel MTV. Producers worried that the presence of visual media would create a shift in priorities for visual appeal over sound quality. Broadcast stations were terrified of television replacing radio completely. However, that didn’t happen. Instead, it found a new life elsewhere.

Radio broadcasting simply changed location from the living room to cars and department stores. Eventually, audio commentary, dramas, and new genres of music would gain notoriety through the digital age in a new form. Once streaming audio and video from the internet became a concrete concept, the use of audio for entertainment in a world of digital multitasking became mainstream.

Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash

Audio Content

These days, anybody can create their own popular audio content, and will even engage in internet marketing tactics in hopes of increasing the popularity of their audio recordings. Either through sponsorships or crowdfunding, a lot of popular audio content has succeeded in raising money for various causes or personal profit.

Anybody with recording software and internet access could create and share their own content. However, if Sturgeon’s Law is in effect, then 90% of it all is hot garbage.  So, we are going to talk about how to make sure your audio content and podcasts are worth listening to.

Photo by Jonathan Velasquez on Unsplash

Get Good Equipment

Podcasting or using any other audio platform requires a level of know-how in the realm of audio recording and editing. While I understand that not everyone can afford top of the line equipment, if you go far too cheap with it to the point that you can’t record your audio without the sounds of cracking or popping, you are going to end up with poor quality results. People want to listen to something that is easy for them to hear and understand.

A great artist might be able to work with the poor materials that are handed to them. However, people are not patient. Especially when you are on the internet. Bad equipment is always a risk for alienating your audience if there are too many technical difficulties.

Photo by Andrei Bocan on Unsplash

Focus on Ambiance

Mood is everything when you are focusing on either visual or audio work.  It can denote when something is shocking, happy, sad, or disturbing. This depends on the sounds used and its execution. Do you want to make people feel afraid in a horror narration podcast?  Add small sound effects to make people feel hyperaware, like breathing, and footsteps. Do you want your audience to feel calm so they can listen to your commentary? Play something soothing that fades into the background of your analysis.

A nonvisual medium like podcasts and radio utilizes non-diagetic sounds. Non-diegetic sounds are sounds that are outside the parameters of the story or acting. Background music, commentary overlay, and anything else nondiegetic can combine with dialogue to create a mood or atmosphere that can reflect the intent of what you want listeners to feel.

People identify with what they are listening to if they feel immersed in the audio. Speaking of immersion…

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Engage with Guests

Maybe you want to encourage people to post more comments on your page? Or, maybe you just want to add some extra layers to a bunch of text you are reading out loud. Well, just because people are listening doesn’t mean that they always want to be passive participants. Sure, some people might listen to podcasts while participating in another activity. But, others might want to engage with others who make their content.

You can directly address your audience in a variety of ways. Offhand commentary in between bits of information is a great way to get listeners engaged with the person behind the voice. Sometimes having an open chatroom when doing a live recording session. Even asking audience members to vote on something like what topic you should cover next or asking them a direct question can be enough to encourage listeners to participate.

Either way, the more your listeners will participate, the more likely that your platform will become relevant and popular in relevant social media channels.


Audio content can be a good internet marketing tool. Especially, if you know how to use it properly. If you are new to the world of podcasting and are not used to the nuances and sound direction that is involved, you might want to talk to someone who knows recording and editing. Listen to some proper examples of internet marketing and its traditional radio counterparts. There are also plenty of tutorials out there on social media so you can get started!


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Internet Marketing: Content Trends of 2019 – Written Content

Internet Marketing: Content Trends of 2019 – Written Content

The sheer enormity of the internet, as well as the increased global communication between businesses,  is something that most small businesses can find intimidating. Everyone keeps saying, “Make Good Content” but don’t exactly tell you how to go about it.  This makes the idea of internet marketing even more daunting.

There is no need to worry! Understanding internet marketing techniques along with equipment and the nature of each popular medium is easier than most people think. All you need to do is break down and categorize each one.

Here are some internet marketing trends this year that I have compiled for you to understand how good content is created in writing, audio, and video.

Written Content

This is the sort of content production I am most familiar with. Mainly because I have been writing and consuming said content for a variety of fields for the last two years. I have tried and failed in a variety of articles. It is thanks to the help of research and objective data, that I was able to improve my content over time.

According to analytics, 55% of anyone who clicks on an article will read it 15 seconds or less.  This is a huge flag for me because it illustrates a key concept that has been an issue.

No one is getting engaged with content that is specifically tailored for engagement.

There may be a variety of reasons why the content falls short. So,  I am going to offer some advice for aspiring bloggers.

Find a Voice

When you are an aspiring writer, it is hard to assume an identity first before you come up with your first article. Especially when there seems to be a variety of bloggers with their own distinct writing style.

Thankfully, you can find that voice through a little bit of self-reflection and comparison.

Write something you are passionate about, without thinking. Rant, rave and don’t worry about form.  Once you have something compare and contrast with your favorite bloggers.  Take a few notes about similarities and differences. This will help you determine your strengths and weaknesses.

For example, at the time I started blog work I was reading a lot of Cracked.com  articles. I liked their sarcastic style, and wit. However, I had a bad habit of laying it on a little thick, so I had to learn to tone it down for the sake of professionalism.

 Keep your Writing Interesting

A good writer for internet marketing can write about a subject that interests them the most.  A great internet marketing writer can take the most boring subject interesting.

Unless your advertising company is rolling in a lot of money, content creators will have little choice in the clients we are assigned to. Because we are far too broke to be turning down assignments.  This means that you are given the task of writing for a blog that may have an uninteresting topic or a topic that is foreign to you.

It’s up to you to not only inform the public but get them engaged in the content. If you fail to do that, then you aren’t doing your job.

So, how do you spice it up without clickbait? You ask questions and find the cool stuff.

Are you writing about cutting grass? Find out why we have lawns in the first place. I found out that dandelions and crabgrass were actually a crop at one point. That’s interesting!

Are you assigned to write about plastic surgery? Learn about its origins of it or the latest techniques in the field. The answers will surprise you and your readers. Life is wild, unpredictable, and outright fascinating because that is just how people are.

As long as you are tasteful, understand your target audience, and are authentic, you can talk about anything, even something you find boring at first.

Redheaded Baby Playing With Blocks

Make Content Easy To Understand

When writing for the Internet marketing field, you want to be as clear and concise as possible. Because in today’s digital world no one has a lick of patience.

If something is hard to read because the English is terrible, or you have a single block of text with no formatting, people are going to skip over it.

This is the Internet, a blunt and brutal place with a level of anonymity that most people take full advantage of. They are not going to give you a pity click or share your work if it is terrible. You want many people to share that content as much as possible. That is literally the point of internet marketing.


Whether you are from Huntsville, Alabama, or anywhere else in the world, you can make good content. It is just a matter of putting in an effort. Even if it all seems too hard at first. Trust me, you will be rewarded for it in time.


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4 Industries that are Embracing Internet Marketing

4 Industries that are Embracing Internet Marketing

Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

It is no surprise to most people that technology is growing on insane levels. Ever since the Internet became a household necessity and not just a luxury, people have been utilizing it for all sorts of things. People of all classes, race, and financial circumstance all have equal access to information more than ever before. They can see and hear about parts of the world that most people could only dream about. And, they have access to all kinds of educational content that can boost business opportunities locally and worldwide.  The freedom that the information age has given individuals and local businesses cannot be an understatement.

So, it makes me and a few other people wonder, which industries or businesses are taking advantage of things like internet marketing the most? What businesses are taking advantage of the internet marketing explosion? Which ones are sticking with more traditional routes? Is there a chance that these industries might change tactics? So, I am going to compile a list of the five top industries that are embracing internet marketing.



Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

The first classification of groups that spend the most on digital advertising is the retail industry. This is little to no surprise to anyone who is familiar with the concept of retail marketing. After all, retail businesses have often been the industry pioneering different forms of advertising and sales methods. Also, it makes sense that retailers will turn to digital marketing the most, thanks to the shopping patterns of the average consumer. According to marketing researchers, “Nearly 60% of shoppers look up product information and prices while using their mobile phones in stores. ”  The range of mobile phone use in brick and mortar stores starts from research, digital coupons, and price comparison. So, it should make sense that retailers would need to invest in digital marketing if they want to be up to date in commerce practices.



Image by Ulrich Dregler from Pixabay

This industry is surprisingly the second one that spends on digital advertising and internet marketing. The type of internet marketing spending that the auto industry is focusing on is more specific than retail. The auto industry’s main spending focus includes custom websites and the use of Facebook Ads.   The latest data involving automotive industries and Facebook ads seem to point to good results for dealerships.

According to a comScore study, the results of Facebook Ads for dealerships include:

  • 37% increase in dealership visits
  • 17% increase to dealership and automotive brand sites
  • 11% increase in brand search activity
  • 14% decrease in competitive model searches
  • 3% decrease in competitive brand searches   “


Financial Services

This is the third highest industry spending on internet marketing and digital ads. This is due in part for the demand for easier banking platforms. There is a greater emphasis on online banking than there has ever been in the last 5 years. While they do not measure specific ROI as most other industries do, they almost don’t need to. This is because a whopping 94% of uses in all age groups use online banking.  And the financial institutions who even use social media platforms like Facebook or Linkedin in the first place already have access to customer comments and opinions. What’s more, there is no homogenous content strategy in the financial industry. 75% of financial services marketers use different content strategies in place for each channel they have. They know how to cater to a very large audience.



Image by Alberto Adán from Pixabay

This one is not particularly surprising. After all, internet usage tends to fall under telecommunications. These days, internet providers in America are often done through cable companies and telephone distributors. This is because,  according to one report, “Viewership of digital video—whether in long-form on over-the-top (OTT) platforms, or short-form on social platforms—continues to gain in popularity over live TV, especially among millennials and Gen Z. Advertisers hoping to reach these consumers are directing more ad dollars toward video formats.”

However, up until this point, there have been tensions between traditional media outlets and new media. Especially when it comes to marketing. This has lead to hybridization of advertising. Traditional platforms, like television stations, are advertising online through web platforms, like Youtube. Another example goes to radio stations and podcast groups. Usually, there is a common theme of relevance in regards to the two media platforms. In some instances, it is well received more than others. However, there is still a rise in spending from this industry.



The landscape of internet marketing and digital ad spending is changing based on the demand of customers and businesses alike. There is no guarantee that the platforms will pan out for everyone. But, if a business or a person can take the time to find the right audience, things can work in a marketer’s favor.



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Navigating Influencer and Internet Marketing

Navigating Influencer and Internet Marketing

Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash

Marketing can be a great force for good. It can make people aware of products or services that can help with obstacles. It can promote charity and businesses that need extra help. Also, it can outright stimulate the economy by encouraging people to spend more.

However, just like everything else in life, there is a dark side to it. Anyone can purposely create false perceptions about a product, advertise something in a completely unethical way,  or outright connect a person with a product they shouldn’t have.  This is especially true when a new platform comes into play.

Influencer marketing, a type of marketing that relies on popular online personalities, is new enough for a lot of the shady side of internet marketing to peak through. The level of desperation to make an income online, combined with the inexperience of these influencers, creates a hotbed of issues. Issues that need ironing out through familiarity and legal measures.

As a company that studies and engages in internet marketing, we have a few suggestions for influencers and businesses. Suggestions that can create a strong internet marketing foundation. So, let’s talk about it.

Transparency is Key in Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is particularly susceptible to shady behavior because a lot of interactions are done on a pretty anonymous level. Deals can be made all the time with people not sharing the same physical space. You could go online on E-bay and buy someone’s junk without ever really talking to the person selling it if you want.

While it may work in the instance of small purchases for goods, when a person or a company’s reputation is on the line, it can get hairy. Doubly so if money has involvement in the situation.

So, if both the influencer and the business that wants someone to promote on their behalf want to make this work, they both need to be as transparent with one another as possible.

That does not mean that both parties need to make each other privy to every nuance and detail of the product or service rendered. However, if there is too little or outright false information between both parties, assumption, and falsehoods will replace facts and realistic expectation.

If an influencer is ignorant about what they are advertising, their whole career and reputation are at stake. Also, if a business relies on influencers who do not have a solid platform for advertising or the right target demographic, they are throwing away money to possible con-artists. Or, at the very least woefully undeserving and naive online users.

Photo by Patrick T’Kindt on Unsplash

Both Parties Need to Do their Research

If a company wants someone to act as an influencer for their product, just picking someone popular won’t do.  After all, influencers are usually part of a specific demographic. A niche crowd that fell in love with a specific personality, style of presentation, or subject matter.

Influencers bank entirely on their reputation. One that they have to maintain, and update to keep a fickle audience completely engaged.

Professional influencers often know how keep their audience engaged for long periods of time, and know how to conduct themselves in public within professional levels. But there are a lot of people on the internet that don’t have that skill set. Either that or they are far too new to have built one yet. That is why companies should research, thoroughly, who they want to back.

The same can be said of companies. They bank on their reputation but often have enough leeway on policies depending on size and monetary value. There are corporate giants like Disney and Coca Cola, who have a large amount of cultural and legal clout. Enough for them to get away with some things that influencers might not want to promote. Smaller businesses are less likely to get away with it, especially if they hit controversy far too early.

Both parties need to do due diligence through research on the front end.

Have there been any scandals as of late? If so, what was the nature of it? What is their target demographic? Does the product or the influencer content have an age limit? And how are the legalities civilly and federally handled? What internet marketing platform do they use? Is there any third party fees, and communication lines that need to be opened there? What boundaries are there for both the influencer and the company?

The Takeaway

It is very tempting to just throw money at the most popular thing on the internet marketing craze and hope that everything works out. However, it would be a great disservice to both parties if they go in blind. Popularity is not as long lasting as a reputation, so careful steps need to be measured.



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The Call For Diversity In Influencer Marketing

The Call for Diversity in Influencer Marketing

Marketing trends, short term or long term, are prone to change.  What works for one era will not work for another. Even then, if a marketer did everything right, there is no guarantee of results. That is why marketers do their best to study and apply both the long and short term trends of customer buying decisions and the motivation behind each one.  Today’s technologically driven economy relies on the relatability of influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing in which an influential personality from a social media platform testifies on the behalf of a product. Sometimes, they are a paid third party. Other times, they are already users of that product or service.  The representation of a product or service by a trusted individual often garners a more positive response compared to other forms of advertising in the past.

This is because the influencer advertising comes across more genuine to target audiences.  But what makes influencer marketing a trend in the first place? The answer to that question is relatability. When a person or a group of people can relate to something, they are more likely to want to associate with it.

How Tribalism Determines our View on Marketing

Human beings are social creatures. We form alliances with family members and friends for our own protection.  As well as the protection of our species. It is as old as the early stages of mankind and is still exemplified through modern alliances and group identity. A lot of these tribes form through a combination of shared commonalities, such as appearance, communication methods, activities, and tradition.

When a new item, person, or idea gets an introduction to a tribe of people who are unfamiliar with it, there two possible responses. Inclusion or exclusion. Inclusion often comes when the new presence is deemed compatible with the way of life already adopted by the tribe.  Or, when a representative of the very same tribe vouches for the intrusion. Because familiarity is a strong association of safety.

As we evolve, we have come to the realization that this is not always the case. Sometimes family, close friends, and people in our community can prove themselves just as untrustworthy as unknown strangers or elements. However, it is an instinct that has been honed by our ancestors, who scrapped for everything they could find. And one that is far too powerful to ignore. So hard to ignore in fact, that it carries over to our smaller, more inconsequential decisions, like buying a toothbrush. Whether we realize it or not, human beings crave to see a reflection of themselves. Mainly, to help them along in the decision-making process.

But how does it work in the context of influencer marketing? And isn’t diversity in influencer marketing the anthesis of tribalism? Not really.

Diversity and Influencer Marketing is a Reflection of America’s Population

When we hear the term, ‘diversity in media’, we generally assume it means a forced representation. Mainly from well-intentioned political correctness gone wrong. But that isn’t really the case. Especially, when it comes to social media. Because social media accounts come across less artificial compared to other forms of media.

Producers in traditional media formats polish, edit, and create a fantasy world all in the name of entertainment or sales.  And while some editing is required for things like writing a post, or uploading a video, the instantaneous speed of posting and the permanency of the internet makes it really difficult to keep up artifice for too terribly long on social media. Especially if a post history is available.

So, instead of glamorized Hollywood stars with altered appearances and carefully crafted dialogue for the sake of fantasy, we have real people for influencers. Imperfections and all.  This checks most of the cynicism of advertising adopted by Millennials and Gen Z’s, who grew up with excess advertising.

Because there is little enforced sanitization in social media, not only are we seeing imperfection, but we are also seeing genuine diversity. After all, white people only make up 74% of the entire American population. And males make up only 49% of the population.   So, it makes statistical sense that not all American influencers are going to be homogenous. There are even other factors to consider, like age range, and belief systems.

This allows for the opportunity of a variety of people who differ in all of these factors to find an influencer, and by extension, a product more suited to their individual needs. Because they see an element of themselves in an influencer.


Ultimately, because they are seeing an extension of themselves on social media, users are far more likely to listen and follow through advertising from an influencer rather than a traditional ad.

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Search Engine Marketing and Small Business Attitudes

How SMB can Benefit from Search Engine Marketing

The American marketplace is a complex and convoluted sort of mess, not unlike search engine marketing. While there is a whole economy that is made up of small and large businesses alike, if you look closer, you will notice that is made up a series of smaller economies.  Not many people realize how much our economy relies on small business. In fact, it makes ups a whopping 99% of the American economy. Which says a lot about who actually contributes to America’s economy. But I digress. These businesses work functionally as small pieces of a larger capitalist puzzle. As long as they exist, the free market will always have a place in American society.

Unfortunately, it seems that they are less equipped in comparison to their big business counterparts. While newer small businesses are purely based online it seems that search engine marketing, let alone marketing plans, are still slow to catch on. In fact, only 50% of small businesses have a marketing plan at all. Compared to the insane amount of marketing by large companies, there is little doubt in my mind that there is a disparity between the knowledge and resources available to smaller businesses regarding marketing strategies.  This begs the question. Why don’t they engage in marketing? Also, how could search engine marketing benefit them? Let’s find out.

small business, search engine marketingWhat Small Businesses Think of Marketing

According to Search Engine Journal, the reasons behind the hesitancy of small businesses when it comes to marketing, including search engine marketing vary.  These reasons that were recorded in the article’s survey include:

  • 25% of respondents are unsure of how they plan to grow their businesses in 2019.
  • 55% of SMB (small business) owners spend less than 5% of annual revenue on marketing.
  • Over 58% of SMB owners spend five hours or fewer on marketing every week.
  • 86% of respondents would rather spend their time on other business activities than spending time on marketing.

These responses give us a bigger picture of what is going on in the small business world. For starters, at least a quarter of small business owners are ignorant of the marketing and advertising process. This makes sense because of the demands that come with owning a business. Business owners have to focus on several aspects of their business at once. This can lead to overwhelming situations and dropping balls.

Another thing this data tells me is that revenue, or money when starting a business is scarce. When you don’t have much money behind a business, there is little room for trial and error. And if marketing appears to be a gamble to someone who does not know about the process, it makes introducing the idea of a marketing strategy harder. Especially when you introduce the concept of something like a pay-per-click model to a business who can’t afford to experiment.

Also, marketing/advertising is not for everyone. When people start a business, they want to do the work that is related to the business first. A furniture maker would rather make furniture instead of begging people to come to their store. Overall, it makes sense that the prospect is overwhelming to 50% of small businesses.

What Can Search Engine Marketers Do to Fix This?marketing, search engine marketing, consultation

There are several solutions that marketers can do to convince small businesses on the merits of marketing.

The first one in mind is to explicitly define the difference between marketing and advertising. In layman’s terms and companies hiring sales positions, both marketing and advertising are considered one and the same. We need to fully explain and define marketing as what it is, an examination of the relationships between a business and a consumer. Anybody can intrusively ask something via advertising. Marketing is hyper-targeted and when done right, it matches the right people with the right products.

The second is to offer flexibility to small business owners.  Not all marketing has to start out as an expensive endeavor. If there is little flexibility in price, to begin with, you can work with low-cost options that are super effective, such as search engine marketing on social media formats like Facebook combined with SEO practices. As soon as it takes off if the small business you work for makes more of a profit, you and the owners might be more comfortable talking about more expensive marketing options in the future. Nothing has to be set in stone.

The last idea is to demystify the process altogether.  Show examples of what coming up with a marketing plan looks like. Break it down step by step. Search engine marketing and marketing plans don’t have to be a headache.


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4 Types of Search Engine Marketing Segments

4 Types of Search Engine Marketing Segments

search engine marketing

Search engine marketing has come a long way since the age of pop up ads on the internet. Today’s Search Engine Marketing in Huntsville Alabama and other places all over the country have become super targeted. This is to both the benefit of the customers and businesses, decreasing the chances of frustration and wasted spending from both parties. In fact, it has grown so vast over the last few years that there are now 4 different avenues of Search Engine Marketing. So, let’s look at what each of them is, and what sort of strategy can be applied to each type.

Search Engine Marketing: Pay Per Click

Its initial definition from the dictionary is, ” a business model where a company that has placed an advertisement on a website and pays a sum of money to the host website when a user clicks on the advertisement.” It is a business transaction that is between a search engine platform and the company renting out advertising space. There are ways where this type of segment can be useful. If a company pays $10 per click and gets a $300 sale, then it is a profitable model. Where it gets tricky is the intent behind the click. Not all clicks lead to a sale. Sometimes, people don’t realize it is an ad, or their finger slipped and they clicked away. This creates a problem of losing money in this system. If too many people click and don’t follow through with a sale, then your business will hemorrhage money fast.

This is why it is best to stick to large sales results, to cushion possible loss. If you are selling something cheap, this may not be the route for you.

Cost Per Impression

The second of the four search engine marketing segments is cost per impression. This model is structured like pay per click, but the difference is that companies pay for an ad being shown to its target audience, whether it is clicked on or not. The pricing of impressions can be lower the pay per click model, but since the number of impressions is higher, the cost will go exponentially higher just for the sake of exposure. This method is not ideal for all situations. The best scenario that can be accomplished with this model is for an already well-known company promoting a temporary good or service. A good example of this is Coca-Cola’s orange vanilla flavor campaign. They know that the more people who are aware of it are going to try it. So they don’t need the clicks to survive. An impression is enough.

Search Analytics

This is the search engine marketing segment that can help your business determine where it stands. And can help give you the knowledge you need for a course of action. It includes an analysis of who visited your site, how many of them result in a sale, the average value of those sales as well as your total earnings. Some of them will even let you see what keywords they found you on so that you can focus on keywords related to that search term. Without knowing what it is that people are looking for, and the terminology they use, you are flying blind. This is why there must be due diligence from every single business on the web when they come up with a marketing plan. If this information is not combed over once in a while, a lot of opportunities may be lost.

Web Analytics

Just like search analytics, web analytics tell you where you stand on your search engine marketing platform. Instead of an analysis of search engine terms and indexing, however, web analytics is an analysis of the functionality of your website. People want shopping on the web as a quick and easy process. We are in a time where instant gratification and hinderance management is a big part of the shopping process. So, when people are impeded by things like slow loading time, bad formatting, or buttons that don’t work, they are not likely to follow through with their purchase. That is why it is important that web analytics are up to date. If your site isn’t up to date, functional, and easy to understand you will lose prospective clients. That is why you need experts in coding and visual design to bring your message across correctly.

Search Engine Marketing Conclusions

This mix of search engine marketing segments is a hodgepodge. Some of them are outright mandatory, and others are optional, depending on budget and end goals. All that is for certain is that you need a search engine marketing plan if you expect for any online marketing campaign to be successful.


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