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5 Steps to Creating a Twitter Marketing Campaign – Part 3

iphone-1032782_960_720Like all social networks, Twitter is evolving. This evolution comes in the form of emoji searches and updates to advertising options. In the third part of this 3-Part series, we show you how Twitter is changing and what takeaways you need to snag from the world of hashtags.


Twitter recently introduced targeting emojis used on the platform through the help of select ad partners. This would allow anyone searching for, for example, the pizza, ring or biking emojis to target the users who used those in a post with ads for restaurants, jewelers, and sports drinks. Hopefully, you celebrated World Emoji Day by tweeting lots of those tiny emotion images!

Tweets in Advertising

pragueAnother area where Twitter has advanced is through allowing tweets to be captured for advertisements. An update for advertisers on Twitter is “Dubbed Promoted Tweet Carousel, it allows brands to curate multiple tweets within a single, swipeable ad unit that can include videos, images or text.” The process allows advertisers to do a search for brand mentions, collect them and pull the comments into a previously paid ad. This allows “testimonials” to display right in the ad. Any advertiser using a comment MUST have the permission of the person tweeting in order to use their post in the company’s ad. It can be mutually beneficial; the advertiser will get positive testimonials and the person tweeting can be seen by millions of more twitter users; thereby garnering a larger following.

man-person-apple-iphoneTakeaways from this series are:

  • Create a list of goals
  • Control your brand narrative by defining your company’s personality
  • Provide valuable content in a readable, friendly and engaging format
  • Engage your followers with interesting posts as well as mentions, retweets, individual replies and by sharing lists
  • Use Twitter’s free services – Advance Search and Lead Generation Cards to further engage users
  • Review analytics to determine what types of posts create the most impressions
  • Connect with users by searching emojis and look for tweets about your brand name to grab new brand advocates

By defining your objective for a marketing strategy, creating personal content and engaging other users, you will find the results of your data analysis are that you are very much prepared for the future.



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5 Steps to Creating a Twitter Marketing Campaign – Part 2

mobile-social-heroWith 23% of all online users and a younger demographic than Facebook, brand advocates can be created by engaging influencers in a conversation, re-tweeting posts, creating mentions, and by having valuable, personal and persuasive content in your tweets.

In the second part of our 3 part series, we show how you can improve your Twitter marketing campaign by engaging your customers and using the analysis tools provided on the platform to increase your brand awareness.

Get Engaged

As a marketing strategy, you can bring more attention to your brand if you identify and join conversations related to your industry on Twitter. Look for life events, news or products connected with your business. Make sure you have an appealing bio as well as high-resolution graphics and a brand logo so that when users jump to your page for details, they can see you are professional and worth engaging!

periscopeTo further connect with followers, make a list of keywords related to your product or service then do a search to bring up the top tweets based on the search entered. You can also select to view live tweets which will show you the most recent activity specific to your search.

If you find a post that you think would be of interest to your followers you can retweet it and a notification will be sent to the person who originally created the tweet. An individual response can also be sent to a person who created the original tweet. Either way, you have engaged with someone who shares interests in similar brands. A retweet will display in both timelines; however, a response will only show in the original creator’s timeline.

Adding a mention (@mention) to the conversation will also encourage engagement and will display in both the timelines for you and the person being mentioned. The real goal is to build relationships, add value and show respect for those reviewing your product information.

3911634112_f3a87b7d88Another place to become engaged is through Lists. Twitter Lists contain the brands you and your company like to follow and you can make this list public or private. You might create a list of brands related to your product and share it with your followers to spark a conversation. Or you could share a specifically curated list with prospective clients indicating you understand their needs and want to provide value.

Other areas of free brand awareness to explore are Advanced Search and Lead Generation Cards.

Analyze the Data

Measuring what’s happening on Twitter with your impressions, tweets received, engagement rate, overall reach and clicks made, can easily be seen through Twitter Analytics. This site will show you tweet rankings, profile visits, mentions, how many tweets were linked to you and highlights such as Top Tweet, Top Mention, Top Follower and Top Media Tweet. You can gauge what posts do well and plan your content marketing strategy accordingly.

Google Analytics can also be used to measure your Twitter successes through the Reporting tab.

By getting the audience engaged and then analyzing your posts, you could be well on your way to being a top influencer on the platform.

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5 Steps to Creating a Twitter Marketing Campaign – Part 1

5 Steps to Creating a Twitter Marketing Campaign – Part 1

A Twitter marketing campaign reaches influencers and users alike with a few simple steps and can propel your business with more click-through rates and engagement. Part 1 in a series this month discusses how to begin your marketing strategy.

True, Twitter does have 23% of online users and claims a younger demographic; however, new users (men and those 65 and older) are setting up accounts every day. Taking advantage of this growing audience can be as easy as following the prompts to setup Twitter Ads and posting between noon and 6pm during the week. Brand advocates are created all the time by engaging influencers in a conversation, re-tweeting posts, creating mentions, and by having valuable, personal and persuasive content in your tweets.  Twitter is also creating new ways to advertise all the time.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll cover how you can create a Twitter marketing campaign and bring your business to the forefront of social media. In this post, we cover the first two steps in your strategy – defining your object and making the marketing plan personal.

Define Your Objective

Prior to starting any marketing campaign, goals must be defined. Determine what you hope to accomplish and ask questions: “What do I want to achieve with my campaign?” “Who is my target market?” “How can I best reach them?”

Be Personal

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Once a marketing strategy has been created, consider how you want your company to be perceived on
Twitter. Write posts based on the company personality; add a human element to the business. Keep the content personal but professional. Create a “voice” for the organization and make it consistent.

If you are a company that does accounting, but you want to come across as accessible, reach your audience with some fun tips or a training video on how to record their monthly expenses. Maybe create a few tweets linking to the simplest and most used apps for money management: “Don’t be stressed during tax time 2016! Use XYZ.com to download the best apps to record your expenses all year long!” The content is engaging, helpful to the user and interesting because it will solve a problem for them. No sales pitch – just a personal conversation about fixing a problem.

Along with sharing unique content, you need to speak with your audience as you would a close friend. Use plain language, pull large industry-only words, slang or lingo out of your Twitter vocabulary; you need to make your audience feel like you understand them, not that you must be the smartest person in social media. Save the industry jargon for your next convention! Be personal and personable, but skip the self-promotion.  Users want to read valuable content and become genuinely interested.

Defining goals, making the content personal and creating a voice for your company are just the first steps in getting your marketing strategy going strong. In Part 2 of this series this month, we will discuss how to get your audience engaged and generate leads from that engagement.

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3 Web Marketing Tactics your Business Should Use Today!

3 Web Marketing Tactics your Business Should Use Today!


In today’s ever changing world it’s hard to stay on top of what’s hot! Remember Myspace? What’s hot today could be gone tomorrow. However, some things are here to stay. At least long enough for you to commit to them. The nice thing about the three things I’m going to share with you is they are free (for the most part).

                            Google MyBusiness

Google Partner

The number 1 (and probably the most underutilized) tool is Google MyBusiness. I know you probably get tons of calls a day from people needing to update your listing on Google. Those are scammers. Google will never call you directly to update your listing. They do, however, have a vast network of Partners to help you utilize the power of Google! This tool is possibly even more powerful than having your own website.



Local SEO

Google Local Search

#2 is Google Local Search or local SEO. This is your listing in Google maps and is directly controlled by the Google MyBusiness interface.This is your listing people see when they search for a business like yours. Let’s use something simple like “BBQ.” If you are a bbq restaurant you’ll want to show up if a user searches for “bbq.” However, if your listing is not configured properly (or even worse missing) then you stand no chance of showing up at all! Other problems we see are the phone number and hours of operation being wrong. Taking over your listing is free and something ever business owner should do.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Last but not least, is social media marketing. This is, by far, the most time-consuming thing your business will do, but the results can be amazing! It’s called creating a “tribe” or following. It allows your customers the opportunity to be local “brand followers.” Just like the ever popular Ford vs Chevy debate, why not let your valued customers sing your praises?

These are the three things that I suggest your business does today. Now if you’re like most busy business owners, you “don’t have time” to market your business. There are companies out there that will manage these things for you on an ongoing basis. If you have questions about this article, leave me a comment or feel free to contact The Purple Tie or FavGeek, LLC for more information about these powerful tools.

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Mastermind groups are now open

We’re excited to announce open enrollment for our mastermind groups. If you’re looking for newwpid-Photo-20151027185507294.jpg ideas, an outside perspective on your current ideas or would benefit from the fellowship of other business owners then  a mastermind is for you. We will be hosting a monthly group meeting. In the beginning we’ll be communicating via Skype or Telephone. 

We will also be offering a monthly meeting in person and a weekly online/telephone mastermind for those seeking more out of a group than a monthly meeting can provide. We are offering three mastermind groups at this time.

  • Leadership Ladder
    • Monthly phone meeting (free)
  • The Franklin Group
    • Monthly Online (Skype) meeting (Membership fee applies)
  • The Newton Group
    • Weekly Online (Skype) meeting (Membership fee applies)
  • The Einstein Group (NOT OPEN)
    • Weekly in person meeting (Membership fee applies)

Please note there is an application process for each group and not all applicants are accepted. 

To apply click here or go to www.thepurpletie.org/enrollment

We look forward to working together with you to achieve great things!

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Masterminding 101

So, why is masterminding so important? If you’ve heard the old saying that two heads are better than one then you have the basic concept. A mastermind is defined as: “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”

What benefits do I get from joining a mastermind group?

  • Mutual Support
  • Different Perspectives
  • Resources
  • Clarity
  • Growth
  • Networking
  • Accountability
  • Energy

Mastermind groups are typically held weekly, either in person or via teleconference (Skype or conference call service). I personally feel as though in person masterminding is best however teleconference is the industry standard. Having the ability to share ideas with other entrepreneurs gives you the opportunity to see things from a different perspective. I always tell my clients, “You cannot read the label from inside the jar.”

The Purple Tie offers different mastermind groups, from a very small, in-person group to a larger, teleconference group. You can start anywhere you’d like. We offer guest seats so you can attend your first mastermind for free! So, about that definite purpose? Ours is success in life, business and to build the wealth of your dreams… What’s your?



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An Amazing Start

I’d like to introduce you to a client we’ve really enjoyed working with. They’re United Cherokee Ani-Yun-Wiya Nation (501c3) non-profit, and they have worked on a for-profit company called AIR American Indian Resources for a few years. AIR believes all natural herbs are still the best medicine, and carries over 600 herbal items on their website at http://www.air-corp.org.

We have accomplished a lot in the time we’ve been working with them, but we know there is still work that they need to do! AIR has some truly wonderful people working with them in this venture! We worked hand in hand with their staff during the training process. They have a hunger to learn and a devotion to make this company great!

At the time of this article we’ve migrated their e-commerce site from a very limited free “shopping cart” to a feature rich, user-friendly site that has much more flexibility. We’ve overhauled the entire shipping process that has saved them time and money. We also developed a marketing plan that fits their budget and staff.

We are currently helping them with print material, signage and other promotional material. So, what’s next? After completing the current stage, we will be developing a blog at http://www.ucan-online.org that will allow them to turn their very costly (printed) newsletter into an interactive digital news letter that will reach more people for less money!

Please continue to check their websites periodically as we will be working over time to make improvements both in performance and visual enhancements. We will also be integrating all the companies’ social media with the site, making it easier to keep in touch!


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Habits that turn your customer off!

Language people! What if I told you there are habits (that you may very well do) that make people judge you as unprofessional or worse ignorant. I have heard profanity all my life. I thought it was part of becoming an adult; you gained the privilege of using profanity as you came of age. But in the business world it is quite the opposite, using profanity is a sign of a small vocabulary. If you must use profanity to make your point it’s a point that either DOESN’T need to be made or something so OBVIOUS that everyone but you already had it figured out! But let’s say it is a valid point; no one else had it figured out, and it was a truly great idea. Why would you tarnish it?

Unable to convey your message. We’ve all met the person that like totally thinks like this project could totally use like some pizzazz and ummm you know like colors and stuff! I would rank this equal to, if not worse than, profanity. Now I’m not suggesting you run out and take a public speaking course (although it wouldn’t hurt), but simply take the time to articulate what you are saying before voicing your idea. My father had a saying for it: “Make sure to put your brain in gear before putting your mouth in motion.”

Ogling. That’s right. When you meet someone that is of exceptional beauty to you, stop staring at them like they’re filet mignon. We are all humans, but we must learn to keep our biology in check! That’s right guys, you should be looking others in the eyes. Ladies, this goes for you, too. Even if you’re taking a “quick glance,” it’s obvious to the other person. Same goes for people with physical deformities, extreme height or weight, a mole or even birth marks. The human body is nothing more than “packaging” for the mind.

Being LATE! No one likes someone who is late. When I put it into perspective it will make sense and you’ll realize the effect “running late” has on every relationship you make. When I arrive late for a meeting it says two things. First, my time is more valuable than yours, and two, I don’t value your time! That’s right, if you are one of those people the consistently run late, you are devaluing peoples’ time. We all know that in business and life there’s no greater commodity than time! Next time you think about being “fashionably late” try setting a new fashion trend instead.


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Death of the Phone Book

Going the way of the old rotary phone, the phone book is dying a very expensive death, at least for those advertisers still buying ads in the Yellow Pages. Market research shows a massive reduction in the use of phone books (other than leveling a wobbly table). How big of a reduction? Over 50% of adult consumers don’t use a phone book (most children under the age of 18 have NEVER used one). Entrepreneur magazine is quoted as saying “A big, fat Yellow Pages landed in my driveway the other day with an audible whomp. I promptly picked it up and deposited it into the recycling bin with a second whomp. Harsh, right? But when I’m searching for something local–be it a snow shovel or a cinnamon roll–the last thing I’d do is flip through the phone book”.

And what’s worse is listing in the online Yellow Pages is very little help as customers no longer want to see static ads, they want something interactive. The customers have a voice, and they want to voice their opinion and rate your company! They want an easy way to share their experience with friends and family (good or bad).

Forbes magazine is quoted as saying “In fact, so many people have seen the uselessness of print phone books that WhitePages.com has started a campaign called “Ban the Phonebook”, promoting the idea of an “opt-in” phone book delivery program which would allow consumers to receive white pages only if they so desire. The site claims that 5 million trees are cut down each year to make phone books and that only 22 percent of those phone books are properly recycled.

Here’s the other issue with the phonebook. I look up your ad, and it doesn’t tell me anything other than how to contact you and what organizations you belong to. It doesn’t give me customer reviews or a way to interact with you or your company.

But here’s your biggest hurdle. When I open the phonebook, I’m forced to trust everyone equally. Just because you have a nice full page color ad doesn’t mean you’re right for the job. Be sure to check out our article on social media marketing.


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