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Food crisis


Years ago I was presented with a theoretical dilemma. How do you easily grow more food? At the time it seemed like a very straightforward question with an equally straightforward answer. Make farms bigger. But as I’ve grown older, I realize that rarely present itself as straightforward and simple. Full disclosure. I’m not an engineer nor a farmer. I have no background in anything useful that would go into fixing the problem of how to grow more product. However, that’s what makes me aptly qualified to hypothesize the hell out of this conundrum!


Farm Skyscrapers. Hear me out before you dismiss the idea. Hydroponics are greatly improved from what they were even 10 years ago. Take into consideration that farm land is a vast, flat piece of dirt soaked in sunlight, and that makes skyscrapers painfully obvious.

Take a building (we’ll say 10 stories high for easy numbers) and dedicate each floor to a specific crop. Put in your dirt, irrigation system, and UV lamps and you’re half way to a real life working plot of sun soaked dirt. The first problem that cropped up (sorry, couldn’t resist) was how to harvest the newly indoor skyscraper farm.

If we’re sticking to good, old American standbys, then we’ll take corn. It costs roughly $40 per acre to harvest using a combine. I think if there were some sort of electronic harvesting mechanism built into the corn rooms, this could save drastically on cost.

And assuming the building was one square acre, according to a report published in 2013, we’d have to charge roughly $5 a bushel (with each acre of corn producing around 160 bushels) to break even. Since we’re stacking multiple acres on top of one another, wouldn’t that reduce costs as well?


Meanwhile, in the real world, this exact issue is already being addressed. Forward Thinking Architecture has proposed a triple decker floating farm that is sort of a self sustaining ecosystem. The farms would be free floating on a body of water, and each level would have its own purpose. The byproducts of each system would feed parts of the other levels. It’s ingenious. You can check out an article detailing the plans here.

So, I guess I was kind of right, I just had the wrong location.

Some ideas of what the floating farms may look like.


floating-farms-4 floating-farms-2 floating-farms-1

All of these images came from the article over at GizMag. I suggest you go read it. It’s very interesting!

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Extended leave of absence

Folks, it happens to all of us. The good and bad, young and old. Robert Martin, business therapist, has come down with the flu. (We looked for a way to make this statement more interesting, but there really isn’t any way to make this “sexy.”) So, we appreciate your patience and understanding as he gets better. Hopefully “Unboxing Success” will resume as usual next week.

As for The Purple Tie Radio Show, we pumped Robert full of medication and sent him into the studio to force a new episode out this week. You will have a blast listening to how we’re going to make money off of these new found aliens. Head over to WDBN and listen tonight at 8pm CST.


The Purple Tie Staff

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Side Tangent: Drive-thru Etiquitte

Side Tangent: Drive-thru Etiquette

Drive ThruIt should go without saying that there are rules to follow when you’re in a drive-thru. Even if you’re just picking up a small fry at McDonald’s, there are still some simple guidelines to keep in mind. Here we go.

  1. You have to pay attention. When the vehicle in front moves, you move.
  2. There’s no need to touch bumpers. That’s right. We’re not racing. You’re not trying to pass. Give the other drivers some room.
  3. Do not honk your horn if you are more than one vehicle behind the front of the line. There’s no need for that. None.

See? How easy was that? Be patient, be courteous, be aware. That’s it. And that’s what really Grinds My Gears.

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Freelance Programming

I’ve been trying to get the hang of programming for years now, and I tend to switch back and forth between a few different favorites. But my main issue, in the beginning, was figuring out exactly which code I wanted to learn in the first place. This was a time before the internet was buzzing with places to ask for help. It was a desolate, intimidating place.

I was happy to find this infographic over on Who’s Hosting This that helps you figure out what it is you want to learn first. There’s a great article over there that I’ll link to at the bottom of this post. I’ve also included the infographic for easy access.

Happy coding! What-Code-Should-You-Learn_thumb Learn To Program via Who’s Hosting This

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The Top Business Apps You Need In 2015 For Your Phone and Tablet | TechBeat

The Top Business Apps You Need In 2015

Top business apps. Purple tie guysI love FileHippo. It’s a great place to find the top business apps and, grab any of your favorite downloads, and they house older versions of all of the software they host. Which is fantastic for a variety of reasons we won’t get into right now! I bring up FileHippo because I recently realized that they have a tech blog, TechBeat News.

They’ve compiled a list of the 10 best business apps for 2015, and while I don’t agree with all of their choices and exclusions (I would have included Evernote and Google Sheets), these are some great apps. Download some and give them a shot. I’m downloading Turbo Scan as we speak. Leave a comment here or on Facebook and let us what apps you’re using for your business.

The Top Business Apps You Need In 2015 For Your Phone and Tablet | TechBeat News

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Answer “What’s Your Greatest Weakness” Honestly

How to Answer: What’s your Greatest Weakness

We’ve all been through this at some point in our lives. The hiring manager of a business is staring you down in an evaluation interview with hidden intentions and razor sharp precision that makes you, the interview, weaknessinterviewee, feel like you are awaiting a decision from God at the seat of judgment. The judge asks the interviewee the most loaded question that you can think of: What is your greatest weakness? It’s a jarring, if not unexpected, question. It can throw you off, and it’s meant to in part. But it’s time to stop trying to turn this into a badly phrased positive trait.

What is your greatest weakness? It’s a jarring, if not unexpected, question. It can throw you off, and it’s meant to in part. But it’s time to stop trying to turn this into a badly phrased positive spin. No more “I’m a workaholic!” or “I’m a perfectionist!” Head over to the full article at Lifehacker; author Alan Henry lays out all the facts.

Stop Answering “What’s Your Greatest Weakness” with Badly Spun Positivies | Lifehacker photo by Samuel Mann

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How to Avoid the 6 Biggest Financial Mistakes Young Entrepreneurs Make

Inc.com has a magnificent article on financial mistakes new business owners must inevitably face. Filed under hard knocks, this list is a great example of what kind of problems inexperience brings. How many of these things have you encountered in your ventures? Let us know in the comments.

How to Avoid the 6 Biggest Financial Mistakes Young Entrepreneurs Make | via Inc.com

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15 Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Resolutions for 2015

New Year’s resolutions are a time-honored tradition stretching back as long as anyone can remember. They’re also the first promises broken in the new year. But business owners and entrepreneurs have different standards to live by. That’s why it’s always interesting to look at what they’ve pledged to bring into the new year.

An article published in Business News Daily asked 15 entrepreneurs what their resolutions for 2015 were, and the results were interesting. The replies, from digital marketers to clothing line owners, ranged from economic growth to team appreciation. Not all of these goals can be applied to your business, but give the article a once over. See if one of these resolutions doesn’t peak your interest.

15 Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Resolutions for 2015 | Business News Daily

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