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Internet Marketing and Time Management

Internet Marketing and Time Management

We live in a fast-paced world. Time is much more valuable than it has ever been with the presence of fast communication and increased competition. So, it would make sense that the management of time as a personal resource would be that much more valuable. After all, like any other resource, it is limited in our lives. This is especially true in the world of internet marketing. Time and the growth of technology is far faster than what any human can keep up with. Much like the stock market, all it takes is one simple miscalculation or some mismanagement before all of it will crumble on you. So, we are going to look at ways how we can best manage our time in the world of SEO and internet marketing alike.

Keep Yourself Motivated

What does self-motivation mean exactly? What does it look like in the world of SEO and any other technological landscape? There are a lot of job listings that require a ‘self-starter’ but don’t exactly explain what they mean.  A self-starter is the ability to do what needs to be done, without the need for the influence of others. Basically, once you know what you need to do, you can do it without someone or something nagging you to get it done.

While the efficiency of that self-motivation can waver at times, a self-motivated person gets what needs to be done within an assigned timeframe. People who work in any sort of tech career, including internet marketing, need to have a basic level of self-motivation. Because there is rarely anyone that will tell a blogger that they need to stop goofing off.

That sort of discipline is not always easy to come by. Especially, if you are doing something that you really don’t want to do.

That is why most internet marketers, bloggers, and social media managers need to have a level of passion for what they do. If you can find something you like about it, even just a little, you are much more likely to be motivated to take care of your workload and projects. People in marketing without any sort of passion for it will not only make their message fall flat to audiences. It will also increase the likelihood of bloggers and marketers putting off much-needed content creation.  You might not even be cut out for internet marketing if you can’t find the motivation to actually do it.

Remove all Distraction

It is one thing when you are working in an office with a phone or an open door for other people to reach you. Also, it one thing to have some sort of background music going on while you are making your content or setting up your blog schedule. It is an entirely different thing to look at your Facebook feed while you are trying to type content.

The internet, while a valuable tool can be ridiculously distracting. After all, we can interact with just about anyone or anything. There is a strong chance of distraction if you aren’t willing or able to manage your time for work or play. Outside distractions are oftentimes just as annoying too. Pets, kids, and other forms of social interaction while in public or at home, or just a need to go outside during a sunny day can be a foil to your deadlines if you are not paying attention.

So, it is best, when you are coming up with content, or are communicating with someone about an internet marketing plan, that you remove as many instances of distraction as possible.

  • Keep your office tidy before you get to work.
  • Take care of your personal needs.
  • Set up boundaries if your office is at home.
  • Don’t open Netflix on your computer until after you finish posting content for your social media client.

Whatever it is that you do to contribute to internet marketing, make sure that you have time allotted for work and play. Then stick to that schedule.

Keep Track of Your Deadlines

Much like a child with homework, if you do not know what is due when you are going to get bad reviews. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using a calendar to keep track of your schedule. Especially when something like internet marketing relies entirely on that schedule. Keep track of when Google or your viewers are expecting to hear updates from you. Post your content on a regular basis. Check your analytics and use that to make a schedule. There is so much technology at our fingertips that can help us keep track. There is no reason not to use it to our advantage.

If you pay more attention to how and when your content, your site, and your overall business is ‘graded’, you will be much more equipped for success. And isn’t that what all businesses want?




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Internet Marketing: Content Trends of 2019 – Video Content

Internet Marketing: Content Trends of 2019 – Video Content

Film, or video, is a very demanding artistic expression. Even in its earliest stages 100 years ago, things like setting, concept, and visual execution. However, the increase of special effects and the introduction of sound, further polishing visual media like movies, animation, and television. Naturally, that is why out of all the artistic medium for internet marketing, video is the hardest to produce. This is because the medium requires a good amount of knowledge of video, audio, editing, acting, and scriptwriting.

But that does not mean that it can’t pay off. According to marketing experts, “Nearly 82% of Twitter users watch video content on the platform.” and “People around the globe spend over 500 million hours watching videos on YouTube.” That is a lot of reward for hard work. However, the sheer volume of content out there on the internet means a struggle for original and popular content. So, we are going to go over some advice to give your videos a fighting chance in internet marketing.

Be Real With Your Subject Matter

Later generations, like Millenials, and Aughts are very aware when they are being sold to or when content is pandering. And it makes sense.  These generations, including their Gen X predecessors, grew up in a world of advertising. For the most part, they are fully aware when companies give brands an unrelatable and cheery facade. So, when they see videos in which the dialogue is unrelatable and the visuals have too much polish, they are going to disconnect.

That is why one of the more recent controversy, the Burger King “Real Meals” are falling flat with their intended audience. The audience knows full well that Burger King does not actually care about their mental health, and only show a vapid understanding of both meme culture and mental health.

So, instead of trying to fit yourself and your brand into a trend for the sake of sales, get enthused about what you are doing. Why do you actually like to make videos about your business? What are some of the reasons why you like your job and what you are selling? Is there anything that is annoying in your line of work? Or, do you want to share something you learned recently?

It doesn’t matter if it is positive, negative, or meh, but people will listen if your heart and production team are really in it.

Balance Your Efforts In Production

There are many reasons why video marketing doesn’t take off. It could be a case of bad content, terrible optimization, or a lack of creativity. This is because video production, advertising, and vlogging take a lot of effort. An effort that, usually, relies on a level of expertise.  That sort of expertise often comes in the form of trial and failure. This is why most videos on a professional capacity often have production teams. Or at the very least a consultant.

Because if one thing goes wrong, the entire video will fall flat.  You could have a good sound mix but a grainy image, and that will be enough to make your audience disinterested. Or you have a message but it gets muddled by odd creative choices, like the infamous Quizno’s Spongemonkey commercials.

Another example would be that you have a good video, but none of the right keywords in your tags for the right people to find it.  Without a transcript or even a caption system, there is little chance that any algorithm for a search engine can pick it up. There is also the possibility of your video just being on the wrong platform. Or they don’t fall under a company’s increasingly difficult to follow guideline system.

You want to pay equal amounts of attention to each element so that you are less likely to be ignored. Especially if you are producing them for the purposes of internet marketing.  Because the only thing that could save a bad video and accidentally get your message across is if it is so ridiculous that meme culture will get their hands on it.

Engage your Audience, Think About Participation

Another important aspect that you need to think about in your videos is how invested you want your audience to be. Fans in this day and age love to interact with the people who create the content.  So, use that to your advantage. Keep communication open with social media. Ask them to subscribe and even donate money to take part in surveys about the next content they want to see.  Participate in a Livestream for a charitable cause. Any level of interaction will definitely boost your reputation and make your internet marketing tactics more effective. Because without people, there is no marketing, plain and simple.

Do you want more internet marketing advice? Or, maybe you want to see a boost in your small business? Visit, www.purpletieguys.com

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Gmail is the new AOL (but hear me out)

I was browsing through Medium.com earlier today and stumbled upon an article that perfectly explains what I’ve been trying to articulate for a very long time.

The year was 2005. I was a newly hired computer repair person that went into other businesses to help them with everyday computer stuff. Hook up this printer. I can’t connect to the internet. Why is my screen blank? Things of that nature. And I got called out to a LOT of businesses. And the first impression I had of any of them was their business card.

From that business card I could easily tell how much money the owners of the company put into their business. Here’s the benchmarks. High quality paper? Check. Interesting or memorable logo/wordmark? Check. And then, the last, but very crucial, thing. Email address. cardetailingforyou@aol.com. Nope. That’s a dead sign that either a) they aren’t putting as much into their business as they should, or b) they didn’t think that the internet was going to affect them in any measurable way.

That was 13 years ago.

Now, here we are in 2019, and business cards are, surprisingly, still a thing. And those benchmarks still hold true. Cards are made of a good material (we can do plastic and even metal cards now, woohoo!)? Check. Memorable or interesting logo/wordmark? They’re all starting to look a bit like iPhone app icons, but sure. Okay. Next. Email address. ThisIsASuperCoolCompany@gmail.com. Nope. Sorry. Not buying it.

From the article:

Let’s say you have a company XYZnABC. If I’m a customer, I expect your business card to tell me to contact you on your phone or by emailing you at supercoolperson@xyznabc.com (we can talk about websites some other time). If instead, your card shows an email address of supercoolpersonnotreally@gmail.com, then the deal’s over.

Again, show me through your email you’re invested in your job/business and product/service through putting in a little effort.

I 100% agree.

Take Rusty’s advice. Invest in a domain. It’s less than $100 a year. You’ll reap so many benefits from having it.

There. Now MY rant is done.

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Episode 8: My chin is the opposite of big

Over the course of this 48-ish minute rant, we cover cold-calling companies (say that 3 times fast), hiring people from overseas and all over the US, and inevitably, we talk about *sigh* “laptop life.”

I’ve got my own very different views of laptop life and cell phone life that I won’t get into here. You should put your head into the culture for just a minute or two and gather your own opinions. Needless to say, but I’M GONNA SAY IT ANYWAY, I despise the fantasy that people portray as the digital nomad / laptop life / cell phone life.

Also, beware when hiring people using services such as Upwork. Upwork, by and by, are a pretty good company. They make finding, hiring, and paying people to do your freelance work very easy. They also make you, and your freelancers, pay for that ease. To the tune of 7% from the client and 20% (20 f#*$ing %!) from the freelancers themselves. It’s outrageous. It’s also super easy to use.

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Episode 7: If They Aren’t A Scammer I’ll Give You A Crisp $20 Bill

Have you ever had your Google My Business listing taken away? Happened to me. It was very stressful, and it took a full 3 days to get it back. All be it without (spoilers) our reviews. Yep. Our wonderful, well written, glowing reviews that all of our satisfied customers have left us, gone. Blinked out of existence by an angry Google.

Oh, and an Apple (possibly, we’re not 100% on this yet) employee decided that taking a dump on one of our paid advertisements was a good idea. Do you think it’s a good idea? Here’s a hint: It’s not. There’s no reason for an employee of a company that we do repairs for should ever interact with our advertisements. Especially not to do what he did. Listen on and be amazed.

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Episode 6: They Could Literally Serve Me Hot Garbage

Today we discuss the client/customer who’s never happy, no matter what you do. And we get interrupted about half way through by a phone call from my Mom. Stay tuned! Also, happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We hope you’re having a safe and wonderfully awkward family dinner with that one aunt that no one likes. You know the one.

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Google Algorithm Update “Medic” Wreaks Havoc On The Medical Industry

Google Algorithm Update “Medic” Wreaks Havoc On The Medical Industry

Most people aren’t aware that Google is constantly changing stuff behind the scenes, making your search experience easier and search results more relevant. To that end, we wanted to let you know about the most recent update, labeled “Medic.”

The label “Medic” was given to this latest change because it primarily targets health industry websites. Although, other sites were affected by the most recent changes, as well, the health and medical industry were the primary focus because of the uptick in recent “gray” area websites that could be seen as more of a scam than a legitimate business or company.

Your Money or Your Life

Another area affected is YMYL, or Your Money or Your Life; websites about banking, wellness, insurance, etc. Google gives some guidelines for YMYL sites, but I’ll paraphrase.

Basically it’s any site that asks for personally identifiable information (driver’s license, bank account, etc), pages that allow purchases (any page that lets you buy something), pages that give medical information that could impact your well-being, pages that give advice on major life decisions (like parenting, buying a house or car, etc.), and pages that offer advice on major life issues (like legal or financial advice).

When asked, Google said that if your website was affected, there isn’t anything you can do to immediately change the shift in search position.

If you were shifted up, it was because your website was seen to give more value than the sites that were shifted below you. If you were shifted down, it was to give sites that were previously overlooked more prominence, since they were “previously under-rewarded,” according to Google.

“What can I do if I was pushed down?!”

I hear you crying out. If you’re already putting out quality content on a regular basis, then you’re already doing it. Google says that over time, your site may rise relative to other pages if it proves to be more authoritative than the rest.

If you’re not currently producing quality content (blog posts, podcasts, or video), I’d suggest you start. By producing content about your business, you’ll be more likely to be pushed to the top of Google search results. Just don’t expect changes overnight. Search engine optimization is a long game.

If you’re not sure if you’ve been affected and want to find out, give us a call at (256) 585-6425 x 101 or schedule a time to chat at https://purpletieguys.com/book .

For a more in-depth analysis of the algorithm update, check out Search Engine Land’s article.

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Episode 5: Soak An Entire Roll Of Toilet Paper In Kerosene

Guys and gals, we’re still trying to hash out this whole Mac Mini situation. And we detail portions of it in this episode. We also obtusely discuss the scammer situation in the after market sales arena. To sum it up for you here: It’s bad. Like, real bad. To the point that I ended up just taking my listings down because I never got any legitimate offers from actual local people. So, beware scammers when trying to sell your used items.

We discussed Apple. Again. A lot. Sorry not sorry.

And we bought a Chromebox! Having a full fledged, fully functional browser on your TV is kind of surreal. Something that pre-teen me would have salivated over.


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Episode 4: It’s Gonna Be A Power Horse Computer

It’s interesting when you’re trying to purchase a used Apple product. People tend to have an overblown sense of what the price should be for something. A 6 year old computer, even an Apple computer, isn’t worth several hundred dollars. But I digress.

We get off to a great start complaining about a review for the Mac Mini. And we made some truly insightful things about the Mac products gained through this terrible review.

There’s a brief discussion about why you’ll never see Mac OS X available for purchase without Mac hardware.

Later we also talked about the differences between Microsoft’s business model versus Apple’s business model.


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Episode 3: Fresh Baked Lies

Well, we managed to squeeze another podcast out this week. This one is all about the Apple Keynote that dropped on Oct. 30th. They introduced a new MacBook Air, a new Mac Mini, and a new iPad Pro. All with impressive hardware spec bumps.

We get into a bit of a discussion about a YouTube reviewer who reviewed the keynote, claiming that the new iPad is for the 1%. We also discuss the futility of upgrading your Mac products.

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