An Amazing Start

I’d like to introduce you to a client we’ve really enjoyed working with. They’re United Cherokee Ani-Yun-Wiya Nation (501c3) non-profit, and they have worked on a for-profit company called AIR American Indian Resources for a few years. AIR believes all natural herbs are still the best medicine, and carries over 600 herbal items on their website at

We have accomplished a lot in the time we’ve been working with them, but we know there is still work that they need to do! AIR has some truly wonderful people working with them in this venture! We worked hand in hand with their staff during the training process. They have a hunger to learn and a devotion to make this company great!

At the time of this article we’ve migrated their e-commerce site from a very limited free “shopping cart” to a feature rich, user-friendly site that has much more flexibility. We’ve overhauled the entire shipping process that has saved them time and money. We also developed a marketing plan that fits their budget and staff.

We are currently helping them with print material, signage and other promotional material. So, what’s next? After completing the current stage, we will be developing a blog at that will allow them to turn their very costly (printed) newsletter into an interactive digital news letter that will reach more people for less money!

Please continue to check their websites periodically as we will be working over time to make improvements both in performance and visual enhancements. We will also be integrating all the companies’ social media with the site, making it easier to keep in touch!