5 Steps to Creating a Twitter Marketing Campaign – Part 3

iphone-1032782_960_720Like all social networks, Twitter is evolving. This evolution comes in the form of emoji searches and updates to advertising options. In the third part of this 3-Part series, we show you how Twitter is changing and what takeaways you need to snag from the world of hashtags.


Twitter recently introduced targeting emojis used on the platform through the help of select ad partners. This would allow anyone searching for, for example, the pizza, ring or biking emojis to target the users who used those in a post with ads for restaurants, jewelers, and sports drinks. Hopefully, you celebrated World Emoji Day by tweeting lots of those tiny emotion images!

Tweets in Advertising

pragueAnother area where Twitter has advanced is through allowing tweets to be captured for advertisements. An update for advertisers on Twitter is “Dubbed Promoted Tweet Carousel, it allows brands to curate multiple tweets within a single, swipeable ad unit that can include videos, images or text.” The process allows advertisers to do a search for brand mentions, collect them and pull the comments into a previously paid ad. This allows “testimonials” to display right in the ad. Any advertiser using a comment MUST have the permission of the person tweeting in order to use their post in the company’s ad. It can be mutually beneficial; the advertiser will get positive testimonials and the person tweeting can be seen by millions of more twitter users; thereby garnering a larger following.

man-person-apple-iphoneTakeaways from this series are:

  • Create a list of goals
  • Control your brand narrative by defining your company’s personality
  • Provide valuable content in a readable, friendly and engaging format
  • Engage your followers with interesting posts as well as mentions, retweets, individual replies and by sharing lists
  • Use Twitter’s free services – Advance Search and Lead Generation Cards to further engage users
  • Review analytics to determine what types of posts create the most impressions
  • Connect with users by searching emojis and look for tweets about your brand name to grab new brand advocates

By defining your objective for a marketing strategy, creating personal content and engaging other users, you will find the results of your data analysis are that you are very much prepared for the future.



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