5 Steps to Creating a Twitter Marketing Campaign – Part 2

mobile-social-heroWith 23% of all online users and a younger demographic than Facebook, brand advocates can be created by engaging influencers in a conversation, re-tweeting posts, creating mentions, and by having valuable, personal and persuasive content in your tweets.

In the second part of our 3 part series, we show how you can improve your Twitter marketing campaign by engaging your customers and using the analysis tools provided on the platform to increase your brand awareness.

Get Engaged

As a marketing strategy, you can bring more attention to your brand if you identify and join conversations related to your industry on Twitter. Look for life events, news or products connected with your business. Make sure you have an appealing bio as well as high-resolution graphics and a brand logo so that when users jump to your page for details, they can see you are professional and worth engaging!

periscopeTo further connect with followers, make a list of keywords related to your product or service then do a search to bring up the top tweets based on the search entered. You can also select to view live tweets which will show you the most recent activity specific to your search.

If you find a post that you think would be of interest to your followers you can retweet it and a notification will be sent to the person who originally created the tweet. An individual response can also be sent to a person who created the original tweet. Either way, you have engaged with someone who shares interests in similar brands. A retweet will display in both timelines; however, a response will only show in the original creator’s timeline.

Adding a mention (@mention) to the conversation will also encourage engagement and will display in both the timelines for you and the person being mentioned. The real goal is to build relationships, add value and show respect for those reviewing your product information.

3911634112_f3a87b7d88Another place to become engaged is through Lists. Twitter Lists contain the brands you and your company like to follow and you can make this list public or private. You might create a list of brands related to your product and share it with your followers to spark a conversation. Or you could share a specifically curated list with prospective clients indicating you understand their needs and want to provide value.

Other areas of free brand awareness to explore are Advanced Search and Lead Generation Cards.

Analyze the Data

Measuring what’s happening on Twitter with your impressions, tweets received, engagement rate, overall reach and clicks made, can easily be seen through Twitter Analytics. This site will show you tweet rankings, profile visits, mentions, how many tweets were linked to you and highlights such as Top Tweet, Top Mention, Top Follower and Top Media Tweet. You can gauge what posts do well and plan your content marketing strategy accordingly.

Google Analytics can also be used to measure your Twitter successes through the Reporting tab.

By getting the audience engaged and then analyzing your posts, you could be well on your way to being a top influencer on the platform.