5 Steps to Creating a Twitter Marketing Campaign – Part 1

5 Steps to Creating a Twitter Marketing Campaign – Part 1

A Twitter marketing campaign reaches influencers and users alike with a few simple steps and can propel your business with more click-through rates and engagement. Part 1 in a series this month discusses how to begin your marketing strategy.

True, Twitter does have 23% of online users and claims a younger demographic; however, new users (men and those 65 and older) are setting up accounts every day. Taking advantage of this growing audience can be as easy as following the prompts to setup Twitter Ads and posting between noon and 6pm during the week. Brand advocates are created all the time by engaging influencers in a conversation, re-tweeting posts, creating mentions, and by having valuable, personal and persuasive content in your tweets.  Twitter is also creating new ways to advertise all the time.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll cover how you can create a Twitter marketing campaign and bring your business to the forefront of social media. In this post, we cover the first two steps in your strategy – defining your object and making the marketing plan personal.

Define Your Objective

Prior to starting any marketing campaign, goals must be defined. Determine what you hope to accomplish and ask questions: “What do I want to achieve with my campaign?” “Who is my target market?” “How can I best reach them?”

Be Personal

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Once a marketing strategy has been created, consider how you want your company to be perceived on
Twitter. Write posts based on the company personality; add a human element to the business. Keep the content personal but professional. Create a “voice” for the organization and make it consistent.

If you are a company that does accounting, but you want to come across as accessible, reach your audience with some fun tips or a training video on how to record their monthly expenses. Maybe create a few tweets linking to the simplest and most used apps for money management: “Don’t be stressed during tax time 2016! Use XYZ.com to download the best apps to record your expenses all year long!” The content is engaging, helpful to the user and interesting because it will solve a problem for them. No sales pitch – just a personal conversation about fixing a problem.

Along with sharing unique content, you need to speak with your audience as you would a close friend. Use plain language, pull large industry-only words, slang or lingo out of your Twitter vocabulary; you need to make your audience feel like you understand them, not that you must be the smartest person in social media. Save the industry jargon for your next convention! Be personal and personable, but skip the self-promotion.  Users want to read valuable content and become genuinely interested.

Defining goals, making the content personal and creating a voice for your company are just the first steps in getting your marketing strategy going strong. In Part 2 of this series this month, we will discuss how to get your audience engaged and generate leads from that engagement.