Three Things Your Business Card Shouldn’t Say

Three Things Your Business Card Shouldn’t Say

Your business card is the first impression of you and your company to every single customer you meet. You go out of your way to make sure your vehicle is clean and your shoes are polished, but when’s the last time you took a good hard look at your business card? Does it represent you well, or is it actually costing you money? Take a business card out of your wallet. Does it look worn? Is it dirty? Are the corners bent?

I am Cheap:

If your cards are printed on anything less than 14pt card stock it’s time we had a talk. While you think you’re being thrifty and saving a few bucks you’re actually telling your customers that you’re willing to sacrifice and cut corners. I’m not saying you have to have the most expensive card you can find, but there is a common ground you should be standing on.

I Blend In:

Stock templates are NOT your friend. If you think your template is cool or looks professional, chances are, so did someone else. I can spot a stock template the moment you hand me your card. Can you imagine handing a customer your card and it looks almost identical to your competitor’s card? Oh, and if they were free… There’s a reason!

I Am Boring:

Ever had someone hand you a card at a social networking event? You glance at it then in the pocket it goes. At the end of the night you take them out and 90% of them blend into one another, and you can’t remember whose is whose. A white card dressed up with a color logo and plain black text… Name, title and contact information will do. Does your card scream don’t lose me, you may need me?

There are more common mistakes that your business card doesn’t want you to know. People are judging you and your company the minute your business card is in their hand. How does it feel? Is it silky smooth or rough like cheap gas station toilet paper? Is your card clean? Crisp with sharp corners? While we’re on the topic of making your business card stand out, stay away from odd shaped business cards that won’t fit in a wallet. Oversized and mini sized business cards tend to be thrown away quickly.