3 Amazing Ways To Improve Traffic To Your Website

Make A Unique Blog

Many website blogs display the same boring templates or skins for the layout. While the template does not affect readers who enjoy your blog via RSS feed (unless they click through to the blog), it only affects any other blog visitor who reads the blog from the web browser. The more unique a blog design looks, the easier it is to build brand recognition and a good name that gets you into viral marketing.

If your blog looks like dozens of other blogs, your blog will not stick out from the crowd, and you will lose out on visitors. In the past, I have been using free WordPress templates myself. I applied minor modifications, but it never really separated my blog from others enough to be unique.

Unique blog for website advertising
Unique blog for website advertising

The problem with so many blogs is finding out their primary specialty. What is their main topic? Often there is no way to tell what a blog is about – especially if you enter a blog from an older posting through a search engine listing. The homepage might eventually have a small snippet of text explaining the topic of a blog, but archived articles do not usually show this. Or the blog owner does not even bother to tell his primary intent for the blog. Using a custom blog design can easily be integrated and helps to make the blog look different from anyone else.

A custom header, for example, helps you get that unique look. First, if it is incredible, it makes my blog stick out more. Second, it can help you show what your blog is all about and get people to come back. Make your blog looks unique, and make sure your blog subject is clear. Just because they find one posting on your blog that matches their search term doesn’t mean that your blog is really of interest to them.

But you might be able to catch their interest by making your subject matter completely apparent. If you catch their interest, you might gain a new reader that a) comes back to read more from your blog and b) eventually tells others about your excellent blog.

Inexpensive Marketing Outreach

Online marketing is not cheap. You can spend thousands of dollars on Pay Per Click (Google Adwords) and thousands of site-targeted dollars (AdBrite), and you can spend thousands just buying text links from individual sites. Trust me; I’ve spent thousands on advertising.

However, my favorite form of marketing is the free kind. I like anything free, especially if it helps my websites make more money without increasing advertising costs.

Here are three easy and quick ways to market your website at no additional cost.

Woman Handing Business Card For Website Advertising
  1. Free Business Cards

Free business cards are a staple in my advertising arsenal. You can leave them everywhere and give them to anyone. The best part is, they are free! Use them where you want, when you want, and as often as possible. That is the motto I live by whenever I get free business cards.

  1. Link Exchanges

Link exchanges are a great way of spreading Page Rank and sharing visitors. Most people who like a site will bookmark it. After they have read everything they want, they will read the site that you link. You get the visitors and share the visitor through a link exchange.

  1. Business card networking

After receiving your free business cards, use them to network with others. Every time you meet someone, hand them one of your free business cards. After that, ask for one of their business cards in exchange. If they don’t have one, make sure you mention what you do and that the website address is listed on your business card. Free business cards make a great networking tool if you put them to use. Never forget that they are free and you shouldn’t use them sparingly. Use them in any situation. People will take them home and visit your site when they pull your business card out of their pocket.

Google AdWords Strategies

Internet marketers today are faced with the complex task of finding the most effective, successful, and cost-effective marketing strategies to sell their products on the internet. One effective technique that comes to mind, and is one of the most popular internet marketing methods of websites today, is using Google Adwords marketing. Most people use this because advertising with AdWords is immediate and convenient in that once you set up your account, you can start displaying your adverts on google immediately. But the question is, how many people end up with high AdWords cost and very little profit to show?

You need to ensure that you minimize costs while gaining quality traffic to make those critical sales, hopefully. That is the problem that most people, including myself, face. Many internet marketers, including myself, are constantly looking for information that will give you the professional insider’s guide to learning about the intricacies of using AdWords. These include which keywords to use, targeting your ads precisely to your best prospects, and choosing from numerous keyword-matching options. You may also need to know how to write proper and descriptive ads that attract people and get the clicks you desire, how to use negative words and what they are, how to improve the response by as much as 53% and the list goes on!

Google Ads Website Marketing

Marketing aspects like these will help you succeed in your AdWords marketing campaigns by minimizing unnecessary costs and maximizing your revenue. I have been a victim of unsuccessful AdWords campaigns, leading to debt with little or no profit due to impatience and high expectations. Don’t make the same mistake, and give this guide a try. I am referring to the manual that helped me avoid this problem. I am talking about ” How to succeed with Google Adwords.” So if you are serious about making your AdWords campaigns successful, please look at my homepage listed below, which will provide you with more information about the product, as mentioned earlier. Good luck with your websites.

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